Concerto for Group and Orchestra (2012)

2011-2012 studio recording of the complete and fully updated work.

Discography entry
1. Moderato – Allegre
2. Andante
3. Vivace – Presto

Jon Lord – Hammond organ, Joe Bonamassa – guitar, Steve Morse – guitar, Darin Vasilev – guitar, Bruce Dickinson – vocals, Steve Balsamo – vocals, Kasia Laska – vocals, Guy Pratt – bass, Brett Morgan – drums, Royal Liverpool Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann

This promotional video shows a collage of Jon Lord visuals from throughout his career while you listen to an excerpt of the Second Movement featuring Jon’s solo, Joe Bonamassa’s and Bruce Dickinson’s vocals.

Final movement excerpt with Jon’s comment.

Deluxe edition (Edel)
Officially known as the Mediabook Edition and limited to 3.000 copies, this includes the standard CD plus a documentary DVD and a 72-page book with unseen photographs from the recording sessions, Paul Mann‘s complete essay on the Concerto and Marco de Goeij‘s essay on how he recreated the Concerto.

Documentary edition (ABC)
Includes standard CD plus a documentary DVD and a 16-page book with photographs from the recording sessions and an extract of Paul Mann‘s essay on the Concert.

LP collage_Double vinyl edition (Edel)
Includes all three movements of the Concerto – one on each side 1, 2 and 3. Side 4 includes Jon’s final BBC interview from June 2012.

Blu-ray edition (Edel)
Includes the full Concerto on CD and in 5.1 mix on Blu-ray + the documentary content of the DVD edition and a bonus feature on the orchestral recording sessions.


Works entry and score commentary
With notes from Jon, conductor Paul Mann takes you through three examples of the work that went on to re-create and revise the Concerto for its 30th anniversary in 1999.

“…it also shows one of Jon’s most important revisions, at the very end, delaying the entrance of the band, keeping them in reserve to add to the powerful crescendo in the final moments.”

The hand written score – exclusive insight into Jon and Paul Mann recreating the Concerto for its 30th anniversary performances in 1999.

Jon: I want it to sound absolutely spot on
– I want it to sound absolutely spot on like a great classical orchestral recording sounds. And, God willing, it will sound pretty much like it must have sounded in my head 42 years ago.

Dave Brubeck, Concerto inspiration, passes away
– One of my heroes was Dave Brubeck, the piano player, so we played a lot of his stuff. Dave Brubeck was very musical, ultra musical, and very clever. He was experimenting with time signatures which I still love to do.

Concerto video interview with Paul Mann
In this 45-minute in-depth interview, Paul Mann takes us through the process of recording the Concerto in Liverpool and at Abbey Road Studios in 2011 and 2012.

The Highway Star speaks to Paul Mann
‘In the studio we could get really inside it and find all those details and try to make the piece sound natural, as Jon heard it in his imagination when he was lying on his floor in Parsons Green in 1969 writing the piece. speaks to Paul Mann
‘‘He vindicated that little vision that he had back in 69 in writing this piece some 43 years later because he just continued living it.’


“The third movement is one of the greatest musical excitements of our time. (…) The finale where we hear themes combined in a phantasmagoria of matchless musical wonderment remains a glory of twentieth century music no less – some of the rock/orchestral interaction is here probably the most pulsating yet heard on CD…” Read more

“Lord lived like he plays the B3 here, with a ferocious creativity. That same dogged sense of determination pushed him to continue working on this piece until he got it just right.” Read more

“The guitar contributions by Joe Bonamassa are stunning, so it was a wise choice by Jon in bringing in different guitarists for the different passages within the movements, instead of just sticking to one. This superb studio recording of Concerto For Group And Orchestra is exactly the way Jon wanted us to hear it…” Read more

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