To Notice Such Things (overview)

Released March 29, 2010 through Avie Records.

Jon Lord interviews:

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To Notice Such Things in concert:

24 thoughts on “To Notice Such Things (overview)

  1. Jon Lord’s new music album sounds amazing! Great stuff as always from a master of music! Cheers to Jon Lord! Kind regards!

  2. Thank you this album… I discovered your music thanks to the song “The Sun Will Shine Again” sung by Frida. Since then I listen to your records very often and I love them…
    Indeed, as I had read somewhere, it would be great to have Frida again singing one of your beautiful tunes.
    Thank you very much!

  3. hello dear jon,thank you for your are fantastic deep purple,whitesnake….you and ritchie blackmore…go on stage in 2010……

  4. This is sonic joy; I love it and it makes me feel good. lol…a long ways from the intro to Lazy, eh?
    I took up keyboards because of Jon Lord The legacy just gets greater with this newer stuff.

  5. Petr Caban:
    Just my wish. I might never happen, but you can always hope. They have both changed 100% in music direction and they could again fith each other like nobody else.

  6. congratulation, sir! the best album since sarabande. looking very much forward to see you in imst, austria. maybe there’s a chance to meet you?

  7. I will just add again “Has Jon Lord ever made an album less than great”?
    I dont think so.
    Now we just need you to visit Denmark (south of Norway 😉
    In the old days you where here so often, and I had the pleasure to work with E.T. and therefor also around Purple and Whitesnake.
    So please add Denmark to your itinerary for 2010/2011.

    Warm regards

  8. Mr. Lord, I am a professionnal piano player from Québec(Canada). Your playing and writing skills have always been a big influence on everything I play or compose. Thank you for your music. I sincerely hope that you will come to visit America in a near future. Many thanks to a great music master!

  9. Thank you Jon! You have always been my favorite keyboardist. Saw you with Deep Purple in 1974 in Anaheim, CA. USA. You defined what a live band should be in concert!

    Best wishes,

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