Alvin Lee passes away, friend of Jon

Alvin LeeAlvin Lee (of Ten Years After) sadly passed away this morning (March 6) after unforseen complications following a routine surgical procedure.

A message on says:

“We have lost a wonderful much loved father and companion, the world has lost a truly great and gifted musician. – Jasmin, Evi and Suzanne” sends condolences.

Jon and Alvin Lee were friends from way back, and Jon guested on a few of Alvin Lee’s records.

Two of these session were for Lee’s Detroit Diesel and Zoom albums in 1987 and 1992 respectively where Jon plays Hammond on a couple of songs.


Alvin Lee explained at the time how he got Jon, George Harrison and Clarence Clemons to help out on Zoom:

– Well, Jon Lord I’ve known since the 1960’s, he’s played on some of my albums and I’ve played on his. I’ve known George since 1973 when Mylon LeFevre and I were working on the On the Road to Freedom recording which for me was a positive step away from rock and roll. Ever since that time he likes to come over with a guitar in hand and a bottleneck, he plays a very good slide guitar by the way. George, Jon and I all live very close to each other in the part of England called the Thames Valley.

Indeed, Jon, Alvin Lee, Joe Brown and Mick Ralphs of Bad Company were all members of Harrison’s so-called Henley Music Mafia of local rock stars living in or around Henley-On-Thames just West of London.

alvin_lee_detroit_dieselJamming with Harrison
In a 2009 interview, George Harrison’s widow Olivia revealed the existence of informal recordings of Harrison and friends jamming around his house. She was asked whether she listens to Harrison’s music a lot.

– I listen to a lot of really rough recordings, cassettes and demos. George seemed to have a tape recording going… The other night I listened to New Year’s Eve, it must have been ’87. There was Joe Brown, a great musician; and Dave Edmunds; Alvin Lee, who was a neighbour; Jon Lord from Deep Purple.

– We’re all just hanging out. And then we’re sitting around the piano, someone has a guitar. You can hear all the wives talking, the guys are playing and we’re all singing along… I’m like, ‘Wow, who had this tape going,’ you know? And George would always end up putting it in his pocket, throwing it in a drawer, so I listen to things like that.

Any thought of releasing them?

– No, not really, but you just sit and listen and it’s sort of like you’re there again.

Remember the good times.

Alvin Lee CDs with Jon Lord

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16 thoughts on “Alvin Lee passes away, friend of Jon

  1. Oh no! I can’t belive it. Very very bad sad news. Incredible musician that I had the luck to see in concert several times with TYA and solo. ufff!!! ¡Muy triste! José

  2. rip dear alvin, you`d been one of my all time idols thomas monreal


  3. und wieder ein guter, der uns verlassen hat, er war der kopf von ten years after und ein guter freund von jon lord I`m going home, der woodstock megahit ist wieder einmal wahr geworden thöm


  4. Dear Alvin,
    it is with much regret that heard about your departure in a world where you can make shine to infinity playing your Gibson.
    I grew up with your music and your mythical “a solos”. You made me dream.
    It makes me a great pleasure to know which of your friends are Jon, George and other great rock musicians with whom you have created indelible pages.
    I am a composer and as I did with Jon, in the coming days, I’ll dedicate you a piece of music that you already know because sometimes you were playing in your performances
    You, Jon and others have made ​​the rock history of music. There will never forget. Thank you for everything you have given us with your precious creativity.
    Have a nice trip
    To soon
    Roberto Prandin, Lugano (Switzerland)

  5. from a french fan…..god bless you alvin and thank you very much for your music……keep on rlloing in the sky….

  6. Rest in Peace, Alvim Lee , togheter Jon , Chorao, here in Brazil,and many’s.

    Love and comfort to all family.
    We are family. All !

  7. Alvin Lee, a great loss. The live version of “Love like a Man” with its (approx) 160 bar solo was one of the hooks for me into a lifelong love of blues/rock. One of the greats.

  8. Hello Alvin,
    as promised a few days ago, I wrote an arrangement of music that you know well: Summertime.
    I dedicate this piece to you:

  9. Thank you, Alvin, your “Love like a man” became my milesone in rock music, you’ll be missed forever and your music will always be alive. Greetings from Canada.

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