A Message from Jon:

I would like all my friends, followers, fans and fellow travelers to know that I am fighting cancer and will therefore be taking a break from performing while getting the treatment and cure.

I shall of course be continuing to write music – in my world it just has to be part of the therapy – and I fully expect to be back in good shape next year.

God bless and see you soon

May we also, at Jon’s request, ask if everyone could please respect his need for privacy so that he can spend time with his family (and his music).

Thank you.


989 thoughts on “A Message from Jon:

  1. Oh my God – this is some of the worst news I could imagine.
    Dear Jon, all my prayers, wishes and good vibes are with you.
    A speedy recovery, and God bless you!


  2. God Bless you Jon ! My thoughts are with you and your family ! You can beat it mate !

  3. I am so so sorry to hear that, Mr Lord, and will be thinking of you.

    (We’ve met just once, by the way …. in the gents(!) at the Endangered Species gig when I asked you to do some PAL and you brushed it off with a ‘oh that was all a very long time ago’, before emerging on stage to perform … some PAL. That was also, now, a very long time ago.)

  4. So sorry to hear that Mr. Lord. I hope and prays that you fight this storm off soon.
    Take care and get well soon. Big hug from North-Norway ;o)

  5. My prayers are with you, maestro. In Jesus name remove this cancer from your fellow musician.
    We pray in Jesus name,

  6. May you be blessed. I assure you my prayers, every day. You’ll defeat cancer, I have no doubt on this. I’ll send you a warm, deep and sincere hug from Italy. Combatti leone!!

  7. So sorry to hear Jon. Strenght to you & your family going forward. Your music has always inspired & uplifted me. Thanks.

  8. Dear Jon, I hope you recover fully to perform your music again.

    I have had the pleasure to follow your musical forrays since the late 60’s and love your work both as a solo artist and as part of the many bands you have been in.

    My thoughts are with you, and your family.

    Best personal regards,

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that. We fans all around the world are sending good vibes for you Jon, you will get through this!

  10. Dear Mr. Lord, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sure you can pull through. Have strenght, genius.

  11. Dear Mr Lord, I am sure that you will win this battle! Best wishes from Warsaw, Poland.

  12. Hi Jon !

    Your music guides me through all my life.
    Me and many other people wish you a fully recover.
    My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.
    Take yourself time as much as you need.
    Health is the most important thing !

    Best regards, Thomas from germany.

  13. Enjoy your break, Jon, and see you when you are ready to come back. Love from an admirer

  14. My thoughts are with you. Your MUSIC will be the best therapy, you will win. Don’t give up, never!!!!

    A giant hug from an Italian fan in the US.

  15. Very sad to hear this but nothing to worry about since cancer does not harm immortal artists like you maestro!

    I wish you good luck and strenght to overcome the problem.
    We need your presence and your music!

    Warm greetings and respect from your secret and informal student in Istanbul Turkey!

  16. Jon!!!
    Deep Purple is and will always be one of my favorite bands, and even though I am a guitar player, the influence of your Hammond will always be in me! You can beat that ugly disease and you will do it!!!
    Much love from Calgary, AB Canada

  17. Sending you every good wish in the world Jon. My wife beat it, and so can you. Be strong!!

  18. You and your family are in our prayers. It is the very least I can do for a man who has poured much into my life

  19. Dear jon is sad news, I hope that through this difficult time. we send power from Argentina.

  20. Jon, I am so very sorry to hear this news. You have been an idol of mine for most of my life. I am praying for you. My deepest well wishes to you. God Bless and just remember we love you

  21. You’ve been a true inspiration to keyboard players and musicians around the world for many years so it is now our turn to inspire you and give you the strength and energy to beat this. My mum and brother did and you will too. My thoughts are with you all.

  22. Dear Jon I’m so sad to hear about that. All my best wishes to you for a quick and hopefully not painful recovery. I send you all good vibes being around here in Bavaria!

  23. Dear Jon, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family .

  24. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jon! My thoughts are with you. Get well soon.

  25. Jon,
    During this difficult time, we are thinking of you and your family. To me and thousands of others you are an inspiration……
    Kick its arse mate!!!

  26. Dear Jon,My wife has just had an op to remove her ovaries because of cancer,the doctors are very hopefull that she will make a full recovery,so why not you.
    Very Best Wishes.

  27. Very sad news.
    I wish you and your family all the best to fight against this disease and dark period.
    God bless you and hopefully we will meet each other on a day.

    All the best.

  28. Our thoughts and prayers are with you& family,Mr.Lord.. keep your strength and hope..may you recovery soon..May God Bless U and family..always..you have many fans in Indonesia.! _

  29. Jon,
    Best wishes from another keyboard player. My wife has stage 4 breast cancer. I don’t know what you have, but her only hope is new gene targeted therapy developed by a Dr. in Houston TX and the FDA and big Pharma are trying to put him out of business and steal his work. Check it out at http://www.burzynskimovie.com They are curing cancers previously 100% immediately fatal.

  30. Dear Jon,
    Our thoughts and prayers wuth you. You are one of the best musicians ever. Russian fans are with you. We believe in soonest recovery.

  31. Dear Jon,
    I know what fight against cancer means, so I know what you feel in this moment. Never leave the hope to be better. Your music is a great gift to all our lives and a reason to fight harder. We’re here, waiting, praying and thinkin’ about you. God bless you.

  32. Jon, You have bought some much happiness into so many lives…We are all praying for you. Thank you for the wonderful and beautiful music you have given us. Thinking of you and your family.
    My Best to you,

  33. I am sorry to here of your illness. I will keep it in my prayers that you beat this disease.

  34. Hi Jon
    I was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 91 and was only given 6-12 months without a bone marrow transplant. Had the transplant and kept positive and, well I’m writing this message to you Jon so not doing too bad. Stay positive Jon and don’t stop doing the things you love within reason take care Daz

  35. Admirable Mr. Jon Lord,

    You´re always in my prayers as one of my great examples of human beign, creativity and elegance. Your works has been colaborating at my development as a person and therefore, has been a fundamental part of who I am.

    Count me in the “positive vibrations crew”, cheering for your fastest and fully recover.

    My best wishes, always,

    Renato F.C..

  36. Dear Jon, I sincerely hope a speedy recovery, may God give you the strength you need to endure this difficult time, may the blessings of heaven rest in your home, yourself and your family.

    A big hug from Chile

  37. Master…wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery…God bless you….!!!!!!

  38. Get well soon and my God hold his hand over you for a speedy recovery. Take your time and get well, we miss you.
    Bo Olsson, Sweden

  39. I’ve been a follower of yours since 1969. Your music means a great deal to me. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery.

  40. So sad to read about your
    sickness. Wish you all the best and get well soon. Keep on going.
    (a fan)

  41. Jon,
    I wish you all the very best with your treatment, and as you can see with all of these messages many people are with you.

  42. Thanks for sharing this.
    God bless you and your family. My prayers are with you!

  43. Jon, Has someone whos followed your career for many years, and always played it my capacity as a rock radio presenter, you’ve always been a gentleman and a ‘dignified’ and creative rock ‘star’.
    My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
    We wish you well,and a speedy recovery

  44. So sad to read about your sickness. Wish you all the best and hopes that you get well soon.
    (a fan)

  45. Best wishes Jon. There’s no organ that can beat the one you have bestowed down the years. Look forward to hearing you back in action soon.

  46. It makes me sick to the stomach to hear this. I can’t even start to express my feelings. This makes me so sad. Jon I wish you all the best and hope that you will recover from this. You lived long and prosperous and you WIL do that for many more years to come

  47. Dear Jon,
    I’m writing from Italy.
    You are a special person for me more of a friend, more of a teacher. You gave me the input to start to play hammond organ!
    On 9th July 1985 I was 4 years old and I was with my father (he is a DP fan and guitar player) at home, I was shocked watching you on TV (the concert was in Paris), your were playing amazing and when you were moving that beast I was completely flashed like a 4 years old child can be.
    Well, from that day I asked to my father to buy me a keyboard. He bought me one. I never had a personal teacher, I self teach playing your solos and your rithm style from the LPs and CDs, note by note. You are my real teacher, my roommate for a life, hours and hours spent with you and your music, whatching videos and listening your playing with DP and in your solos projects, from “Gemini suite” to “To notice such things”. I assimilated a lot of you (about music) and I’m very very very near to you in this moment like person.
    Now I’ m a professional player and I play rock blues with Rudy Rotta Band around Europe, but I always have a Deep Purple tribute band called Fireball and the guitar player-singer is my father.
    (A gift for you)

    I want all the good for you and I’m sure that you will able to play on the stage next year and give a lot of emotions to the audience as you always did.

    I will pray for you! I know a lot of people that won the match with cancer and you have a lot of energy inside you!


  48. Mr. Lord!Do not be discouraged, I, like many fans of your creativity, truly believe in your speedy recovery! All will be well! God is with you and he will help you! The main thing is do not be discouraged and believe in life, this is the most important thing!

  49. Gospodine Lord, zelim ti da budes snazan isto kao kada si “ljuljao” svoj Hammond i da pobedis opaku bolest.
    Pozdrav od Dragana iz Beograda

  50. Dear Jon,
    All my best wishes for a speedy and lasting recovery.
    You and your family are in my thoughts.

    Lots of Love

  51. As a fan, I am very distressed to hear this news–but I am also hopeful that your strength, and the support of your loved ones, will get you through this. Stay strong–we are all praying for you!

  52. God Bless you Jon
    I will pray for you
    We love you in Brasil

    Mário Sérgio Turiani
    São Paulo – Brasil

  53. our thoughts are with you and your family, get well soon, you’re in our prayers xxx

  54. Very sorry to hear this news Jon.
    Wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery.
    God Bless

  55. Never imagine to read news like this… you Jon, Ian, Paicey, Roger…are gods, so nothing will harm you.
    Hope to hear that you are getting well very soon…
    From Uruguay. Gabriel.

  56. Jon-

    I am really sorry to hear the news.

    All the best to you and your family. You are in my prayers.

    Take care.

  57. Very sad to read about your cancer. I am sure the music will be a part of the cure and you will be cured.
    Hoping you will recover fully and be well very soon.

  58. a man of dignaty and honour, i have had the pleasure of meeting you, (only briefly )and you are in my thoughts , good luck, ime sure you will be ok ,iain

  59. Praying that you have a quick recovery, and that you write some more masterpieces in the meantime! God bless you, Jon!

  60. it`s so sad!my good thoughts are with you! i pray for you and i know that ronnie,when he can,look at you and send you a helping angel.i know you can win this fight…your fan sanasha (monika r.)

  61. Dear Mr. Lord. Fight it and get well soon. Russia is always with you. God bless you!!!

  62. Jon, It’s a hard part of life, sure, but please, don’t give up and fight, you can win. Get well very very soon, we love you Jon.

  63. I know this may not be helpful, but I virtually shipping you from northern Spain best wishes for recovery. I was lucky to see you live some time ago and I’m sure soon will be back on stage delighting us with your music and your art.

    Sorry for my bad English, but left school a long time and I have no one to practice it.

  64. Dear Jon
    So sad news. I know you will fight the beast, Maestro! Your family in Norway is sending good vibes, strength and support in the battle.
    Much luv & good luck.
    Knut x

  65. Healing prayers and positive vibes are being sent your way from this little household to join with the many others from all over the world. We wish you a heartfelt speedy recovery. xxx

  66. I am very sad to hear that Mr.Lord.
    I know you will win this f.. illness.You are a great man.I will pray for you.Please do not give up to fight.We love you.
    Get well soon Jon, TURKEY is with you

  67. We love you Jon, stay strong hope you will win against this cancer

    a Deep purple fan

  68. Let´s hope the better for you, Jon. You are one of the few real musicians in rock and roll history. Please, get better
    Cheers from Argentina

  69. Jon,

    You’ll get well soon, with all our prayer’s goin’ for you in this moment.

    Best wishes,

    Roberto Moraes, from Brasil

  70. No word is as good as the love … I do not know you in person but with your music you have become part of my life and I love you like a good friend. I pray for you as I pray for my father who is fighting the same enemy. God bless you Jon.

    Luigi from Italy

  71. Mr Jon Lord..you are a legend sir,thank you for the pleasure you have given me over the years,I look forward to it continuing for many years to come. My thoughts are with you.

