A tribute to goose bumps, Köln 2017

May 8, 2017

More footage has been released from this year’s Jon Lord Tribute concert near Köln, Germany on January 27. We have previously reported on the event.

Arranger and keyboard player Martin Doepke had the rather brilliant idea of arranging The Batte Rages On for band and orchestra. Watch this and other fascinating clips below.

The concert’s authentic rendition of Sarabande reveals the rich cast of local musicians involved as well as percussionist and producer Mario Argondoña, who played on and co-produced Jon Lord’s Beyond the Notes album:

A moving Pictured Within:

Any Fule Kno That, a song which Jon often excelled on during Deep Purple‘s Abandon tour in 1998, was also given a rare orchestral treatment:

The Battle Rages On:

You can follow the concert organizers on Facebook.



  1. Simply put. This is mighty awesome

  2. This is fantastic stuff! I hope it’s gonna come out in any form (CD/DVD) for fans. Really would love to have that one.

  3. wish someone would tour with the concerto! I miss seeing Jon live.

  4. I agree that this would be a fantastic DVD!
    Concerning the Concerto: you are still in time! On the 10th of June in Eijsden (near the city of Maastricht, Netherlands) there will be a fantastic performance! And only E 8,50 a ticket… I saw them some weeks ago in Tilburg and can only recommend going there! If you please allow me to pass the link: http://www.saintececile.nl/IManager/Content/9060/IICE/mt2593/mi1584076/mu1494277030/mv4560

  5. ps. In case I was unclear with the above message/link: the Concerto will be performed in its entirety!

  6. Thanks, Arjan. What sort of arrangement will it be performed in?

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