Listen to Jon Lord Blues Project’s live CD

Check out a samples of Jon Lord Blues Project’s new live CD.

In this clip you can hear snippets of Back at the Chicken Shack, Wishing Well, Lazy, When a Blind Man Cries and I’m a Man.

The CD was recorded at Rottweill, Germany on May 14, 2011. Read more about the concert.

Jon Lord – Hammond organ
Miller Anderson – vocals, guitar
Maggie Bell – vocals
Zoot Money – keyboard, vocals
Colin Hodgkinson – bass, vocals
Pete York – drums

8 thoughts on “Listen to Jon Lord Blues Project’s live CD

  1. I’m having trouble ordering the Blues Project CD from the USA. The trouble seems to be the section of the checkout where I’m asked to provide a shipping method. I receive an error message. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

  2. I’m having the same problem with choosing shipping method as was mentioned at the comment above. Ship to Russia.

  3. Fantastic…
    A must have. I was at the show and this is full of fund memmories.
    Everyone should own one.
    Bo Olsson, Sweden

  4. Jon this is not about your work – its just a way to contact you, vaguely! Your Grandmother was my Grandmother’s sister – Winifred Preston/O’Brien – which makes us second cousins I think. I have to say that you look a great deal like my father and his brothers. The same nose!
    I wish you well of course with your cancer problems and hope and believe you will come through triumphantly!
    Louisa O’Brien

  5. Finally the CD has arrived, and it sounds like ecpected, music and sound: simply FANTASTIC.
    Unfortunately PS is not included, as it wasn’t played, yet.
    Maybe an occasion to release a recorded show from 2011 looms on the horizon….?
    All the best Mr. Lord.

  6. I hope you will be OK very soon, because you always was in my trip along the differents kinds of music. And now I have one question for you: why you do so many concerts in Germany and you like “jon lord” come to Spain little bit times or never (of course I think, germany is a wonderful country) but spanish fans need to see you sometime. Raúl from Spain.

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