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Concert-for-JonConcerto for Jon is the memorial concert in memory of Jon’s music and life.

Right now it is shaping up, and details are coming together.

The Sunflower Jam crew are behind this, and you can be first in line to get their news.

Please provide a valid email address to register your interest and get notifications when a date and venue have been confirmed.

6 thoughts on “Concert for Jon – sign up for news

  1. Hello

    would it Be possible to Talk about The Memorial Lounge during zermatt Unplugged?

    Kind regards

    Helge von Giese

    sent from Helge von Gieses iPhone

  2. Hello,   Great news about the Concerto for our dear Jon!     Do you know if there is any ‘Footage’ of Jon playing Live with ‘Toploader’ on UK Channel 4 programme ‘TFi Fiday’??   Have searched Youtube, but no success.   Would love to see it once again.   Warm thoughts   Eddie Cameron DEVON UK


  3. I think jon lord was the Best keyboarder all time .. hi is my idolo i’ve learnd keyboard heard jon lord .. i’m from albania But i live in italy ..

  4. Hi,

    great news indeed! My first thought: An unique event like this needs to be filmed on behalf of the many people who loved Jon but can’t be there. I hope it’s in the cards.

    All the best,

  5. Really hoping this comes together and that I can get to it…. and having just listened to Ritchie Blackmore weaving his magic once again on his Strat in “Carry On… Jon” on the new Blackmore’s Night album, it would be absolutely brilliant if he were to be part of this celebration of Jon’s life……

  6. A great musician sadly missed please leave details of concert want to be there.

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