Two Jon Lord works published

May 19, 2015

Boom scores stacked 500

Two of Jon Lord’s major orchestral compositions – Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises – have been published by Schott Music, in new study scores edited by conductor Paul Mann.

Boom of the Tingling Strings, which takes its title from a poem by D.H. Lawrence, is a highly autobiographical piece, cast as a piano concerto in one continuous movement lasting around 35 minutes.

Jon was present for the world premiere in Brisbane Australia in 2003. In 2006, the piece was recorded by the Odense Symphony Orchestra in Denmark conducted by Paul Mann, the work’s dedicatee, and with Nelson Goerner on piano.

Disguises, dedicated to Sir Malcolm Arnold, was originally intended as a string quartet, but grew into a work for full string orchestra when Jon found the material expanding beyond the limits of four solo players.

The work consists of three musical portraits, of Arnold in the first movement (the typically punningly-titled M.A.sque), of Jon’s mother Miriam in the central slow movement, and of a friend of Jon’s, identified in the score only as G.C. or “il buffone” (‘the fool’).

Watch Jon explain about the two works in this 8 minute film:

Both works have been meticulously edited by Paul Mann and incorporate in print for the first time a great many corrections to the musical text, and also include all the revisions that were made by Jon since the pieces were first performed.

Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises now appear as part of Schott’s Music of Our Time series, and can be ordered here:

Order Disguises.
Order Boom of the Tingling Strings.

A two-piano reduction of Boom of the Tingling Strings is also in preparation and will be available shortly.


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  1. thanks! i love his music!
    He was an unforgetable man.

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