Hagen snapshots

Jon Lord present in Hagen, Germany
Jon Lord present in Hagen, Germany.

Jon first performed with Orchester Hagen in February 2008. He would perform with the orchestra again in 2009, 2010, and in 2012 the orchestra made him their ‘composer in residence’ and performed more of his works. Tonight they will perform his Durham Concerto conducted by Paul Mann.

In the absence of ...
In the absence of … the Hammond will be performed by Ralph Breitenbach.

The score awaits...
The score awaits…
Conductor Paul Mann reaches high to ensure a very special performance tonight in Hagen
Conductor Paul Mann reaches high to ensure a very special performance tonight in Hagen.
Paul Mann rehearsing with Orchester Hagen at Stadthalle Tuesday afternoon.

This evening’s programme will also include Haydn‘s Symphony No 92, also known as the Oxford Symphony, named after another great British university city.

Tickets directly from Theater Hagen.

Thanks to Paul Mann for the photos.

One thought on “Hagen snapshots

  1. Wow – what an evening.

    I had the great pleasure to attend the concerto – and enjoyed it sooooo much. To me everything seemed to be perfect. Everybody could see that the Hagen orchestra and the very special guests really had fun in the performance, even it was hard work – and they gave their best which really is a lot!

    The concerto itself was introduced by Paul Mann with very personal words about Jon and the history of the Durham concerto. It was very impressive to see him conduct the orchestra, and everybody could see that it was a very special and personal personal matter. After the performance they got standing ovation and I, standing in the first row, could see Paul fighting his tears.

    So did I.

    Thank you


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