  72. From Chile, Jon gets our love and affection, strength in this hour, gives the fight, because you want to see play and enjoy your music, I was blessed to see you play live here at the end of the world and that I saw as so far, to see my favorite band play, I could do several times, thanks and see you soon!

  73. Jon, you mean the world to your fans and need to know that you are strong and will come through as you have always done before.

  74. Dear Jon
    So sad news. I know you will fight the beast, Maestro! Your family in Norway is sending good vibes, strength and support in the battle.
    Much luv & good luck.

  75. So shocked to hear the bad news, another of my heroes struck down with this unforgiving disease, my heart goes out to u Jon & i wish u a quick & painless recovery

  76. Get well soon Jon, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    You have many years of great music behind you and many more to come

  77. You are an amazing man and musician and your family and music will pull you through. Everyone who has ever heard your music will be wishing you all well.

  78. Deep purple in Rock – that album got me through more shit than i could ever say. Godspeed to you!

  79. Jon,
    You have been a part of my life, through your music for over 30 years, adifficult time ahead for you, your family anfd friends, also fans, but they will be your strenghth and light, as will your music through this difficult time,Until the maestro rises again, with renewed strength, I wish you well, amd look forward to seeing you when you win your battle
    With fondest love

  80. so sorry to hear this jon i think u are a great person & a great musician i always been a huge fan of yours since i first heard u play on deep purple album. my older brother turned me onto ur music when i was young. ever since i have been a huge fan of u & deep purple. im prayin for u & hoping u beat this terrible disease u will be in my thoughts & prayers & my thoughts & prayers go out to your family as well. get well soon…

  81. All my prayers and good vibes to you, Jon!
    Best wishes from all your brazilian fans!

  82. Jon,

    Get better or I’m going to start some serious name calling. I’ll show you.

  83. Jon, best wishes, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have been through it too and know what you are going through.

  84. My thoughts are with you.
    Wish you a speedy recovery.
    May you have many good years ahead and look forward to much more of your music soon!

  85. I am so sorry to hear this dear Jon; and I will pray for your speedy recovery. It’s an absolute honour to know you and to have had the great privilege to work with you; you’re a beautiful soul, a master musician, a genuinely funny guy and a thorough gentlemen. Cheers! Ty

  86. forza fratello! Ti aspetto presto perchè dobbiamo suonare insieme! Io aspetto con ansia nuova musica! Un abbraccio. A presto amico Jon!

  87. strong brother! I’ll wait because we have to play together soon! I look forward to new music! A hug. See you soon friend Jon!

  88. Take good care of yourself and get well soon Jon. Wishing you everything to overcome this one.

  89. I am sorry to hear you have got this terrible illness Jon.I have wonderful memory’s of watching you live in concert in my younger days.From Newcastle City Hall in 1980 with Whitesnake to my last ever concert, Deep Purple Manchester Apollo November 1993.You are a legend.God bless you,get well soon Jon

  90. Jon,
    You have been probably the greatest musical influence on my life (Sorry I’m a guitarist not an Ivory tinkler) I have love every note since I got into Deep Purple in 1983 aged 14. I love your humor in your playing, your melody, composition…. man, I just love you!
    I’m praying so hard that you’ll beat this and we’ll see you on the stage again. Keep your spirits high! Oh and ‘Before I Forget’ Don’t let the big C bring you down… Kick it’s arse and kick it good. Love you

  91. Mario Paradiso nooooooooooooooooooooo it can happen to all of us, but not to my musical father and undiscussed mentor, all the best dear Jon and take care

  92. You are the greatest keyboard player in the history of rock, you haven given me the genius of your music for so many years, you will overcome this. I have never been able to see you play live yet. You will get well, and we will change this..Stay strong!

  93. Dear John:

    Your music is a legacy that you leave for others so they may discover it years from now. May it be a part of the positive attitude required to defeat the silent killer. My prayers are with you.

    Speaking from experience,

    John F.

  94. Dear Jon,
    just have put on “Burntwood” and “For a Friend”, two tracks i think of as belonging to the very best in music, and my prayers are with you and your familiy… get well again, no matter how long it may take you, and be sure we – all the many fans you have all over the world – will welcome you back with a fiest of joy…
    love & love always

  95. One big get well soon from sweden , i hope i will see you in dec I will prayfor you until then

  96. Dear Jon
    I really feel blue anout this info, I hope you can find quiet moments while you’re in treatment, however I just can say thanks for all the music that you gave us, my best regards Jon.

  97. Sending you positive thoughts and support in your fight. You’re a wonderful, multi-talented inspiration, Jon. All the very best!

  98. Dear Jon,
    I believe you will be alright!

    Not long ago I created a site for my friend who also faced cancer where I tried to gather the best information on this subject available.

    Hopefully it can help people with cancer.
    All information is totally free, and anyone who needs it can use it.

    here is the link:

    Thank you for your music!
    Love and blessings!


  99. My best wishes and prayers are with you mr Lord….you have so much to contribute to music yet so get well soon!

  100. I don’t get to believe in that!
    I am collided with that!
    God of a lot of greets for Jon Lord!
    I will be praying for everything to be well.

    Milton Arthur

  101. Cette nouvelle m’attriste grandement.

    Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement Jon. Bon courage pour vous battre contre cette maladie, vous avez tout notre soutien.

    Nous avons besoin de votre musique pour vivre !

  102. Sad news,indeed,but somehow I have a feeling you’ll win this battle.
    God bless you!


  103. Mr. Lord, My folks have weathered two bouts of chemo-therapy (back in the 1970s and 1980s) and are going strong in their mid-80s. Cancer can be beaten. Never give up!

  104. Jon, how loved, admired and respected you are and I sincerely hope that you and your family are able to take strength and comfort from that. A difficult time for you all, but have faith, all our thoughts and prayers
    are for you. You can do it ….
    with love,

  105. I have gone through both radio and chemo therapy, it sucks but there is always light at the end of the tunnel… for me it was music, I would plan one gig at a time and would go against Dr’s orders to get to a show I wanted… Yours were amongst those I went to… The Deep Purple Gigs just before Ritchie left the band were some which during the time I was having treatment meant the most to me even if they were not the best gigs in the world!!

    My hopes and prayers are with you.


  106. God bless Jon Lord!
    Get well soon. There’s a sacred chord and I heard it.

    I love to hear you play it, again. Your music has followed me for life and onwards. You are the best!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  107. My best wishes and prayers are with you…..get well soon. all the best from germany.


  108. I know how, as many other people, how hard is to overcome such situation, get well soon….

  109. Oh no,not you,i´am breaking down,it is a nightmare,jon all my wishes to you that you get well soon.May Good be with you 😦


  110. My prayers are with you, maestro. In Jesus name remove this cancer from your fellow musician.
    We pray in Jesus name,

  111. I’m so sorry of reading such sad news… I just wish you will be fine as soon as possible… We all support you!

  112. Dear Jon, since I was a teenager I’ve enjoyed your music (I’ll allways remember the first time I’ve listened to Highway Star… it was a epiphany). All your Argentina fans wish you the best. You’ll be able to win this battle!! With love,

  113. Dear Maestro, sad to hear the news. One thing I firmly believe in is: just like you were given an enormous gift to enrich our lives with your music I also believe that you will have strength to go through this episode in your life. I watched you wrestling your Hammond, always winning, wrestle this one and you will win. My best wishes and get well. All prayers with you.

  114. Bloody awful news. Sending good vibes and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Jon! See you next year. “There are dragons I have slain.”

  115. Hello Jon ! I wish you all the best in your present situation !!!! Make sure you’re getting over this !! The world still needs you !!!! All the best from Martin H-son (& Backstreet Girls), Oslo, Norway

  116. You and your family will be in my prayers, Jon. May God grant you strength, comfort, and the gift of music to carry you through your journey to healing and wholeness. You are the best, Jon!

    George in Ohio

  117. Like a friend called David C. says “We wish you well”, Master Lord. I hope The Lord gives to you Master Lord just a small piece of all that than you give us with your music, and you will be save and strong very soon.-
    From Argentina, with love, we are with you.

  118. Get well

    I’m a guitar player, but Jon Lord has influenced my guitar playing.
    And I have met other guitarists who say the same thing.
    So your music has done that much as well.

  119. I am shocked to hear the news..but, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. My prayers are with you..

  120. Mr. Lord, you has to win and we believe in you. Cancer is not a sentence. Hold on! We need you and your music.

    Get well soon!

  121. Dear Jon,

    I wish you and your family all the best and that you conquer this disease.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germay


  122. “. . . though we are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

    God Bless You, Jon Lord. Do not yield.

  123. Hi Jon. Lots of love from me and your fans in Japan! Take good care of yourself and we all hope for your speedy recovery.

  124. Dear Jon,

    Hang in there and get well soon. I am a four-time 16-year cancer survivor. I know it can be done even when they tell you the odds are against you. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Johanna McKenna
    Santa Rosa, CA

  125. Hi Jon,

    I’ve met you a couple times. Once in Malibu to do a story for Keyboard Magazine.

    You inspired me to get started in the music business — even though I switched from C-3 o vocals after I started working with Ronnie James Dio. I’m sending you a lot of good vibes. I sure hope you are going to be OK.

    Lots of Love,

    Ann Boleyn

  126. Your music has been with me for 40 years – best wishes in your fight, be strong.

    Martin Burrows – England

  127. A fan of 40 years here Jon, Keep your spirits up! Kick back awhile and just focus on what makes you happy during your recovery. God bless and wish you the best.

  128. Dear Jon,

    I´m very sad to hear this news. I wish you and your family enough power to get through these time and that you recover as soon as posible.
    Your music is a part of my life and I think that all fans around the world are with you.

    Joachim, Germany

  129. Jon, I love you! You’re the reason why I started playing music. I’m sure you’ll win this fight and I’m looking forward to hear new music from you.You’re by far the best rock keyboardist and a real maestro in all the other things you do. Looking forward hearing good news about your situation. YOU WILL WIN THIS!
    My best wishes and prayers are with you maestro.
    All the best from Greece by one of your biggest fans.


  130. That’s very sad news – may God bless you and give you and your family the strength to overcome this disease. My pravers are with you. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery… get well soon.

  131. my best wishes Jon and thoughts are with you. Hope all goes well you can beat it.


  132. Compared to touring with Richie Blackmore for all those years…fighting cancer should be easy……..I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

  133. Dear Jon,
    I believe you will be alright!
    Bugaria and Plovdiv are with you!
    Get well soon, Maestro Jon!
    My hopes and prayers are with you.


  134. I wish you well Jon, good luck with your recovery, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Did cancer really know what it was taking on when it picked on Deep Purple’s finest keyboard player? I think not! I look forward to your victory, your new music, an hopefully, your concerts.


  135. Hi Jon, I love you since your started your fantastic trip into the music, I’m sure that you will win your battle, you are a very strong man and you have a lot of million of fans that figth near you in every part of the world.
    Good luck and Good bless you
    Giorgio from Italy

  136. Dear Mr. Lord, you are one of my favourite keyboard player and I’d thank you for all the music you give us. God bless you. My best wishes.

  137. What can I say…
    The great man who has inspired me with beautiful music and who in the three times I have met him has been so gracious and gentlemanly.
    Very best wishes to you Jon in your journey and treatment.
    “Those who look outwardly DREAM
    Those who look inwardly AWAKEN”
    Good luck
    From the Aussie Red wine man
    Greg Furlong

  138. hey Jon,ur my biggest inspiration.i know u’ll get well soon.waiting for ur new record.

  139. Dear Jon,

    You have brought many years of musical pleasure to millions all over the planet. Those millions now fight alongside you and wish you a speedy recovery.

    Be well sir

  140. Dear Jon, do not be the next one, who leaves. Prommise!
    I am with you, that music is the very best therapy, so you got the best chance to win you personal fight; i do beleave that.
    Your music, since 1971 i love so well, is now ordered to send all good vibes you gave, back to you.

    best wishes from Gemany, Hamburg, Kiel:

  141. Dear Jon, I´m so sorry, that I must read you are ill. You are allways on my mind and in my heart and I wish, that you win the fight with the cancer. I´m also fighting with the cancer and I know what are you feeling now. God bless you and give you the power for fighting to the cancer. Good luck…
    Barbara from Hagen

  142. Don’t surrender, Jon. Get well soon. Our fingers crossed for your health- Joanna and Zenek

  143. Dear Jon,

    I wish you all the best during this treatment. May the love for your music inspire you for a speedy recovery.

