Listen: Jon Lord interview from Hagen

Red chairIn an interview with Giessener Allgemeine, Jon Lord talks about 40 years of the Concerto, the open rehearsal at Hagen, his new Boom of the Tingling Strings and more.

Listen to the interview segments here:

1. Jim Capaldi memorial concert and DVD, playing with Bill Wyman and Joe Walsh.

2. – the new website.

3. Hagen open rehearsal – ‘actually like a concert’, ‘a very pleasant happy evening’.

4. How the Hagen show came about – orchestral musicians wanting to play rock.

5. The Concerto resurrected for 2008.

6. 40 years of the Concerto.

7. The Concerto revisions.

8. Sarabande – rock and classical music.

Recording Boom9. Boom of the Tingling Strings – an autobiographical piece of music, ‘fiendishly difficult’, ‘to write something I knew I couldn’t play’.

10. Boom of the Tingling Strings – inspired by Ravel.

11. Other styles of composing – proposed projects for the future, and the Durham Concerto as a diagonal step forwards.

12. Taking the Durham Concerto abroad – promoting the Durham University.

Thank you to Axel Cordes of the Giessener Allgemeine who conducted the interview.

Read also Giessener Allgemeine’s report from Hagen
(German language – click to read):

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