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Jon Lord’s most famous songs collected

May 16, 2018

The Jon Lord Collection is a new volume of vocal scores and piano arrangements of some of Jon Lord‘s most famous songs and instrumental pieces. Jon Lord’s genre-defying music is presented here for the first time in a form which makes it readily accessible to musicians and music-lovers alike.

Included are some of Jon’s most celebrated solo songs, most importantly his autobiographical Pictured Within, composed to lyrics by Jon, and made famous by the incomparable performances of Miller Anderson.

The collection also includes works written in collaboration with Sam Brown (Wait a While, One from the Meadow, The Sun Will Shine Again), together with a more recent collaboration with Steve Balsamo (All Those Years Ago).

Jon’s genius for improvisation meant that his own performances were constantly evolving, and with most of the compositions included here, Jon never got around to actually notating definitive versions of the scores. His long-time friend and musical collaborator Paul Mann has painstakingly combined all of Jon’s extant manuscript material with new transcriptions from the original recordings to arrive at the first-ever authoritative published versions of eleven essential pieces.

Completing the collection are instrumental pieces from the 2004 album Beyond the Notes, including Jon’s meditation on his departure from Deep Purple, De Profundis, the Brubeck-inspired Cologne Again, the gentle but subtly complex Miles Away, (which was to form the basis of the slow movement of his piano concerto Boom of the Tingling Strings) and the wildly virtuosic Telemann Experiment which, in typical Jon style, combines elements of rock and blues with the music borrowed from a suite by early 18th century German Baroque composer Georg Philip Telemann.

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Reduced score: To Notice Such Things

December 4, 2017

Jon Lord’s music continues to trickle into published scores available to buy. Aimed at performers and/or students of Jon’s music, the scores are being meticulously prepared for publication by conductor Paul Mann a close friend of Jon’s.

A brand new score of Jon’s Durham Concerto is nearing publication by Schott Music, but many other works are already available. One is the new piano reduction of To Notice Such Things, Jon’s 2009 suite composed in memory of his friend John Mortimer.

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Concerto score now out

March 2, 2016

C4G&O score frontpageJon Lord’s signature work, Concerto for Group and Orchestra from 1969, is finally seeing its first-ever print publication. Meticulously edited by conductor Paul Mann, the score has reached its definitive form, representing the final step on its almost fifty-year journey.

The score for Concerto for Group and Orchestra is available now from De Haske Publishing, joined by a newly revised edition of Jon’s Sarabande suite. Order here.

The Concerto first came to life under humble circumstances during the summer of 1969. Late at night after concerts with Deep Purple, Jon would burn the midnight oil as he composed the work straight into full score on large sheets of manuscript paper spread out on the floor of his West London flat. Eventually, his efforts would book-end his career as a composer.

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Jon Lord: New keyboards & organ anthology

January 11, 2016

Organ book 2016

Keyboards & Organ Anthology is a brand new music book offering note-for-note transcriptions of 14 career defining songs from Jon Lord.

Organ book 2016 CITThe songs included are: Burn, Child in Time, Fireball, Here I Go Again, Highway Star, Hush, Knocking at Your Back Door, Lazy, Perfect Strangers, Rat Bat Blue, Rubber Monkey, Smoke on the Water, Space Truckin’, Woman from Tokyo.

Shown right an excerpt from Child in Time. Click to enlarge.

Available directly from Hal Leonard, you can order the book and take a closer look inside the book on their website.

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Beyond The Notes: Two new works added

July 16, 2015

beyond-notes_31xdwcftj4l_ss500_1Scores of six of the ten pieces from Jon’s 2004 album Beyond The Notes are already published, and two more have now been added to our list of available online scores.

A Smile When I Shook His Hand (Full score and piano reduction) The Sun Will Shine Again (2004 & 2009 versions) (Full scores and piano-vocal scores)

As with the earlier scores, the only extant source materials were Jon’s often sketchy and incomplete guides intended for his own use in the studio. For these new performing editions, Paul Mann has painstakingly reconstructed the music based on the finished recordings and whatever instructions were left by the composer.

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Revised version of Sarabande piano score

July 2, 2015

sarabande1a note from Paul Mann:

The previously available piano score of Jon Lord’s Sarabande has recently been subjected to a substantial revision. All those who have already purchased the score from our Score Shop are entitled to receive the updated version for free.

To receive your free copy, please send a copy of your email and Paypal receipt to

New customers can find the Sarabande score here.


Jon Lord rarity published

June 24, 2015
Paul Mann's private collection of bound Jon Lord scores. Print-your-own copies available at our Scores shop.

Paul Mann’s private collection of bound Jon Lord scores.
Print-your-own copies available at our Scores shop.

Jon Lord’s archives continue to yield surprises large and small.

As conductor Paul Mann works his way through Jon’s comprehensive output, most new updates to the list of available scores are previously heard pieces already available on CD or album, but here is now a genuine rarity – Sir John, His Galliard – a four-minute piece for piano, 2 violins, viola and cello that was previously kept as a gift among friends.

– It is one of Jon’s richest and most charmingly beautiful short pieces, even though it was only composed for a single performance at a private party. Even under such circumstances, Jon lavished all his care and craftsmanship on it, and what could so easily have become something to be heard once and then forgotten about, is actually a significant composition, says Paul Mann.

Only performed once, at a surprise birthday party for Sir John Mortimer in 2002, the piece remains unrecorded. It was recently found among Jon’s archives and has now been diligently engraved and made available through our Scores Shop.

Read also Paul Mann’s full notes on the piece.


Fifty scores celebrate Jon’s 74th birthday

June 9, 2015

JL Hagen conducting

In celebration of what would have been Jon Lord’s 74th birthday, there are now around 50 scores of his works available via  See the complete list.

Heading the line-up is the newly revised full score of Durham Concerto, one of Jon’s finest orchestral achievements. This new edition incorporates all of the many alterations made by the composer since the premiere in 2007, and was first performed last month in Hagen, Germany.

Celebrating the performance, we are now offering the Durham Concerto score at a reduced price.

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