    Piet (from Holland)

  144. Dearest Jon,
    This will take you way back & I mean way back around 1968/69 I worked at the Whisky in LA & became good friends with you & the band. You use to come to our flat in Hollywood we all had many laughs.
    Then years later I & my ex now Brian Glascock show up at your farm house in England when John Glascock bass player for Tull(Brian’s brother) passed away & we were visiting with Barry who took us to visit you.
    Small world. Well I must say I never forgot you & you were always a real sweetheart. So I want to wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself & your family.
    Much Love,
    A very old friend, Ann Glascock Valvona

  145. Get well soon, dear Jon Lord! You are the master of keys, the best keyboard/organ player in all of hard rock. I love you and can’t wait to see you perform live. You can and will beat this thing, I know it! I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers until you get well. God bless you, Mr. Lord!

  146. We all wish you a very speedy recovery.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family and friends!!

  147. As I hoped to see you on stage in Regensburg, I´m extremely sad to hear such news. I keep my fingers crossed for your recovery. See you in 2012! God bless you Jon!

  148. Get well soon Jon, Bulgaria waiting you again with new strength. We will wait good news!

  149. All the best for you Jon, sending all my thoughts for you to be back as soon as possible and as strong as ever!

  150. Mr. Lord, all the best for you in this fight. You are a winner! Thanks for all the moments with your music, in the past, now and the future. See you soon on the stage again!!

  151. God bless you Jon, we wish you a speedy recovery from Czech Republic … We love you !

    Greetings from Prague Lucas

  152. Hi Jon, sending you healing wishes and strength to conquer and see it through. I had cancer 4 years ago, had a kidney removed and now all clear, so it is beatable. We don’t know each other, we missed each other in France this year, Blues de Bourgogne, we played 2 nights after you, but I did meet you in Belfast 30 odd years ago, when I stayed at the same hotel as you, Jim and Whitesnake. I’ve always enjoyed your music and loved sharing a few drinks and chat with you all those years ago, your a gentleman and an inspiration.
    Peter B and Deborah Bonham xxx

  153. From Spain,
    Jon All the strength in this fight.
    Just remember that you are not alone and our best wishes are with you.
    See you soon at stage!!

  154. Jon, you can beat cancer, change your diet, drink alkaline water, do a search on youtube and you will find many videos from Robert Beck, Jim Humble and Dr. Leonard Coldwell.


    We do a lot of research and have an early detection and prevention of breast cancer, we are using infrared cameras, oral genetic exams that can detect cancer up to 10 years in advance. There are many new advances.

    I have seen you many times perform first at the Swing Auditorium in the early 70’s and at Cal Jam 1 in 74!!!

    All the best to you,

  155. Deep purple were one of the very first bands i saw when i was 12 at the Southend cliffs pavillion, excellent band and Jon your a legend, i hope you get well very soon, my thoughts are with you and your family. Best wishes and you are in my thoughts

  156. Good luck. If you have plenty support from good friends and loving family combined with the right attitude and self belief you will surely beat the big C. I know because I beat it last year.

  157. Sorry to hear your news Jon. You’re one of my heroes and I know you’ll be fighting tooth and nail. All Purple fans wish you all the best & a speedy recovery. Keep on rockin’. Peace & love. H

  158. Dear Jon,

    I’m really sad to hear about your illness. I look forward to hear that you have beaten the cancer. My thoughts are with you.


  159. Dear Jon

    I guess one never knows what’s around the next corner. I am sorry to hear that you are not well. We have never met, but as for so many of the folks already on this page, you truly have been an inspiration to me, as have Purple. Your decency, honesty, and your wonderful playing have always influenced me. I love the new Mark IV DVD Phoenix Rising as well. I hope our messages here can add to your strength and inspire you to beat this period of illness. You are such a Rock, we need you. Rock on and very best wishes for the future.

  160. Best wishes from all of your friends and fans in Greece – Dear Jon, we’re sure you will prevail, and we’ll share many a good time soon!
    Best wishes,
    Stathis Panagiotopoulos

  161. Dear Jon,

    I’m very sorry to read that you have cancer. I hope you’ll recover soon! Very good that you continue to make music. I’m a big fan of your keyboard playing. You are a strong person so I have all faith that you get well.

    Take care.

    The Netherlands

  162. I am shocked, I hope you’ll get well soon! I was so looking forward to the gig in Hamburg in November, but health comes first! We’ll be waiting to see you soon!

    Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany, Rafael

  163. Hello ,Jon !

    I know,You can win the battle. The music helps for You !


    A hungarian keyboardist

  164. Dear Jon,

    Just heard the news and it shocked me.
    You are one of my heroes since my youth, back in the purple day’s and I’m dedicated follower and admirer of your work eversince.
    I wish you all the strength and power that is needed to beat this terrible desease, You can do this and you will come out even stronger.
    All thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Freek Zieck
    The Netherlands

  165. Dear Jon,

    Your playing is a vast part of the fabric of my life, being a 70’s rock-fan throughout high school in that same era.
    As a survivor of cancer I understand the journey you’re going through. Thirteen years ago the cancer, nor the cardiac faillures due to the chemo could get me down through the Grace of God. I am fully healthy.
    That same strength, hope and love through this Grace I pray upon you. Be blessed and be well, you and your loved ones!

    Arno Rach
    Delft, The Netherlands

  166. get well soon, jon,sorry to hear your not well,an original lord of your hammond,and a real demons eye!!!!!

  167. You can fight this with your music and strength Jon…..our thoughts are with you in this, your hour of need

  168. So sorry to hear that Jon – You WILL beat it – See you on stage at the Sunflower Jam next year!

  169. My Dear Lord, you’ve always had and will have my love and support whatever you do and wherever you are. Thinking of you every minute, praying for you every day. Missing you here in Russia and can’t wait to see you again. Everything will be fine. God bless you

    love from Moscow

  170. My prayers are with you.
    Think positive and of course pour your heart, your, soul, and your pain in to what you do best music.

    You will get through this.

    God bless

  171. my best wishes for you. I know this can be overcome and I am sure so will you. Looking forward to your next concert here in berlin. Good luck, your alltime fan, Hans.


    donny whitfield

  173. That you have brought so much pleasure and joy to so many is evident by the many expressions of goodwill on this page. Your music has touched me deeply over the years, and for that I thank you sincerely. I know you will face this challenge with the same class you have exhibited all your life and emerge the stronger for it. Godspeed!

  174. So, so sorry to hear this news Jon. Please take the time to let your body heal and stay positive.


  175. Jon – You’ve enriched too many lives for you to not defeat this beast. All my prayers and positive energies are focused in your direction. Hang in there. The ride may be rough be the outcome will be smooth as glass.


  176. My dear Jon: my prayers are with you, from the bottom of my heart. YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!. María Guerrero. Best wishes from Mexico City.

  177. Best wishes and a lot of good vibes are coming from us in Berlin, Germany, too! Hoping for a quick recovery we would love to see you back in good health and back on stage again next year!

  178. Jon, Have been a fan of yours for many a year. Grew up on Deep Purple!

    I was diagnosed with this seven years ago. After surgery and treatment I beat it. A difficult haul, stay positive and own it!

    Enjoy your walks by the river, it helped me!

    Stay positive.


  179. You are the ultimate rock keyboard player and always will be. Please get better soon!
    Roger Romeo

  180. Wish You all the best treatment you deserve, and hope to hear new records as soosn as possible! All the Bulgarian fans are with you, Jon!

  181. I am sorry to hear this, but think possitive my husband survived a brain tumur. Have a good aditude and you can get through anything. All my thoughts are with you and your family.

  182. All my best wishes Jon for your fight against this demon. Keep thinking positive, this is so important for your recovery. You have a huge world wide support with all you gave us with your music for many years. My prayers are with you.
    God bless you Jon.

    Marc, France.

  183. Wishing you the best Jon I have been cancer free 14 years wish you all the best fifht like hell!!! You are in my prayers always. Michigan loves you and wishes you well.

  184. All the best to you, Jon. You were my inspiration to play, and I’m still a fan after listening to your first album over forty years ago. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the blessings of the universe.

  185. God bless you, Jon. You are in my prayers. I’m so glad that you are going to keep on composing during your recovery. It’s a great way to fight your way forward!

    Kevin, Van Nuys, CA

  186. Mr. Lord maybe we not are religious but all team from our radio station and listeners pray for you … From latin american fans ..Get well ….. your music cure our sadness …..we have a lot of god blessings for you

  187. for the last four decades you have given so much to all of us are thoughts and prayers are with you Mr.Lord !!! we are all with you always never give in never let go !!

  188. Sorry to hear the news. Take the time you need and get the rest it takes to bear with the treatments. So you can get better and get your ass back where it belongs… on the piano bench.


  189. Dear Jon,

    This is Dean Schachtel and I work for Wendy Dio. We posted a Get Well message on the Ronnie James Dio Facebook for you and there are over 400 get well messages to you. Our thoughts are with you.


  190. Jon Lord…I’ll never forget one night 1968, in Cleveland Ohio…Deep Purple and The Frost. You were amazing as you have been all your life. You expressed an interest in recording one of my songs and I was extremely flattered. I am hoping for a complete recovery for you. My MOM did not survive her battle with this diabolical disease, but with the state of today’s medical treatment, you will surely beat the odds and pull through and follow your destiny…to fill the air and hearts and minds of people everywhere with a music filled with all the passion and profundity you have so brilliantly bestowed upon the human race in all your many times between Cleveland Ohio and wherever you next appear . Bless you, your music, and your strength and resilience through all times.
    Dick Wagner

  191. First Ronnie James Dio, now you Jon, this is absolutely horrible. Big Deep Purple fan here but I also love you compositions in Classical music especially Windows, The Gemini Suite and Concerto For Group and Orechestra specifically. Please get well soon

  192. desde Argentina, Jon, mi mas grandes deseos para que recuperes pronto tu bienestar y puedas seguir brindando toda la musica que tienes para dar todavia, un abrazo. guillermo

  193. My sincere wish that you recover your health soon.
    Here in Brazil we are all praying for you.
    God bless you.

  194. I wish you a speedy and total recovery, Jon….all my prayers, and all my best to you.

    “Fight the good fight, every moment….”

    J.R. in Detroit

  195. We sincerely hope you regain your health as soon as possible. You are simply the best.

    Robert, Spring Branch, TX

  196. Jon, you can beat it no question. You have been a huge inspiration to so many music fans for so many years. No one plays like you. we are with you every step!

  197. I can’t say more than has already been said, except that I agree 100%. you are still a big part of our world. Bob Loza – Burbank CA

  198. You ll make it all through the way.
    Your music is the medicine and we are with you with every note you gave us all this time.

    Get well soon, Jon.

    from Argentina

  199. Prayers go out to you and your family from Florida. We hope for a very speedy recovery!!! Be strong

  200. Dear Mr. Lord, we are sending our love and prayers to you. Please get well soon… see you!!! Your fans from Kiev.

  201. Dear Jon, all my thoughts are with you! Hope you find comfort with your family and friends, they will help you to find the strength to fight. Get well soon!

  202. Dear Jon, my prayers are with you, you’re a strong man and you’ll beat this disease! We all, your fans, believe in you, you gotta create new creations in music, you do it perfectly, like no one else!
    You’re my favourite keyboard player and you’re incredibly charismatic and unique person. I hope you remember your concert in Moscow in 2009, I had a chance to visit your rehearsal a day before, to shake your hand and to have a photo with you, there were several people to photo and you said then “We’re like a football team!”
    That was one of my best and memorable days in my life!
    I hope you’ll see and read this message and all the messages from the people who care and respect you, I hope it’ll help you to win in this battle with the disease, you gotta win and you’ll win because you’re Jon Lord!
    God Bless you!
    Evgeny, Moscow, Russian Federation.

  203. Dear John, I hope you recover fully. My thoughts are with you. Wishing you the best!!


  204. With so much love and so many happy thoughts (including ours) from all over the world, you just have to get through this! Keep positive, stay strong and we will see you on a stage some where very soon, I’m sure.

