Review: ‘Quite an achievement’

Music Web International reviews Jon Lord’s new album To Notice Such Things.

‘To Notice Such Things is clearly a very personal and affecting portrait of Lord’s friendship with John Mortimer,’ opens the review which goes on to applaud the music with descriptive adjectives such as ‘warm vernal freshness’ … ‘invoking and reviving’ … ‘brusquely joyous strings’ … ‘a Shostakovich-like caustic serration to the string writing’ …

The review concludes, ‘this is a well presented, recorded and annotated album and one that will please those who respond to Finzian pastoral melancholy. Quite an achievement.’

Read Music Web International’s full review.
Buy To Notice Such Things for £8.95 from Amazon UK.
Read more about To Notice Such Things.


2 thoughts on “Review: ‘Quite an achievement’

  1. Dear Jon,
    Thank you for another wonderful album. Love it so much but just can’t stop playing the instrumental version of ‘Evening Song’. Another triumph.

  2. My copy arrived this morning and hasn’t been out of the player since – gorgeous gorgeous music so lyrical so sad so uplifting such sweeping themes – surely Notice is a worthy collection of works to complement Durham & Boom & Disguises and to confirm Mr Lord among the finest of English classical composers – ever? – Thank you again Jon for the music

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