Poland, Japan and Norway remembers Jon

Around the world, fans and admirers of Jon Lord’s music are continuing to celebrate his legacy.

This Fall sees at least three tribute shows in Norway, Poland and Japan. More details below.

Please let us know in the comments if you hear of anymore.

Poland: Jon Lord’s Memorial
The 4th annual Polish celebration of Jon’s music takes place on October 16 in Warsaw, Poland. This is the poster:

Poland 2015 poster

Since 2012 keyboardist Łukasz Jakubowicz has been trying to keep Jon’s spirit alive through annual concerts with famous Polish and foreign musicians performing music from Jon’s career with Deep Purple, Whitesnake as well as his solo music.

This year’s line up features, among others, singer Kasia Łaska who toured extensively with Jon between 2008 and 2012, and singers Gienek Loska and Grzegorz Kupczyk. They will be backed up by house band, Made in Warsaw. The full line up is available at jonlord.art.pl

October 16: Proxima Club, Warsaw, Poland

Ticketsticketpro.pl, eventim.pl, ebilet.pl and at the venue. Prices are 28 zl pre-sale and 35 on the door.

Tokyo: Jon Lord Forever 
The third Japanese Jon Lord Forever event runs on October 17 at in Tokyo. This is the poster:

Tokyo 2015 poster

A host of local musicians will continue their tradition of annual shows honouring Jon’s legacy with music from his solo career as well as Deep Purple, Paice Ashton Lord and Whitesnake. Full lineup and more details on their Facebook page.

October 17: G-Roks, Tokyo, Japan
Tickets: order by email: jonlordforever@gmail.com

Dive in below for an 8-minute excerpt of Jon Lord Forever concert from 2014 featuring Jon’s solo music as well as Deep Purple and Whitesnake material.

Intimate in Norway
In Norway, Jon’s music was celebrated at an intimate event outside Trondheim on September 26. Jon visited and performed at Trondheim’s Nidaros cathedral several times.


Local enthusiast and creative concert agent Knut Morten Johanson played host to an evening of acoustic music by Jon.

The pieces played include Burntwood, Pictured Within, The Sun Will Shine Again, Miles Away, excerpts from Boom of The Tingeling Strings and Concerto for Group and Orchestra (vocal parts from the 2nd movement), When a blind Man Cries, This Time Around and Soldier of Fortune.

Musicians included Magnus Johanson (piano), and singers Nathalie Lorichs and Nina Brovoll.



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