Hagen’s Durham Concerto reviewed


‘The legacy of Jon Lord – is the sound of time and space … The most extraordinary symphony concerts, the Philharmonic Orchestra Hagen has ever played …’

Der Western has reviewed Orchester Hagen’s performance Tuesday evening of Jon’s Durham Concerto.

They also said: ‘Jon Lord’s Durham Concerto weaves an architecture of sound that isn’t alien to humans and in fact aspires to heaven. This listening experience aimed for the heart and the audience celebrated it with a sustained standing ovation. Even Conductor Paul Mann could not suppress his tears.’

Read the full review. (German)

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4 thoughts on “Hagen’s Durham Concerto reviewed

  1. That is a fine definition of the legacy of a great man;
    Have been struggling to put it into words, those hit every nail on every head.
    magnificent that this portfolio is still being performed.
    Bless you Jon and the carriers of your notes.

  2. Above is a short film clip of the original Durham Concerto. I live 30 miles south of Durham, yet frustratingly, I was working out in the Middle East when Jon did the concert there. Was the full concert filmed and will it or has it been released? I’d love to buy it. Thanks. David Soakell

  3. The premiere of Durham Concerto wasn’t filmed, unfortunately. Mostly, I would imagine, for reasons of cost. But my current secret hope is that sometime in the future we will be able to perform the piece again in the Cathedral, this time with cameras present. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments about the Hagen concert. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a long life for one of Jon’s finest achievements.

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