Jon Lord in the studio with Steve Balsamo

Jon Lord and singer Steve Balsamo have recorded demos for a future album provisionally titled Songbook.

The duo went into Metropolis Studios in London last Friday to record piano and vocal demo versions of two new songs; All Those Years Ago and After A While.

Steve Balsamo writes on his forum:

‘Jon told me that George Harrison played him a song once with the cool title and he made a mental note. I guess I was very luck to collide with that song. I’m very happy with them… They’re very beautiful. Not sure when/where/what version they will become. I will keep you posted…’

Jon Lord’s new album, the all-instrumental To Notice Such Things, is released on March 29 through Avi Records. Pre-order here.

Visit Steve Balsamo’s official forum.

Photo: Steve Balsamo onstage with Jon Lord in Moscow, October 2009. Thanks to Natasha Yanoushkevich.


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