  205. Dear Jon,

    All Armenian Deep Purple fans join to my wishes for your soonest recovery. We all wish you great health.
    And I want to express you a big gratitude from the armenian people for the beautiful song “Out of my mind”.
    God bless you Jon.

  206. Only once I had the opportunity to shake your hand. That was almost 20 years ago on Menorca. I wish you all the best so I can shake your hand once more.


    Robert Daems.

  207. You’ve built up an abundance of karma over the years as evidenced by all of the heart-felt thoughts that have been expressed here…nothing is as powerful as the collective thoughts of goodwill when it comes to repairing oneself and I believe this will be the result in your case, Jon. You have a loyal, appreciative and devoted throng of fans and well-wishers which are now giving back to you all of the love and concern you have bestowed upon them over the many years which have gone by…I have no doubt you will
    come out on top.

  208. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I hope all the love evinced here will give you strength. Never doubt that the Sun will shine again.

    God bless you Jon.

  209. Dear Jon, wish you a speedy recovery! Never give up! Hope to hear new classical music from you as soon as it possible! Russian fans are with you!

    God bless you Jon!

  210. Jon, I hope see you soon! Always remember you’re not alone! We’re with you! Best wishes from Missfit.

  211. Dear Jon, wishing you all the best and a fast recovery. Good wishes are with you and your family .

  212. Dear Jon

    Get well soon – and carry on making the wonderful music that has enriched my life for nearly 40 years.

    You’re in my prayers

    God bless you

    Chas Malkin, lifelong fan and admirer

  213. Jon, have faith in yourself and your treatment and don’t allow anything to pull you down. Love, the Justice family.

  214. Fuerzas Jon!! Estoy seguro que vas a poder salir adelante!!
    Saludos y Fuerzas desde Argentina!!

  215. Jon,
    My prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. As a teen in the late 60’s/early 70’s you were a member of what was, in my opinion, the Holy Trinity of Rock Keyboard Players along with Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. In addition I consider your solo in “Hush” to be the penultimate organ solo and I have always wished I could see you perform it live. Get well soon!!!

  216. I have been a fan of yours for over 35 years and I want to thank you for all your beautiful music. I was lucky enough to be present at the premiere of the Durham Concerto at Durham cathedral and at both perfomances of the Concerto for Group and Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in 1999 and I will never forget those wonderful nights. I hope the considerable weight of modern medical science will be brought to bear to make sure that your recovery is both swift and complete. I look forward to more nights of your wonderful music in the near future. All best wishes, David

  217. Oh my Lord.
    I’m sorry to hear about this. I hope that you’ll recover and get well soon. God bless you Jon.

    Greetings from Sweden.

  218. Your music in some form, has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

    I wish you all the best, and all the speed in your recovery.

    Best wishes,


  219. Sorry to hear about your cancer Jon, we met a couple of times in the sixties, I was with Steve marriott and tony jackson, 2 years ago I had laryngeal cancer, today you would never know it, (except no more falsetto) I beat it with chemo and radio, you will too, I live in the States and will be praying for you daily, you are one of my favorite keyboard players, God be with you man. Denis

  220. Me and my whole family whish you the best, and please recover soon. You are the greatest. 🙂
    Mark Horvath from Hungary

  221. Add my well-wishes for a complete and speedy recovery to the hundreds here–may you continue to rock on for many more years. Best wishes from Florida.

  222. On behalf of all your Russian fans-please,get well soon,dear Jon. May You delight us with your beautiful music for many many years to come.
    Best wishes,

  223. God bless you Jon, I’ll pray for you every day, and I hope you’ll be recovered sooner that you think.
    Excuse me for my English!, I’m from Spain and in spite that I don’t speak English I just wanted to cheer you up.
    My best wishes for you!

  224. Dear Jon, hold on and never give up!

    “Hammond Wizard” must braek this illness down! In these difficult days our help & support will be with you.

    Your brother, David C.

  225. Hello Jon ! ….here’s to your healing, your spirit,and to the years ahead that will continue to bring your special talents to many around the world….my best to you……Mark Stein

  226. Jon,

    Keeping you and your family in our prayers. Keep up the good fight! Your music that we all love will be your therapy.

    God Bless!

    Cliff Laidlaw

  227. Dear Jon, Millions of people throughout the world are with you!
    Let us all pray for your health – you gave us such a great oeuvre!
    Come back soon – we miss you
    Best wishes from Germany
    Joerg Hesebeck

  228. Ironically, I had a cancer scan yesterday and was cancer free as expected. It’s definitely not a death sentence anymore if caught early, which I hope is the case with you. Best of luck!

  229. Fight the cancer and come back later, Jon! I wish you and your family all the best!

    Greetings from Norway!

  230. Dear, you’ ve been my inspiration for playnig keyboards…..I know that now you have to be very strong and I do believe…..you can cure yourself through music… Nothing is impossible for God….All my prayers……Get well soon…we still need your music…Please….Jon…

  231. I am truely sorry to hear that. Jon is one of the greatest musician. I wish him getting better on his own time.

  232. Even though I am not religious, I’ll pray for you!
    See you soon!
    I’m with you and will see you at the other end of this madness!
    Keep faith in whatever you love!


  233. You have been the benchmark (and you still are) in classic rock keyboard playing and in being a fantastic, diverse and skilled professional musician. As a kid you have been one of my major roots and influences and nothing short than being one of the greatest in music at all. Later on, I turned to be a musician, a professional musician myself and you were still out there and showing how its been done. And even today, your classical concerts prove what an extraordinary musician and person you are and always have been. Purple died when Jon Lord left. Your music will never die and you will be fine again, Jon. You are still the greatest for me.
    Get well soon again. We need you and we love you.

  234. For who is religious, and for who is not: let’s pray for Jon……what he gave us till now, has no comparison with some prayer we can say for him…and who knows? Maybe some prayers could help him to keep on playing for us. Jon, no doubts, in few days you’ll be in perfect health taming again and again the beast!

  235. Best Wishes, Deep Purple had nine lives as well as you.
    Fight On.
    Jon you led the way in showing what a keyboards could do in a modern rock band at the great divide of the sixties and where the music was going.
    You and Ritchie were like two bugatti’s screaming through the turns at LeMans. I wore out those records when I was learning guitar.
    Best Wishes my musical Mentor and Brother!

  236. Please get well soon…
    My heart and thoughts are with you ♥ you’re strong – you will win!

    Liebste Grüsse and a BIG HUG

  237. Dear Mr. Lord,
    I will never forget seeing you in Plovdiv, at the Roman amphiteatre,please do it again in near future.
    The music needs your presence HERE.
    My sincerest prayers for quick and full recovery.

    Respectfully, Ciril

  238. Dear Mr. Lord… Obviusly, you don’t know who I am, but I know who you are -and stupid who don’t know…- I remember this intelligent phrase said for an intelligent piano player in California -Could it be…?-…
    Always you have been an inspiration for my family and me -my little son learn play piano since he was eight years old-, now we want that you know we are praying to God for you, dear friend.
    We are absoluty sure that you are going to win this war with your own force, your force’s family, and all the lots people -thousands and thousands- we love you…
    Remember that you must win every battle to this war. With medical pharma, the food -very, very important-, etc…-
    I know well… Remember you must drink water in first time when you wake up in the morning and in 15 or 20 minutes after you would must to eat black grapes -a powerfull gun to the cancer-.
    please don’t think tha I’m crazy, but I want help you with my personal style’s life for same problem like you…
    Get soon well Jon, we need you dear master.
    Jose, Ana, Jose, Javi.

  239. My best wishes for a successful treatment and speedy recovery Jon. You are one of my great musical inspirations and I look forward to seeing you on the road again soon. Take care.

  240. We wish Mr. Jon and his family the strength to beat the cancer.
    And that he let us enjoy for many years more with his music.
    Get Well, GREAT MAN !!!!!!!!

  241. 1974 : High ball shooter ;
    The radio plays this song while a 9 years old child was playing with little soldiers ;
    suddenly : shivers, the heart beats so breath-taking, a sweet sensation of joy : It was love immediately ;
    what was that amazing sound ? and who’s able to produce a similar magnificence ?
    Hammond organ ?
    Jon Lord ?
    What and who is this?
    Since that time 37 years have passed, and the divine magic released from a soul to the fingers of an artist so great
    that we hardly will have a similar, able to master the sound of a living instrument and to create deep enchanting emotions,
    have profoundly affected all my life ;
    I played organ in a band and I taught my children to listen to all your music, your image lights as wallpaper in my Pc and the personalized ringtone of the intro of “Perfect Strangers” is in my telephone, I lived many of your italian concerts and tasted all your records, much more and …………………………………. I’m sincerely and disperately crying and praying since the last 3 days ;
    I’m sure you’ll be so strong to easily win this fight , so please start to play only you know how to do your more difficult solo for us all ;
    I know it will be greater than the first one I listened 37 years ago, worse than those that you will still gives us and immortal like
    all your music and like you are : you are not alone because we all who love you are your private orchestra !

    I’m waiting for you, my loved Maestro !

  242. Tis me again. All cancers are different and I just hope you have the cancer you can kick up the bum (and as you said in Liverpool, my language will never change) Love you and praying for you – Susie B (Bradford)

  243. I know you from ‘March 11, 1973, in Genoa, where I have picked as your son and where’ you met your wife,
    So for me, ‘is like a father, you know at this time in more than one child’ who prays all the time because you ‘heal’ cause you’re close to me for 40 years, and if today I am still here to fight in the front row, and only thank you! jon not to give up are my general! MAD MAXX from California Jam Band

  244. My best wishes for a full recovery with all the positive vibes I can muster and may you find the strength to beat this illness.

    Thank you very much for the music and the unforgettable concert given in Costa Rica on February 8, 1998.

    All my respect


  245. Jon
    You and Deep Purple played a massive part of my teenage years. Your music never failed to inspire, excite,and move a very young impressionable teenager. The music helped me through difficult years and times. The music in Pictured Within album resonated incredibly with me at the time and will always continue to do so with me as long as music is loved and appreciated. You lived and continue to live a very meaningful life and I hope and pray there will be many more years of health and happiness for you and your loved ones.

  246. Mr. Lord, during those sleepless nights which are sure to come, I hope you find comfort and strength in the love and support of your family, friends and fans. I have every confidence you will persevere, buoyed by the collective outpouring of love for you and your music. I look forward to your next musical endeavor, as I’m sure it will be your most life-affirming yet.

    With sincere wishes for good health and happiness,


  247. Dear Jon,

    please tell your cancer that he’s been coming too soon, that your creativity will always beat his destructiveness and that he will also die if you do. If he won’t listen, just play the “Gigue” again (I’m sure he can’t compete) and leave him as a perfect stranger.

    I believe, god doesn’t want you to give up. There are so many people who love you and your music, so it seems to me you’ve got to stay in this life. And I believe that god wants you to accomplish your task. You can do it, I’m sure. Friends are waiting for you. They won’t let you go.

    PS: Playing a “Kurzweil”-keyboard during a rehearsal. My favourite sound being the “Lord’s M3 Wheel”. Sounds great! Immortal!

  248. There’s no doubt you’ll defeat any obstacle. For us, it’s like a good friend has got a problem. Get well soon! A hug and a prayer!

  249. Dear Jon Lord’s amazing masterpiece called “Wait A While” with wonderful Sam Brown’s lyrics should surely become a worldwide supporting prayer for his health and therapy progress. The lyrics as they are acquire the new specific dimension, the new additional meaning of asking him to stay with us as longer as it’s possible, not letting him go and supporting his life & creative career stronger than ever.
    Keep fighting against darkness, dear Jon, the worldwide community of musicians and true Music’s listeners will always be near you.
    We wish you good luck and immeasurable hope for fastest recovering!

  250. Please Jon, Get Well!

    The ‘scene’ can’t miss you.

    Lot’s of love and hugges to you and your family


  251. My thoughts are with you and your family. Whenever I hear you playing your keyboard I am and always will be mesmerised.

    Get well soon.

  252. A heartfelt ‘get well soon’. I am one of the millions of people to whom the name Jon Lord means musicality, intelligence and sincerity. A man of your stature will no doubt win this fight. Our energy is with you!

  253. My best wishes for a tough battle that you can and will win.
    I take this occasion to thank you for so many years of music and emotions.

