Celebrating the life of Jon


When Rock Meets Classics is a highly recommended 48-minute radio retrospective in Jon’s memory.

Opening with a snippet of the piano version of Child in Time, the comprehensive yet succinct overview of Jon’s career features all-new interviews with a list of important players in Jon’s musical life – incl. an interview with himself conducted in 2010 – and is peppered with appropriate and inspired soundbites of Jon’s music.

The not often heard voice of Eberhard Schoener, Jon’s German conducting partner, speaks of the pair’s work on Windows and Sarabande.

Jon’s daughter Sara speaks about his departure from Deep Purple and his years as a composer ‘writing music every day.’

The broadcast also features illustrious interviews with Ian Paice, Paul Mann, Roger Glover, Rick Wakeman, Glenn Hughes and more.

First aired in July 2012, the piece is hosted by Eli Lapid of The Voice of Israel who has kindly made it available exclusively for JonLord.org

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the life of Jon

  1. Jon and Deep purple are music icons, Forever!
    Love to Jon’s family and where Jon are ,love too!!
    Carlos Eduardo/

  2. Shared. Nice to hear a programme about Mr Lord. I met him at the University of the West of Scotland and he was a lovely man, a real gent and still loving what he was doing..

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