Celebrating Jon’s childhood home

Blue Plaque Leicester

Should Jon’s childhood home at 120 Averill Road in Leicester, England be graced with a Blue Plaque commemorating his formative years there?

A Blue Plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person or event, serving as an historical marker.

Jon Lord feature writer and local reporter with the Leicester Mercury, Lee Marlow, put forth the idea late last year, that Jon’s family home ought to receive recognition.

Update: This Blue Plaque is handled by the Heritage Foundation, a charity/not-for-profit organisation not affected by recent government spending cuts.

Jon was born in Leicester, he grew up there, he took piano lessons there, and eventually moved to London at the age of 20 to join Drama School. In 2011 he was made Honorary Doctor of Music at Leicester University, and in his acceptance speech he spoke humbly and proudly of his connections with the city.

Click below to read Lee Marlow’s fascinating article on Jon’s childhood home and the idea of honouring it with a Blue Plaque. Follow Lee Marlow on Twitter: @LM_Marlow



9 thoughts on “Celebrating Jon’s childhood home

  1. I think its a great idea, i hope it can happen,but if English Heritage have suspended the scheme, we will just cross our fingers

  2. Most definitely! Jon was an incredible composer and keyboardist, as well as a wonderful human being. If anyone deserves the Blue Plague, it is him!

  3. If as Elinor suggests, a blue plaque is unlikely given wider issues, one option could be an effort to rename the road in his honour – Lord Road has a nice ring to it..

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