  254. I was hoping to meet you in Holland with your blues project. You are my all-time hero, you inspired me to play the keys and to be a musician. It’s terrible to hear that you have this disease.
    I wish you the best of luck with fighting cancer, and I sincerely hope that you will be able to perform again.

    Best wishes from Holland!

  255. Jon.
    I was present at that fateful interview the BBC did in november 1984, on the release of Perfect Strangers, and afterwards we had a beer together in the BBC bar. It was here that I realised that not only were you a great musician, but in equal measures a terrific guy.
    And all these warm thoughts and wishes from so many people is testament to that.
    Get well soon, and soon get back to what you do best.


  256. Dear Jon,

    It took me a longer while to think out how to express my words of heartfelt support for you in the certain situation. I had this beatiful privillege to be able to express my personal admiration and grattitude for having you as my greatest musical and personal inspiration both on the site here as well as in person. Needless to say I was crushed by the rough news… After a serious while of pondering on it I got me thinking that you’re a man who takes every challenge bravely. With your level of being spiritually charged and positive about the life, people and reality – I believe that you’re bound to win this hard kind of encounter.

    Good times, bad times, you know we’ve had our share… Bad ones were when we’ve heard the news, so now it’s surely a turn for the good times – which will mean the day when you announce that you’ve kicked the enemy out of your system. You’re in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our ears – because your wonderful keyboard sound never stops to hang around the mind and the body… So… a sending you a lot of positive vibes, a hug and a tear – be strong, slay the beast to bits and be back with us stronger than ever, firing on all cylinders very, very soon!

    With heartfelt and most sinciere wishing you well ,

  257. Mr Lord please never give up !!!!!!! not for yourself not for your family and not for your music you are my rock in difficult moments and i wanna thank you for that kees from holland

  258. Jon, I was with you in Argentina two times and I have best remembers and pictures.You’re in my screensavers.Please save you and make me a favour.Good luck!!!!!!!!Edy from Buenos Aires.

  259. Best wishes, prayers and thoughts to you and you’re family. My wife beat cancer, so it can be done.

  260. Dear Mr.Jon Lord. I have been a huge fan of DEEP PURPLE for many years and I will always be a fan for tons of years to come.When I first heard that you had cancer,I felt very low but I know that you are a SURVIVOR and a FIGHTER and you will DESTROY this sickness.Take care and best wishes to you ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!. Mr.Kim Davie

  261. Mr. Lord, wish you to be strong enough to win this fight to get well again and to continue your attribute to the perfect music.
    From Poland, sincerely yous


  263. Dear Jon,

    we hope, that your will beat the cancer and can come to our concert in November 13th 2011 in Nuremberg Germany. We will perform your wonderful composition “From darkness to Light”. We would be delighted, if you can be with us.
    Your Dieter Herzog
    Lehrergesangverein Nürnberg

  264. Jon my thoughts &prayers are with you and your family at this time. Know that you have an Army behind you supporting you and willing you on in this fight against this Monster.

  265. Dear Jon,
    Today I drove home from work and listened your music. While doing so I once again thought to myself that you are a an important part of my life, my companion since I first listened to Deep Purple back in 1972. I was 10 years old, a simple little radio stood close to my bed. In order to not make my parents aware of the fact that I turned on the radio so late, I used an earbud for just one ear. And what I heard was fantastic. Since then your music is an integral part of my life, it makes me happy whenever I listen to it. And this happens very often. In my car, at home or live. I saw you at many gigs with Deep Purple (first time ever in 1985 as I was to young in the seventies!), Whitesnake, Olympic Rock and Blues Circus (where I met you personally and we had a little chat), or solo. Upon arriving home today I thought I should check the internet and see if I could write to you, saying THANK YOU for all the great moments I had just because of you. Plus all the great moments I will certainly have during my (hopefully) next 30 or 40 years to come. You gave, you give and you will certainly give a lot to me. So I visited your website today and read your message. It is hard to find the right words at this moment, even if you are not a native English speaker like myself, living in Berlin, Germany. And it seems strange to me that I had these thoughts just at this very moment. Jon, I wish you all the best, strength, optimism, the love of your family and closest friends. I trust you will conquer the cancer, my thoughts and the thoughts of thousands fans will be with you! I look forward to see you live again in the near future, I am sure it will happen, and I will be there! All the best from the bottom of my heart, Andreas

  266. Jon,
    While you may not read this for a while, a note just to let you know my thoughts and best wishes are with you. May a speedy recovery be yours and the world treats you with all the kindness you deserve.

    Go well.

  267. This is horrible Jon but remember you’re THE LORD!
    I LOVE YOU! You’re my first inspiration when i play the piano.
    All my prayers for you!

    Good luck my friend!

    PD. Sorry for the horrible english but i’m mexican.

  268. Jon

    He taru kahika

    Walk on,
    it is only summer rain falling

    (Traditional Maori proverb)


  269. Dear Jon,
    best wishes from Germany.
    I pray for you and I hope god is listening to our prayers and will help you to get well soon. Lucas

  270. Dear Jon,
    my thoughts are with you. I wish you strength und never ending optimism. You will see – things will work out fine, you’ll sure gonna make it!
    All the best –
    Martin from Nürnberg, Germany

  271. Dear Jon,

    That very tragic news indeed.

    The weird coincidence is: I just got a call on August 9th that my custom-built Hammond B3 (from a vintage 1961) is finally ready and it roars exactly like I’ve always ever wanted it since I first heard you play with DP….
    And as I was extatic to hear it’s ready, almost immediately got a terrible emotional jolt the other way to hear about your battle against cancer….

    Well, coincidence or not – I wish you, and your family, all the very best in your struggle to overcome this.
    Please don’t give up on yourself, ever! If I learned anything about this disease (and I have, believe me), then it’s knowing that the sheer will to battle through this is pretty much the most important thing you as a patient can do!

    If there’s anything I can do for you to get you through this ordeal, be it as a musician or, more importantly, as a person, I promise I will do my best.
    E: hammond_animal (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

    I whole-heartedly wish you a speedy and full recovery, Jon.


    G.J. Vos – Groningen, Holland

  272. many of us can fight and win this thing…and I know that Master Jon Lord has always been a winner…come back soon as we love you from the beginning of your musical tale(from Italy)

  273. Mister lord,pregherò per te affinchè quello tu possà passare questo brutto periodo.Auguri di pronta guarigione.
    Da giuseppe e ersilia lanzafame.From biancavilla (catania) Sicilia.

  274. From Argentina My Prayers For You !! Gracias Maestro.!! Thank you masters !! For all the music inspired.
    De Profundis Love.!! mucha fuerza!! Jon.!! God Bess you.!!
    Juan Jose

  275. Dear Jon, Thanks for offering the opportunity to say you a word. I was born 1957. So I was a young man in time that Deep Purple became a real legend. I live in Belgium. Deep Purple was on stage last month of july here in Tienen: I missed your presence. But I understand. I became a general medical practician and I am now on age that many of my patients get cancer.
    I became rich in these year’s of what they gave me. I learned of them more then I could offer them myself. Naked.
    It is not exactly very important to cure or not, but it is rather more important to become in our old age that child who may live sweet in time. That’s what I wish you and thanks for the joy you gave us.

  276. Jon, my thoughts and prayers go out to you from WI here. I’ve been inspired by your incredible music, and you personally since the early 70’s. I wish you courage and comfort as you win this battle, we’re all pulling for you. The music can be a huge part of the healing process, I know you’ll find a way to make that happen. If there’s anything I can do mike.schmidt@yahoo.com

  277. God bless you, Jon Lord.
    May you have lots of strength, optimism and people around you who dearly support you!
    Bernd (Long Time Fan from Germany)

  278. Jon needs to be back to reunion DP markIII. I am convinced that he will win and return. Hang in there, Jon.

  279. Dear Jon,
    I wish you all the best, strong believes in yourself and hope your will be fine as soon as possible!
    Greetings from Germany

  280. Dear Jon.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family right now. I pray for you to have the strength to beat this.

    Best regards, Stuart Smith.

  281. Dear Jon:
    I am a total fan of his music, I have all the collection of deep purple, I am writing from Lima – Peru, you were here in 1997.
    Jon I am shattered by the news of his illness, much to my shame, as I comment that I have my wife suffering from cancer to the lungs.
    The process is painful, certainly going to go through chemotherapy, I wish you all the best and a lot of positive mind.
    I tell my wife has improved with natural medicine, it is injected through a vein vitamin C and improve defenses when going through chemo, plus diet should be fruit and vegetables and must eliminate everything that can bring pollution.
    no cigarettes, liquor, bread, meat, sugar
    my wife with all this diet improved dramatically, she was very complicated and we are trying to save her.
    I expect a response from you to help and improve.
    all the best Jon, I am in touch with Ritchie Blackmore also sends a message to you since you tube channel.
    I hope to hear from you.
    A big hug from Lima Peru
    Hugo Soriano Pissani

  282. I am truly sorry to hear… I play keyboards also. I’m 51 now, and you sir have been an Idol of mine since the 60’s. I wish you the best of Luck, Peace and Love.

  283. Devastated mate, you and Richard Wright are the reason I am 25 year veteran of the keyboards. Deep Purple tracks are regularly on my playlists and no one makes a Hammond sing like you do and no one ever will. Best wishes from Gwyn Perrett in Perth, Western Australia. Get well mate and thank you for the music that will span generations I am sure!

  284. I wish you and your family all the strength to get through these difficult times. All my prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  285. The whole of the Russian hard rock community is wishing you all the best! Get well soon! We are praying for you! You were a great inspiration to us here in Russia all through the horrible decades of totalitarian dictatorship and communist persecution when your music in DP and WS was practically banned because of the Iron Curtain between East and West. But we secretly and illegally tried to get hold of or even smuggle such solo albums of yours as Gemini Suite, Sarabande, and Before I Forget (my favorite by the way). We are pretty sure that we will see you perform your admirable musical pieces for all of us here in Russia. We love you and don’t you forget it! Kill the freaking Beast!

  286. Dear Jon,
    I hope (and I really do, with all sincerity) that You will regain Your full health soon! 🙂

    Peace + big good wishes,

  287. Best best wishes Mr Lord for the sooner recoverage.
    Words are not enough to describe feelings….

  288. All the best Jon, I’m sure you’ll be ok.
    It’s because of you I went into music.
    Keep fighting, we are all praying for you.

  289. Querido Jon Douglas Lord, mis lagrimas no me dejan escribir lo que siento, es como que de repente me sacaran una gran parte de mi, y de todo mi corazon espero que asi no sea.
    desde el otro del mundo Viña del Mar, Chile.

  290. Mr Jon Lord you are our Lord!!!I listen to your Magic Hammond from the day i came to this world!!!You are the idol of every piano player!!!God bless you and give you strength and courage!!!I believe with one solo of yours you can beat the cancer!!!!!Many love and support from Greece!!

  291. Dear John,
    there is a picture of you surrounded by my twin brothers, hanging on the wall of our reception room. The picture was taken an year ago when u were performing in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We used to stare at it dreaming and praying that you visit us again soon. Now we only pray for your full recovery from this ugly disease. Please get well, we love you so much! Big hug from the entire family – Filip, Achiles, Marios, Chris, Dimitris and Mariana

  292. Dear Jon, i wish you strength to fight with this disease. I believe you win!
    Best regards from Alex from Russia

  293. Early November 1973? i think,there i was 16 years old sitting in a 20,000 seat arena in Montreal experiencing my 1st.”rock concert”.After getting used to the strange aroma around me making me dizzy,what a rush when i immediately recognized the tall lanky fellow leading the rest of the band onstage to perform a show that i remember as if i’d seen it yesterday.Thanks not only for the music,but also the class and dignity you exhibited throughout your illustrious career.

  294. Dear Jon, I wish you all the best for a speedy and complete recovery. God be with you and provide strength to you and your family.

    I’ve only managed to see you a couple of time live, the last time being at the Liverpool Phil playing Concerto for Group and Orchestra. You are such a great artist and musician who brings so much pleasure to so many people – and you remain such a real gentleman.

    Get well. This world really needs people like you.

  295. since the begining you have words of wisdom thank you for who you are!LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! jon lord forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glenn

  296. Dear Jon, you’ve been my inspiration for more years than either of us would confess to.

    My sincere wishes that you overcome this affliction that hits so many of our lives. Stay strong, and win!

