Interview: Concerto talk with Paul Mann

Jon Lord and Paul Mann during recording sessions for Concerto for Group and Orchestra, June 2012.

The Highway Star Deep Purple website has published a highly recommended in-depth interview with Jon’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra conductor Paul Mann.

The interview goes through many aspects of the new Concerto; from the choice of musicians, Jon’s illness, possible future recordings of Jon’s music to the pros of finally recording the Concerto in the studio:

‘In the studio we could get really inside it and find all those details and try to make the piece sound natural, as Jon heard it in his imagination when he was lying on his floor in Parsons Green in 1969 writing the piece. I think he imagined a sound that wasn’t possible to make a reality at the time, but which we can do now with studio technology. (…) You can make it much clearer than we ever could live and I know that this was something Jon was delighted by.’

Please visit The Highway Star to read the complete interview.

Read also our review of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.


2 thoughts on “Interview: Concerto talk with Paul Mann

  1. What a marvellous interview, tremendous insights into working on the Concerto and with Jon in general. An amazing partnership and the legacy lives on in Paul, amongst others.

  2. Great interview! I am looking forward to Pauls next steps. He seems to be the right man in the right place. I hope he will get all doors opened.

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