Jon Lord scores in print

C4G&O_1We are delighted to announce that scores of many of Jon Lord’s works are now available to buy as PDF downloads, including some of his most popular works, such as Pictured Within, Wait A While, and Evening Song.

All have been newly engraved and meticulously edited by Jon’s long-time musical associate the conductor Paul Mann, taking into account many previously unavailable sources. Each text now represents as faithfully as possible the composer’s final intentions, and none has ever been published before.

Paul Mann explains:

– With some works intended for his own use in the recording studio, Jon left the music incompletely notated, and where necessary I have reconstructed the new scores from a combination of the original performance material used in the studio, together with transcriptions from the finished recordings.

In addition, all of the orchestral works have newly-produced performance material, which is available on hire from the publisher. If you are interested in performing these or any other works by Jon Lord, please contact us via the website. If you have any enquiries about Jon Lord’s music, or these editions, you can contact Paul Mann on

Please see below for a full list of works available in this first release. As editorial work progresses, new titles will be added until Jon Lord’s entire catalogue of compositions becomes available.

All full scores are A3-sized and suitable for use by conductors. The A4-sized piano scores match the full scores and are designed to be used in conjunction with them. There are also a number of “score bundles” available which reduces considerably the cost of buying the titles individually.

The long-awaited full scores of the Concerto for Group and Orchestra and its companion work Sarabande, are shortly to be published in physical printed editions by De Haske Publications, so they are not included here. De Haske can be reached via or phone +44 (0)20 7395 0380

In addition, Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises, already published by Schott Music, will shortly become available to buy as study scores, also in newly revised editions.

Visit Jon Lord’s Scores Webshop.

Air on the Blue String
Child In Time (orchestration by Jon Lord)
Cologne Again
Concerto for Group and Orchestra (vocal section from second movement)
De Profundis
Durham Concerto
Evening Song (vocal and instrumental versions)
I’ll Send You A Postcard (A Pavane for Tony)
For Example
Miles Away (for piano and strings)
Pictured Within
The Telemann Experiment (versions for small and full orchestra)
To Notice Such Things
Wait A While
Zarabanda Solitaria (for string quartet)
Perfect Strangers (orchestration by Jon Lord) (version in D and C Minor)
Soldier of Fortune (orchestration by Jon Lord)


2 thoughts on “Jon Lord scores in print

  1. Good to read that there is progress in getting the scores ready for sharing with the world! Hurray!! When can we hope that the full score of the Concerto will be available? At the moment, only the vocal bits of the second part can be ordered…

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