    There is a strong community up here in Yorkshire that is constantly raising money to help fight cancer in all its forms. The co-ordination of the project is managed by a superb gentleman called Steve Lally and he has a web-site….rockofthenorth.com. The support he has from local musicians is quite remarkable!!

    In the meantime, I look forward to hearing better news in the weeks and months to come!

  297. Dear Jon
    We are shocked to hear of your illness.
    We wish you a well, our thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time.

    From the Pearl Handled Revolver guys.

  298. Dear Jon
    I’ ve been so glad and proud to bring my daughter aged 12 to see your concerto in Mulhouse this year , we intend to see you again in germany on september … its just delayed , we all wish you to recover soon and to take time to cure
    take care of you , we send you all your love from France .
    All the Hauvuy Family

  299. Al signore delle tastiere cordiali e sinceri auguri di una guarigione rapida e completa,affinchè possa ancora deliziare il nostro udito con la sua musica.Tanti auguri Jon.
    Gaetano Romolo.

  300. The Best from the best,I loved,love and shall always love the great group Deep Purple!!! Hrani You Gentlemen,sir John,regard from Russia!

  301. Carissimo Jon, sei il mio idolo da sempre, sei unico e magico come il Tuo Hammond, hai già dimostrato di avere una grande forza d’animo che non Ti abbandonerà, neanche in questo grigio momento, come anche l’aiuto e la benedizione del Signore e presto ritornerà a splendere il Sole. Un forte abbraccio ed i miei migliori auguri di una pronta e definitiva guarigione. Ciao e a presto. Pasquale BERNARDO Italy.

  302. I dont want to sound selfish but you have to beat this Jon, without your albums and concerts to look forward to the future is bleak! You have given so many people so much throughout your life, we are all thinking of you and I hope we all have positive thoughts and prayers for Jon and his family.
    Good luck and I look forward to the next time I see you on stage.
    God Bless
    Paul Orchard

  303. Dear Jon,

    I am deeply saddened to hear of your condition and wish you a quick and sustained recovery.

    You are a wonderful inspiration and talent (both as a musician and as a human being – your nature as a gentleman is well-known and heralded universally by Deep Purple fans).

    You can beat this. The world is a far, far better place with you in it.

    My thoughts are with you, your family and friends.

    Take care – very best wishes.


  304. Hallo Jon,

    mögen Deine Schutzengel Dich begleiten. Möge viel Kraft, Zuversicht und Liebe dich durch dieses Tal bringen.
    I’m a “Survivor”, too…..

  305. Caro Jon, toda força e energia positiva de todos os seus fãs e amigos do Brasil e do mundo afora.


  306. Dear Mr Lord,
    I’m shocked to hear of your illness. You’re such sweet and kind gentleman. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
    The world really need you and your wonderful music.

    Take care
    Lots of love from Cecilia Deblond, Sweden

  307. Querido Jon, me gustaría escribir muchas cosas pero sabes ??, no puedo…me es imposible creer que este pasando todo esto, te quiero muchísimo, mi corazón estará siempre contigo, dios te bendiga y te de fuerzas.
    desde el otro extremo del mundo.
    Fernando Vasquez
    Viña del Mar, Chile

  308. Jon, I am sure everyone who has ever seen and heard your work wishes you strength and recovery. We are thinking of you and your family.

    Col, Brisbane, Australia

  309. Jon!
    I’m younger than you but I’m kicked ass the dead, that is possible. I know the therapy is really hard, but you can battle with it by laugh, by music and believe……… Nobody knows what about it only when he feels his own skin….. even the doctors can’t…. shit…..
    get better soon and hope the best the only one…..!!!!!
    STAND UP AND SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Peter Simon (Hungary)

  310. I’d like to thank you Mr.Jon because your are one of great musicians made me crazy about music and you made me crazy about Hard Rock ,when I was young I bought an album for deep purple and I liked the performance of the band and decided to play music by ear to play your great solos .So trust that you well get well soon because all your fans pray for you wishing you a very fast recovery to carry on your innovating history enriching rock ,classic & blues music,…..keep on fighting .

    Moustafa Wagdy

  311. It’s all been said in the many previuos posts. I can only echo what has been written by others, and wish you health and happiness and all the best of luck in beating this.

    Always wanted a chance to say hello, shake your hand and say thankyou for all the many,many hours of musical pleasure you’ve brought me.
    I’ll manage it one day, I’m sure!

    Good luck mate – you can win!

    Tim Blea, Geltendorf, near Munich.

  312. Ciao Jon!!!
    I just want to think that the cancer can’t be stronger than the support your are receiving from your family and your fans all over the world!
    I’m sure you’ll still rock for long time!

    Italy loves you and DP!


  313. JON!!!

    I pray for you to destroy this ugly disease!! You are a great musician and an amazing person!!!

    GET WELL!!!

  314. Jon,

    So sorry to hear the news – but I know you will come through this.

    I am a huge fan and after seeing you in Purple, Whitesnake and a number of your classical concerts in UK – I was lucky enough to see you play out here in Australia at the Basement and when you were at the Opera House for the Concerto.

    Your music is an inspiration.

    Best wishes, prayers and thoughts from Oz for you and your family. Take good care of yourself and get well soon!


  315. Best wishes dude,for a speedy recovery – you can do it.Positive vibes comin’ atcha. xx

  316. Dear Jon, I wish you all the best and strength in fighting the damn cancer. Get well soon.

  317. You’re one of Leicester’s greatest ever citizens Jon. Get well soon, from a fellow native of the city.

  318. Get well soon John. A speedy recovery to you and many many more years of music, love and life ahead of you. Though it’s music from many years ago, My daughters (age 4 & 3) love the “wobbly piano” in the Artwoods, though they are of course a little bit bias towards their Grandad Malcolm on Bass! Much love and best wishes to you and your family.

  319. What a life! What a man!

    Jon, never, never, never give up!

    Love Malcolm (Artwoods)

  320. Dear Jon,

    When I was 13 or 14 years old, I discovered Deep Purple for the first time… It was around 1972 or 1973. It was a revelation for me, and I became a great fan. Since then you never left my life. You gave me so huge emotionnal feelings !!!!

    Now I’m 52 years old, and I feel so close to you !!!!
    Please don’t give up, we all need you .

    I want to see you in concert next year !!!

    Best wishes


  321. Dear Jon,

    I am looking forward to seeing you and listening to your music soon again. In the meantime, I wish you all the best from Cologne.

    Gute Besserung,
    Chris from Germany

  322. Signor Lord,
    Le faccio i migliori auguri per una prontissima guarigione.
    Forza e coraggio! A prestissimo!
    Roma, Italia

  323. Dear Jon, I wish you all the best and pray for you. God be with you, we need you so much.
    Christina, Bulgaria

  324. Dear Jon,
    I have been a fan since I was 11 (‘71), and so are my children. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery. Your music continues to awe and inspire all of us. We wish you and your family all the best to get past this. With all the positive spiritual energy expressed here by so many grateful fans, we look forward to hearing positive news in your recovery. Never quit. God Bless you, Lord of the boards.
    Warmest Regards,
    Bill Ludtke

  325. I have just read the news about your condition and my thoughts and prayers are with you Jon. Your music has been a major part of my life for over 30 years
    Andy C Newcastle

  326. Dear Jon,

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear you’ve been unwell. Reading all the other comments, I don’t have anything new to say. My story is like so many others, having discovered your wonderful music through Deep Purple, and been touched by your work ever since. Hell you even got me enjoying classical music! Who’d have thought! Well when your music has inspired and comforted me throughout my whole adult life, it’s only fair that for a while we turn the tables and send our love and life and strength to you when you need it.

    I hope you know how much you mean to so many people. You’ve brought so much joy to my life, and to a million others too. Be strong my friend and come back full of life and vitality very soon.

    All my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  327. Dear Jon, it’s very difficult to say something sensible and intelligent in these cases, especially when you send your message to a worldwide known rockstar who will probably never get to see your words; I can only say that I wish you the quickest possible recovery of course, and that I truly hope you will never lose that blessed fire in your soul that has given us so much brilliant music and energy. It’s the same energy that has been feeding us humans and saving us from drowning into a sea of vulgarity since J. S. Bach’s times, and God knows how much more we need! Best of luck dear Jon, and lots of love and spiritual support from Italy.

  328. Dear Mr. Lord:
    Listening to some of the your music that touched my soul through the years. From the Concerto and your mind blowing solos in Burn and Rat Bat Blue, to Soon Forgotten (that ending!), your solo spot on Live at the Olympia and Pictured Within. The list goes on and on and on. Thank you for the music. Get well very soon.
    Enrique from Peru.

  329. Jon Lord is one of my biggest musical influences from when I discovered deep purple in the 80’s through some older friends/musicians of mine. I am a keyboard player and your playing has had a huge impact on my style.
    Thank you!

  330. Jon Lord,
    obrigado por ter me transformado com a sua música.
    Deus te abençõe !!!!

    Nuno Costa (Brasil)

  331. Hi Jon, get well soon, we all need your music. Be strong!

    Best Wishes from Brazil!


  332. As a would be inductee to one flight case I respectfully wish Mr. Lord’s speedy recovery. Bright Blessings Sir!

  333. Dear Jon,

    I hope you find a speedy recovery. You are very important for us all and I’d like you to know that your fans and friends from Brazil send the most positive vibrations for you.
    I am sure that you’re gonna win this problem and make lots and lots of good music. Soon you’ll be on tour again playing the most beautiful tunes. We’re waiting for you in Brazil.

    Best whishes!
    Henrique, from Rio

  334. My deep wish of a speedy recovery Mr. Lord. Be strong, have faith and keep on doing your wonderful music you’ve been doing for so long. Hope so see you playing here in Rio de Janeiro.

    Sergio Lucindo, from Rio de Janeiro.

  335. Dear Sir,

    My best wishes are with you, and I sincerely hope you will get well soon.

    Yes, the news saddens me, but your work does not stop thrilling me. Your voice – your keyboard playing – is deep in my heart and mind.

    Get well, play again,

    All the love,

    Cristian, Bucharest

  336. I will never forget tears in my eyes when Jon played Chopin in 1991 with Deep Purple in Poznan, and how he was speaking after the show had beeb finished. This was the first time Deep Purple visited my country. This was the line up including Joe Lynn Turner, it was the rock performance of my life. When I realized it was over I thought most exciting moment of my life passed. Strange feeling :))Thank you Jon and I keep my fingers crossed (Polish way is keeping thumbs sticked in the fists). looking forward to your following projects.

  337. first day of autmn/ Good day . get well. trust in yourself, loved ones and doctors/

    all will be OK/

  338. Dear Jon,
    Please know that I am very saddened by this news. I can see here that you have just a few supporters out there. Please know that I send my wishes to you for a complete recovery. I will spread this news so that others can join me with their thoughts and prayers for you.
    If you only knew the amount of music and inspiration you have provided for me over the last 40 years you would know how much I would like to return the favor. I also am a fellow pianist, organist, keyboardist and have gained so much insight from your recordings over the years. I hope you think about the fact that through you, so many others have been inspired in their musical ability and performance, and will continue to spread your influence to so many others now and in the future.
    Again, best wishes for a speedy recovery. You can beat this! There are so many successful outcomes for so many people in this world. Use the love and support of your family, friends and fans – there are so many pulling for you.
    Blessing to you,
    Frank (in Pennsylvania USA)

  339. Dear mr.Lord,

    Your wonderful music became a part of my soul. Get well soon. You can.

    Dmitry (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  340. Mr. Lord, you are an inspiration to me, i hope the best for you, you’re a true legend And legends live forever!!! Bad news now, but im sure you can fight with this!!!

    God bless you. Fight hard!!!

