Works: Jon’s Purple departure scored

The first instalment of scores from Jon’s 2004 album Beyond The Notes is now ready.

These arrangements were used in the studio, and Jon often only wrote out in detail the parts for the other players. Now for the first time, everything has been faithfully transcribed by Paul Mann so that the material might be performed by others.

One of the pieces is De Profundis, with which Jon tells the story of his departure from Deep Purple in 2002. Paul Mann writes:

‘The typically punningly titled “De Profundis” encapsulates nothing less than the most cataclysmic event of Jon’s professional life. I remember the day he called to tell me he’d finally made the decision. It was given almost as a parenthesis: “…so I’ve decided to leave…” But the decision tortured him, both before and long after he had made it.’

‘On that hugely emotional night in Ipswich, England, where Jon made his last appearance with the band, we went back to the hotel together and stayed up all night talking (and drinking) and talking some more. The elation, the doubts, the positivity, the fears…’

‘His immense act of courage in leaving behind total security and guaranteed celebrity to pursue that burning need within him to work as a composer is something for which I can only hope posterity will give him his due.’

Read all of Jon’s and Paul Mann’s notes about the individual scores:
De Profundis
The Telemann Experiment
Miles Away
Cologne Again

One thought on “Works: Jon’s Purple departure scored

  1. Keep these wonderful, in-demand scores coming…your work is appreciated, Mr Mann. Can’t wait for Pictured Within.

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