Interview: When a Hammond organ met hard rock

March 26, 2008

The Australian talks to Jon Lord about how he created a new sound for the Hammond organ when he plugged it into a stack of Marshall amps:

– I suppose I felt I had to compete with the guitarists. What I discovered was that the Hammond organ, when treated like that, makes a heck of a noise.

The interview also focuses on the Concerto for Group and Orchestra and how the musical climate was different in 1969. Lord says many classical and rock purists missed the point:

– The piece was written with a sense of love and to enjoy the experience of playing with an orchestra as much as to enjoy the experience of playing with a rock band.

– It was written by a guy who was, and still is, massively in love with both ends of the musical spectrum.

Read the full interview.



  1. heey:D do you remember mee? the keyboard boy from nidaros church?

  2. He said it all. Great man, great composer, great rocker!

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