    Sorry for my bad english I’m form Mexico

  341. My thoughts are with you and your family maestro and i’m looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

    see you soon.
    all our love

  342. Jon Lord is an honor for me to send you this message, one of the greatest musicians in history!
    I had leukemia and won!
    has many praying for you and you will win this battle!

    sorry about my english

    Pedro (Vitória Brasil)

  343. Mr Lord,
    I had the fantastic pleasure of meeting you earlier this year in Paisley, It was an honour sir.
    I spoke with you on the day and explained that seeing your performance with Deep Purple at the Glasgow Apollo in ’76, altered my musical landscape forever. Thanks you for that.
    I would like to pass on to you the best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and to your family as it is a difficult time, but as we have experienced in our family, this damn disease can be beaten.
    You gave advice to a young man in Paisley, not to bracket music but to look upon it as a journey. there are no wrong roads just different things to hear. I will use that many, many times in years to come. You are an inspiration to myself & sons.
    God bless, you are in our prayers

    Tommy & Jack Thompson (Beith, Scotland)

  344. Hi Jon, how are you today? Hope you could write some music, and listen to good stuff and play.
    It’s not over, believe me.
    Continue to do what you like to do, even if you’re not fully satisfied with the result (treatment can have weird side effects), do not complain, do what the doctors are telling you to do, cancer research did a lot of progress lately.
    Fight! Fight! Fight! And if you want, lend $25 for my team on Kiva (follow the link). It’s *not* a donation, it’s a *loan*, you’d better be with us to get your $25 back, ok ? Go man, go. May You Be Touched by His Noodly Appendage! Ramen!
    Stéphane, Paris, France.

  345. Dear Jon
    I’m very sorry that cancer has stroke you. I hope the cure wont be to hard for you, and you’ll get well at the end.
    Hopefully we’ll see and hear you in the Netherlands in the near future. Wishing you Strength. Jan

  346. Just a quick line to let you know that I keep continueing sending you good thoughts and wishing you all the strength that you need. It was very touching to read your message full of thanks. Beside being a great musician you are a very impressing and cordial person which makes me wish even more that you will have a very quick recovery.
    Kind regards and love,

  347. Dear Jon—

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you battle through this illness, and, with God’s love, continue to write and perform music for many years to come. Your playing has been an inspiration to me for nearly 40 years now, and I cannot look at my 1961 Hammond C3 (lovingly named Rita)without thinking of you and your approach to the instrument. Thank you for all of your music !!! God bless and come back even stronger !

    Warmest wishes,


  348. Dear Jon,
    I am a young italien boy, i am fan of you and Deep Purple. i like your music too. I’ll give you my best wishes. we are with you.
    I hope you come soon to play grat music.
    sorry about my english
    all the best for you.

  349. Jon – As a LONG-TIME fan (1968 after hearing Purple for the first time) I am wishing you the best in your biggest battle ever. I am pulling hard for your complete recovery.

    Louis Ogden
    Virginia, USA

  350. Joh,
    Ervie,from the Post,told me this morning of your illness,I wish you the best and hope to see you and swap jokes, up in the mountains ,soon.
    Keep the faith.
    Bushmills Bill.

  351. Dear mr Lord,Jon,

    I wish you all the power you need and stay positive.
    Remeber the lyrics in “pictured within”
    “there are dragons I have slain ”

    I, am 51 ,from Holland and almost all my live a fan off Deep Purple and the last years specially from your work/music.

    Be strong !!!


  352. Dear Jon 🙂
    I have no great words in english, because I am austrian and the language of my ancients is german.
    But my heart and my thouths
    my best wishes and if I could – a lot of positive energiy – are at you.

    I just can say with the words of Peter Gabriel, whitch help me for a long time: “Don’t give up”

    Wilhelm Pauswang
    Niederösterreich, Austria

  353. My dear Jon,
    I’m fanatic Deep Purple and admirer your work, with sorprise read on you condition, I pray a God for you recuperation, sorry for mi english, is mi first time that I do

  354. Jon, I am a big fan of you, I was shocked when I herd that you are ill..
    I wish you fast recovery, and want to see you up on the stage soon!
    Ukraine is with you!

    Illya Taratuta
    Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

  355. Jon, it is with great sadness that I have heard this news. I wish you strength and a full and speedy recovery! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Since a teenager I’ve followed deep purple and whitesnake and one of the MAIN reasons I fell in love with their music was your complete mastery of the hammond keyboard! I was and still am in awe of you!! God Bless!

  356. Jon,

    People around this crazy mixed up world really value you being in it, as much as (say) Mozart. I know you probably wouldn’t agree with that, but I guess you have given as much pleasure to many many people as his music does.

    It was you who solely inspired me to start playing the organ and keyboards when I was about 14. I had cancer when I was 22 and got through it and so can you!

    It’s in your mind and spirit to get well as well as the drugs…… don’t ever forget that, no matter how bad the stuff they pump into you makes you feel, look for the positives wherever you can feel them; birthdays, Christmas, Spring, new music, anything really that inspires you… draw from it! It worked for me (it pulled in loads of potential new girlfriends for me back then! I’m 55 now I might say)

    Get well soon……

    Steve Turner
    Solihull, UK

  357. Jon, sorry to hear the news of your health. It will be painful, it will drain you. Just go through the course and fight against it. You are the pioneer of keyboard music. You are the first one who brought electric keyboard to the rock music. I wish you the best.

    Kane Sheen, M.D.

  358. caro Jon, sei stato sei e lo sarai ancora per sempre la mia musica e la mia vita. Sconfiggi il mostro col tuo Hammond e ritorna da noi che ti aspettiamo Saverio

  359. Non ho parole per esprimere la mia tristezza per quello che ho letto adesso che hai Caro Michelangelo dell’organo, ma ti prego combatti, combatti e vinci senza la tua musica non si può stare e nemmeno senza di te, le tue note arrivano dal cielo e qualcuno ti ha dato questo dono e questa dote di farci sentire gli angeli e il paradiso. Jon vinci per continuare a fare quelo che sei il Dio della musica Saverio

  360. Jon,

    I am now a 47 yo man and you and Deep Purple have been with me since my early teens.
    I had a job delivering newspapers so I could buy one album a week and bought every single album in the Deep Purple familytree.
    I sincerely hope that you will be among us for many years to come because you seem like a very thoughtful, nice man.

    All the best,


  361. Hello Mr. Lord, I’m writing from Italy.
    I’m writing to tell you to continue to fight and not give up! We would back kick ass on those keyboard again!

    Love, Miriam

  362. Hi Jon,
    tonight I was in Pavia di Udine to listen to your friend Ian Paice and was unaware of your difficult time.
    I want to tell you just one thing: hold on!!!
    Thanks for your music, it made me grow up.

    God bless you.

    Paolo, Italy.

  363. Jon
    I am a young Italian fan of Deep Purple and especially of you
    Yesterday night I was listen a concert of Ian Paice and he told me what happen about you. I send you the best wishes and hope to see you as soon as possible to play your magic Keyboards. A big huggs Eros

  364. Dear Jon,

    my thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you will get well soon.

    I hope it helps to know that there are thousands of people who love you and your work.


  365. Dear Jon you are living legend, so keep fighting the cancer.I want you alive.
    With a lot of affection , from Italy

  366. Caro Jon ti auguriamo una pronta guarigione e speriamo di vederti prestissimo in Italia (Udine). Mandi e non mollare.
    fam.Zanin Paolo Marzia

  367. my dear John, each event over a strong man, yesterday I saw Ian P. and I hope to see you together a soon as possible, good healing and good luck.

  368. This is for you Jon, with all my passion for your music style!
    I hope to see you soon on stage to give us that kind of emotions that only you can give!


  369. hi jon i’m michele from italy: two words hold on.think positive.we are waiting in italy back you soon.

  370. I wish you luck with all my heart mr jon lord and i hope you will be back soon. im might only be 15 but you will be one of the greatest influences for my entire life and hopefully for my children and the genrations that willf follow.

    Gur Yaniv, Israel

  371. Dear mr Lord

    I realy hope you will get well soon. I listen to your music every day, it gives me a lot of happiness that I use in my work at the hospital.

    Martin from Denmark

  372. Dear Jon, I wish you to get well soon. I came to know about it from Ian’s concert last saturday in Udine (Italy) and I really look forward to see you play again with your purple fellows and have this chance at least once in my life.
    Keep fighting, and keep rocking!

  373. Dear Jon,

    Since 34 years, you and your music are with me. Every day.

    Now, i site beside you in this difficult times.

    (Excuse-me for my english)

    Philippe from France

  374. Dear Jon,
    I would like to wish you strength and God’s blessings for your health. We love your heavenly music.
    Please get well soon!
    Heidi, from Peru

  375. I have been a fan since IN ROCK. Bought my son a Hammond organ in 1995 and would come from work to find him playing and rocking it around like you to get the “crashing” sound. Not bad huh ?? Anyway, I found out on August 3rd I have colon cancer, and was wearing my JON LORD t-shirt several days later when I learned of your illness. Want you to know I was operated on Aug 18th, they removed 2 ft of colon and the good news is they got it all and I should be ok. I hope and pray that you can soon say that like me, you are a cancer survivor !! God bless you. Ray

  376. Your beautiful music every day excites me and my family..get weel soon JON!!
    Alessandro Stefania and little little Melissa

  377. HI Jon i’ve had treatment for leukemia for 10 years now, keep busy and keep laughing and you’ll get through, oh and your music helped me through the not so good times thank you take care. Kev

  378. Dear Mr. Lord,
    I am truly sorry to learn of your diagnosis. I cannot add to the many thoughtful comments that have already been posted. Your music has been a part of my life for 43 years now ever since my older brother brought home Hush. I heard the solo on that and thought that is what I want to do. At the time I was studying piano (but like a typical child did not like to practice), and when I told my parents that I wished to pursue rock keyboard playing, they were dismayed. Well, you and Deep Purple have been huge influences on my life. Whenever I was feeling down, upset, there was always your music and it would lift up my spirits. Your playing has inspired me and has pushed me to improve my abilities. I also took the lesson that you have so eloquently expressed over the years that one does not need to choose between classical music and rock, that one can do both. This is what I did. I continued my classical piano studies (to the relief of my parents) but also played rock.
    Please allow me to return to you some inspiration. My brother (the same chap who bought Hush) was diagnosed with cancer 13 years ago. He beat it and will celebrate his 60th birthday in 3 months. You can fight this and beat it. You have many dedicated, loyal fans the world over who are with you, behind you and rooting for you to beat this, get well and do what you love most – be a musician. And you are a MUSICIAN in every meaning and sense of the word.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your famliy. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon Maestro. I know you have much more to say and much more music to give the world
    with love from Alaska where the borealis dance about,

  379. Dear Jon,
    it is with great sadness that I have heard this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Since I was a teenager I’ve followed deep purple, I remember your concert in Udine in 1986, it was raining and you started the concert palying “Inno alla gioia”, I startetd to cry, and the emotion was enormous. I thank you to have followed with your music every stef of my life, now i’m 44 but I’ll love your music forever. Good luck Jon, we all are with you! God Bless!

  380. Hey Jon
    Time Flies On Strange Wings,But I’am Sure that you are the Winner in the Battle Against Cancer.More than 40 years I have Enjoyed your Music and I hope that the Past you give Power for the Future…
    Greetings from Leo (the Netherlands)

  381. I always thought of you as a good man and great musician Jon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May Allah touch you with mercy and peace.He knows you´ve been a positive influence in my ordinary life for the last 25 years since I first met your music back in Baghdad.


  382. Jon,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you…

    Thank you for the decades of inspiring music, you are one of the true greats!


  383. Dear Jon!

    2nd bottle of wine, 21st time of hearing “Sarabande” tonight – I cannot believe what I read. You stay with me since 25 years, I wish a lot more! We wish you all the best we can give, please get well as soon as possible! God very bless you! Lots of love from Berlin! …A.

  384. Jon,
    I have loved your music for 40 years – let the music give you strength to win through.

    John M – Leicester

  385. Get well soon Jon ! I’ve been a fan since i bought my first Purple album in 1974 (I was 14 then)

    With u in thoughts,

    Jan d’Hooge

  386. Jon you are the best pianist in the world. Te queremos mucho desde Lima Perú Mucha fuerza en tu lucha contra el cancer….

    God bless you!!!

    Jose Miguel Moran P.

  387. hello i´am joan i from argentina i wail your bad moment y will wait your feel better y love great music

  388. Mr. Lord, it is a sad information, but I hope it will never bring your spirpts down. I wish you a rapid recovery. You are the best!

    Andrew, Russia.

