1984-85: A downpour of Purple


Fans of Jon Lord‘s time with Deep Purple – particularly the band’s reunion in 1984 – might want to take a closer look at a new limited edition book just out titled For One Night Only.

When Deep Purple reunited in 1984 and toured the world with their very succesful Perfect Strangers album, UK fans had to make do with just the one open air show at Knebworth nr Stevenage on June 22 1985. This turned out to be the wettest June day on record, and the torrential rain meant Jon Lord’s Hammond and synths had to be covered up in plastic sheeting just minutes into the concert (see photo).

rb-jl-1The concert at Knebworth might be the book’s main focus, but it offers so much more as it covers the first two years of the band’s highly anticipated reunion.

From their first band meeting in April 1984 (see excerpt below), over recording the new album, rehearsing before the world tour and on to that monumental downpour of Mark 2 in a muddy English field – and into August where the world tour finally concluded in Texas.


Both the Knebworth concert itself as well as the generally very exciting Perfect Strangers era come to life through this carefully researched book.

It employs a wealth of previously unpublished photos, eye witness reports, a narrative detailing events, a 1984-85 timeline featuring all ex-Purps, a gig list, notes from crew members (including fascinating insider stories from Ritchie Blackmore‘s tech Cooky Crawford), memorabilia, etc, etc.



For One Night Only by Jerry Bloom is limited to 300 copies and available online from Wymer Publishing.




8 thoughts on “1984-85: A downpour of Purple

  1. While the focus on Knebworth is strong, the book also contains material from other shows. I can’t off hand confirm whether Genk is in there. Why do you ask?

  2. How about the ultimate piece of DP memorabilia for anyone with $999,000 to spare: Horizons, in Stowe, Vermont. Read Roger’s account in the book, above…..then Google it!

  3. I went to the 84-85 Concert tour Here In San Diego, California.
    A Night I will always Remember. Best Concert Ever!

  4. I was at Knebworth that day and can attest to the total drenching. After many hours of standing in inches of mud with nowhere to sit DP eventually came on (although the supporting line up wasn’t bad!) and the leg pain was worth it. Certainly an experience to remember for a lifetime.
    Queen weren’t bad the following year either by the way.

  5. Knebworth was the event I had to attend. Having been a Deep Purple fan for a number of years up to that point seeing Gillan, Rainbow & Whitesnake was the only way to see the individuals play. Knebworth was sooo wet, and delayed the band for far too long. The support acts, Scorpions, Meatloaf, UFO & Blackfoot were good but these were just the preamble for the main act. One thing that was a mystery to everyone was the line up on either side of the stage lines of what looked like big plastic liners dangling down. There use only became apparent when the fireworks started going off at the end. They themselves contained fireworks, What was amazing was RB’s quadraphonic sound that was created by moving sound around from one speaker stand to the next and around and around. Sadly the stereo recording from the subsequent album could do it no justice.

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