Video: Paul Mann’s Concerto interview

Exclusively for, here is conductor Paul Mann‘s tale of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

In this 45-minute in-depth interview, Paul Mann takes us through the process of recording the Concerto in Liverpool and at Abbey Road Studios in 2011 and 2012.

He recounts the emotional day when Jon recorded his organ solo for the album; of working with all the guests on the album; and he also talks of the impact Jon’s Concerto had on his childhood years and how it helped shape his decision to become a conductor.

The interview was filmed on July 11, five days before Jon passed away.

Pre-order the standard CD edition and the digipack CD+DVD-audio edition (which includes a 5.1 mix of the Concerto). These will be released on September 28.

6 thoughts on “Video: Paul Mann’s Concerto interview

  1. What an exquisite interview. I loved hearing the weaving journey of this magnificent creation. Thank you for sharing it. Very moving to hear this now.. still, very sad about jon.. sending hugs to you all , love lynne x

    (israel / once close friend of steveb )

  2. Thank you…I am holding out for the Deluxe Edition. Just want to surround myself with nothing but the Concerto that day. Still, the lose of Jon is HUGE. Just, we never see things like that coming do we?

  3. I wonder if the Concerto would have ever resurfaced without Paul’s input. It’s been done with different personnel so I hope Paul can carry on with performances of it and Jon’s other work. I really look forward to the new recording even though I have the other two recordings. Thanks you Paul. Thank you Jon!!!

  4. Absolutely amazing documentary! Although I’m privileged enough to have performed the Concerto with Jon 9 times (9 magical evenings…), and of course I’ve heard the piece about a hundred times, and read everything I could about it, this video still gave me a lot of very interesting information. I was just fascinated to watch it! And I’ve always known what a great musician and person Jon Lord was, but now I also know what an intelligent man and fine artist Paul Mann is! Thanks a lot for this video, I will watch it a few more times for sure! Although always with a little bit of disappointment, as there was a moment when it seemed my band Cry Free would be involved in the studio recording as well (and finally wasn’t), and of course with a lot of sadness that my hero and dear friend who composed it, will not ever write or play music for us and with us anymore.

  5. Great interview! Well worth listening to.

    “[We wouldn’t be doing all this] if it were not fundamentally worth it as a great piece of music. That’s the bottom line.” That final line says it all.

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