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The full score of Jon Lord’s most famous composition, Concerto for Group and Orchestra, is now available as a pdf print-your-own. Order yours now from’s web shop.

The score reveals the finished work as it was recorded in the studio in 2011-12 with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a cast of guest soloists, such as Joe Bonamassa and Bruce Dickinson, and conducted by Paul Mann.

Jon Lord’s 2012 studio recording (left) and the original 1969 performance of Concerto for Group and Orchestra

Speaking in 2011, Jon explained that he had finally reached a point with the Concerto where he felt it was just right.

– I’ve worked so hard on the score that it’s now in as good a state as it can possibly be in, and therefore I would like to have it recorded, so it can go down in posterity. Since leaving Deep Purple, I’ve played it over 30 times with different orchestras and conductors all over the world, and, of course, in 2000 I did it well over 30 times with Purple on the Concerto Tour, so I’ve been honing the piece live on stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to change things in the score that weren’t sounding quite right.

– It’s a marvelous and exciting prospect to have the definitive recording of the definitive version of the score. I want it to sound absolutely spot on like a great classical orchestral recording sounds. And, God willing, it will sound pretty much like it must have sounded in my head 42 years ago.

Jon approved the finished recording shortly before his untimely passing in July 2012, and it stands as a firm testament of his long and rich career in music.

Listen to the full interview:

Remastered edition of the original 1969 performance.
Remastered edition of the original 1969 performance.

To perform or to study
– The Concerto for Group and Orchestra is Jon’s most famous piece and it remains an influential work. We’re proud to offer the full score now for anyone wishing to perform or study it, says conductor Paul Mann.

At the request of Jon Lord’s widow, Vicky Lord, Paul Mann took on the task of editing his legacy of compositions, bringing all the scores up to date and preparing them for publication. They all incorporate Jon’s most recent revisions, which would ofter occur on tour or spontaneously during recording sessions.

30th anniversary performance from Royal Albert Hall 1999
30th anniversary performance from 1999

– Jon was an inveterate reviser, says Paul Mann. He loved revisiting his scores and seeing new ways of doing things. The Concerto  underwent possibly more changes than any – particularly since the original score went missing in the early 70’s. and had to be painstakingly reconstructed for its 30th anniversary performances in 1999.  Even days before the studio recording sessions took place, he was adding new details of orchestral colour.

– Jon was immensely and rightly proud of the Concerto,  and in many ways it brought his musical career full circle when we were finally able to complete the studio recording shortly before he passed away. Looking over the score now, I’m still dazzled by its energy, and impressed by its craftsmanship. It’s clear that the piece has stood the test of time and now takes its rightful place as a classic.”

The Soundboard Series includes the only 2 Japanese performances
Includes the only 2 Japanese performances

Physical copies will sometime be made available, but for now the Concerto for Group and Orchestra is only available as a PDF download to be printed at home.

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