Jon interviewed for Machine Head 40th

Classic Rock Magazine has produced a special anniversary issue commemorating the 40th anniversary of Deep Purple‘s Machine Head.

The magazine carries one of Jon’s final interviews – from June 2012 – focusing on the story behind the album:

– My role during [the recording of Machine Head] was to provide the musical ballast, some structure for the chords, polish it, and enhance the melodic sensibilities of it. I thought [Smoke on the Water] was a cracking riff and I love the chord change in the chorus – C, to A major, to G – I do like that. I have a feeling that was mine, ha, Jon says in the interview.

The Machine Head special issue comes with a CD of re-recorded tracks from the album by artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Chickenfoot, Santana, Iron Maiden, Glenn Hughes and others.

Another segment of Jon’s interview was published in Classic Rock’s September issue.

3 thoughts on “Jon interviewed for Machine Head 40th

  1. Would be wonderful if it could be possible to purchase the new Concerto recording at the Sunflower event this year!

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  2. I have enough, I mean, I have 3 videos and 3 cd about Machine Head 1972 Denmark concert alive.Of course the Made In Japan too. Yes, I am always listening in my car the Machine Head concert alive from Denmark and I see almost everyday this concert alive on my tv. To me, DEEP PURPLE had created the best heavy songs ever. I love very much their style to sing, to play the drummer, the Hammond C3, the voice of IAN GILLAN and I love very much the best style to play guitar as RITCHIE BLACMORE does. At least, DEEP PURPLE is All Fame of Rock and Roll. I hope the new record will be a super success. Who can denied DEEP PURPLE is great band ?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but there must be a misprint here: isn’t the chord change in the chorus from C to A flat Major, not C to A Major? I have trouble believing Jon would have made a mistake like that.

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