Classic FM to premier Jon Lord’s new album

Listen to Jon Lord’s new album To Notice Such Things this Sunday evening when Classic FM interviews Jon Lord.

Jon Lord visited Classic FM on Wednesday to record an interview with Mark Forrest for the Classic FM Magazine Show.

The show will also feature an exclusive play of 2 tracks from To Notice Such Things.

The show will be broadcast on Sunday, February 28 at 9pm GMT.

Listen online via Classic FM’s website.

After the broadcast you can download their Podcast.

3 thoughts on “Classic FM to premier Jon Lord’s new album

  1. I managed to catch the interview on Classic FM although I’m not from the UK. Jon spoke briefly and two pieces from “To Notice Such Things” were broadcast: “At Court” and “For Example”.

    Both pieces instantly sounded familiar. You could clearly hear the Jon Lord touch although they differ a lot. “For Example”, a musical memento of Edward Grieg, of whom Jon spoke as one of his earliest musical interests, reminded me of “Disguises”. It’s a quiet and contemplative piece, the type of Jon has mastered as one of his trademarks.

    “At Court”, recalling Sir John Mortimer’s work as a barrister, is on the other hand a lively piece with a lot of background piano playing by Jon and a lovely part of flute. I only heard it once but I thought that aside from Jon’s typical musical themes, it features some new and exciting ideas that come as a suprise if you follow carefully Jon’s classical output.

    The obligatory question about Deep Purple resulted in a sincere answer from Jon who mentioned that he misses the pomp of a rock concert and improvising with the band before the crowd of ten thousand people.

    All in all, a very enjoyable interview with Jon.

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed the excerpts from the new album on Cfm last Sunday as well as Jon’s gently humorous recollections (or non-recollections!) of 70s Purps – what we heard was beautiful and once more demonstrates Mr Lord’s unquestioned ability to paint intricate pictures with his music at one moment and at the next great sweeping canvases of sound – roll on 29th March

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