  389. Dear Jon
    We wish you lots of strength and musical inspirations, to carry you out of the tunnel into the light very soon. God bless you and your family.x

    Christina and Gunter Strähle, Germany

  390. For many years I have wanted to thank you for music that has been with me through important times of my life. I sit here late at night, having a glass of red wine, listening to your music and feel compelled to simply say thank you. You have moved me for so very long throughout my life, sometimes excitement, sometimes awe, sometimes to tears, but I feel a recognition in your music that all as it should be. It is so important to release more music from inside you…get well, I look forward to it.

  391. Джон , Вы мой кумир!!! Вы наверно первый кто соединил рок и классику! В основном благодаря Вам DEEP PURPLE моя самая любимая группа , хотя вклад остальных участников , особенно Блэкмора Гилмора и Пэйса неоспорим. Желаю Вам счастья , удачи , перебороть все Ваши болезни , в обшем здоровья !!!

    Jon, you are my idol! You are probably the first who combined rock and classical music! Thanks largely to your DEEP PURPLE is my favorite band, although the contribution of other participants, especially Blackmore Gilmour and Pace is undeniable. I wish you happiness, success, to overcome all of your illness in the general health!

  392. Dear Jon,
    hero of my youth , and still at 47..
    your Lazy intro boosted me with adrenaline to overcome my dips fighting oesophage & stomach cancer two years ago. I play it ever since on my way to work every day. The Osaka , the Phoenix or the Melbourne version
    I’ve now regained another joy of life , humbler and hopefully wiser after a long struggle where family and friends levered me to healing. I wish you a soon a painless but especially sustainable recovery !
    a Belgian Guy

  393. Dear Jon,

    I wish you lots of strength and luck for your treatment. You are the one person in rock music who has inspired me most. Your organ play is wonderful. Please come back soon with new strength and many new songs.

    Matthias Schorer, Munich – Germany

  394. Jon,

    This fight can be won with the energy of your soul, energy is the key, and you shared a lot with us trough your music.
    May this energy get back to you trough our words, now you need it.

    We are with you.
    Rino, Italy.

  395. Dear Mr.Lord,
    Thanks to you,since 30 years Purple is my favourite band.
    Thanks to you,I discovered Beethoven,Mozart,Bach,Bartok or Grieg.
    Please let me express my gratitude for the great gift you offered to us during all these years- your beautiful music and for the future musical gems you will enjoy us.
    I’m confident you will come back strong and healthy!And I’m sure I’ll shake your hand again, as I did after your marvelous Bucharest 2009 concerto.

    God Bless You,Maestro!

  396. Jon – Should you read this, please know that your music helped me through difficult times. I wish you the best, and give the disease hell many times over.
    Steve – in Texas

  397. Dear Mr. Lord,

    from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best, a quick reckovery and be back soon! You are of these figures of the music industry that instill inspiration and respect. All the best.


    Panos Fragkos

  398. Dear Jon you are a very gentleman, your sensibility is very special fantastic for all the people of the world, your music is simply fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    paolo silvestri.

  399. Dear Jon,
    I’m still impressed by your concert in Moscow this year. It was really wonderfull and I’ll never forget this magic and warmness, which were in the air this evening! Thank you so much for this beautiful moments! I was very upset, when i read, that you are ill. I believe, everything will be fine and you will get better! Your music gives strength to your fans, and their energy and love will give you the strength to defeat the disease! You are strong and you are not alone!
    Best wishes to you
    Oksana, Russia

  400. Dear Jon,
    My prayers go out to You. I hope the best for You. I have to tell you that I have been a fan of your work since the first time I heard You and Your Hammond on “Wring That Neck”. I did get to see You perform live during the “Perfect Strangers” Tour and once at The Texas Jam. Unforgetable performances! Again, I wish You the best Mr Lord. Sincerly, Gilbert Rivera, San Antonio, Tx.

  401. Dear Mr. Jon (Maestro).

    Here in Spain, all the people who enjoy your music (Then and Now), we wish You all the best.

    The music needs You 😉
    God Bless You.

    Ramon Rodriguez

  402. Mr. Lord, your music has enriched my life for many years, I send to you my best wishes and I will keep you in my prayers, while you are taking on the big C. May God bless you and keep you.

  403. Dear Jon,
    Without your music my life would not have been the same. They way you play, your tonality, the sound is all unique in a wonderful way. There are many great guitar players, drummers, singers etc – but there is truly only ONE Jon Lord.

    As soon as I hear your Hammond from the speakers – I quickly forget any troubles and just smile.

    Have seen you perform live with Deep Purple seven times since you got together again in ’84. Me and a friend went over from Sweden to see your two farewell gigs at the Hammersmith in London – a memory for life! Your performance have always been rock solid. A true professional.

    I wish You and your Family all the best and a quick recovery.

    Jan Söderholm
    Stockholm, Sweden

  404. Dear mr Lord, i hope that all this reactions help you a little to get better. I lost my wife a fiew monts ago, she din’t know that she had cancer. When the dokter saw it, she had only 2 monts left, i did take care of her in our own home. Now it is your beautiful music that gifs me straingt to carry on. Please know that your superb musicality is healing some of us. Id did inspire me to pick up playing again after 20 years. From the bottom of my heart: dear jon, keep om fighting. Love you Johan Beverloo, from the Netherlands

  405. Mr lord…the best musician in the world is you. I hope that you will be strong. I want to see you again…in France ! “Le festival du blues ” at Le Creusot, was the best concert i ever saw. ” Jon i love you”, it was me…forever in my heart Jon. The bigger fan from France… Pierre-Yves

  406. God bless you Jon, you are our true hero! Get well soon, remember, still lots of people need you here, to make our lives more wonderful. Best wishes: Judit from Budapest, Hungary

  407. i write from italy an i am a fan of you which are a very gentleman
    pray god for you great jon

  408. Dear Jon.

    I just want to you know, that Greenland loves you, and the way hammering your B3 Hammond organ.

    I need to you know that You are my greatest idol.

    I am sending my angels to You, they know you too 🙂

  409. Jon.
    Lamentablemente te iras de este mundo antes que yo…. sin embargo ya sufro tu partida.
    La musica tuya en Deep Purple le ha dado una salida al pozo en el que nos sentimos mis hermanos y yo cuando mi familia se quebró por una separación de nuestros padres.
    Solo deseo que no sufras el dolor que causa esa enfermedad y que sepas que el mundo entero te aprecia.
    Sorry if I can’t write all in English, that’s beause I’m shocked now reading this.
    My best from Argentina.
    Larga vida a DP, Jon Lord es historia!


  410. Dear Jon:
    All the strength to you to face this hard time. Your music is like fuel for my soul. All the best from the deep of my heart.
    Marcelo, Argentina.

  411. Dear Jon,

    you’re my favorite keyboard player!! i remember that my father introduce me to your music when i was pretty young, love all your works with deep purple and others projects too.
    hope you recover soon and i wish you the best i know you have the strenght to carrion

    God Bless You

    love & support from Mexico mxl

  412. Dear Jon,

    i saw you 1993 with Deep Purple in Kiel, Ostseehalle, three times in Hamburg and i saw you 2009 in Kiel, Schloss, Classic meets Rock.
    And I hope and wish to see you 2013 in Germany again!
    All the best for you, get well soon,
    Björn from Kiel, Germany

  413. Дорогой Джон!

    Ваша музыка звучит в моем сердце и не только потому что она неповторимая, неожиданная, сказочная. Она Звучит потому что она из глубин вашей души, характера, от вашего сердца. Вы и музыка это одно целое.

    Мне посчастливилось получить Ваш автограф после концерта в Петербурге (в декабре 2009). И как посчастливилось тем, кто с Вами рядом, разговаривает, играет… Об этом наверняка мечтают многие и я не исключение. Надеюсь на меня не обидятся, если я скажу от имени множества творческих людей мира, что ваше искусство дает новую жизнь и питает новое творчество!

    Гений Вашей музыки сотворен вашими руками, тяжелым трудом и жизненным опытом. Понимая это хочется хоть чем-то помочь! Но если этого сделать не удасться, то пусть Ваша музыка станет еще более божественной, сказочной и непредсказуемой, сотворение которой даст Вам новые силы и энергию в борьбе с болезнью. Чтоб Ваша будущая музыка радовала людей всего мира еще много-много лет!!!

    С самыми искренними пожеланиями наискорейшего выздоровления и крепкого здоровья!!!


    Dear Jon!

    Your music is in my heart and not just because it’s unique, unexpected and fantastic. It sounds because it’s out of the depths of your soul, character, and from your heart. You and the music are one.

    I was lucky enough to get your autograph after a concert in St. Petersburg (December 2009). And how fortunate those close to you, talks, plays … This was certainly the dream of many and I am no exception. I hope I do not take offense at, if I say on behalf of many creative people in the world, that your art gives new life and nurtures new work!

    The genius of your music is created by your hands, hard work and life experiences. Realizing it would be desirable to give us something to help! But if you do not succeed, then let your music becomes even more divine, fabulous, and unpredictable, the creation of which will give you new strength and energy to fighting the disease. To your future music to please people all over the world many, many years!

    With the most sincere wishes of fastest recovery and good health!

    St. Petersburg

  414. 30.10.2011

    Dear Mister J.Lord,
    Since I bought my first LP, that was “FIREBALL” of D.P in 1971 (I was 11 years old), you are and always will be the definitive N0.1 Keyboard / Organist Player in Rock Music for me! All your playing is and was so tastfully. I wish you so much strength and good luck for your health. You will beat the cancer.
    Wolfgang U. (Germany)

  415. Dear Jon!
    I was really confused, when I heard this terrible piece of news.
    I hope You’ll overcome this dreadful disease soon.
    Get well and come with your tour to Russia.
    I pray for You.
    Stepan, Moscow

  416. Caro Jon

    Te acompanho desde 1973. Você é um mestre, Com certeza irá se sair bem desta. Força meu amigo.
    E que Deus te ilunime.
    Gilberto – Basil.

  417. Dear Master Jon:

    Thank you master Jon for all the music you’ve given to the world and for the one upcoming in the future, as I’m sure you will give for much longer… your strength and faith will beat any obstacles on your way…
    God Blessings,

    Gerardo Barascout, Guatemala, Central America

  418. Dear John,

    We are astonished by the fact you have cancer. We hope for the best and hope that we will see you in health soon.

    Greetings from 5 fans from Holland to you,


  419. Dear John,

    words cant describe how much I wish for you, and all the others who suffer and fighting cancer, all the best and Gods bless.Hope that you will recover well.
    Love from Holland

  420. Querido John, : Desde Argentina, un fan de toda tu historia musical, te deseo que te recuperes pronto y que solo sea un mal recuerdo. No se como escribirte en inglés pero seguro alguien te traducirá este sentimiento. Con el corazón. Salud amigo.
    oscar, el Gaucho.

  421. Dear Mr. Jon.
    I’m very sorry to hear that you have cancer. Fight it with music and you’ll winn.

    A Purple fan in 40 years.

    best regards
    Darko Loncar / Denmark

  422. Dear Mister J.Lord,
    My first LP from Deep Purple was “FIREBALL” (1971, I was 11 years old). In the same year, I began to play Organ – you was my inspiration and you are it still at this moment. Best wishes from Switzerland. You will beat the cancer.
    Marcel W. (Switzerland, Bern

  423. Dear Jon! Your russian fans (and al of fans, I know!) with You!
    I know that You`ll be our dear guest again in our North-Western corner of Russia, like You did before!

    Greetings from fans of St.-Petersburg, Russia!


  424. Dear Mr. Jon Lord,

    My best wishes and thoughts are with you. May God give you good health and help you get through these terrible times.

    Your work is a main part of what is today my musical education, and also my personality.

    Get well, play again.

    Cristian, Bucharest

  425. I have been blessed to have your music in my life since the early 70’s. First records 8 track cassette now cd Peace be to you and fair winds at your back. jp

  426. When I was a kid you were at my 1st ever concert (Whitesnake). Since those early days your music has been with me my entire life – in particular your DP stuff. I was down the front for your farewell DP gig at Hammersmith and even went to some of your ‘sunflower’ gigs. You have made my life a better place, and I am praying for you in your hour of need.

  427. Уважаемый, Джон Дуглас Лорд!
    Слушаю Вас, с 1972года. В России многие знают великого Кудесника, покорителя “Хаммонда” и других клавишных, mr.Джона Лорда. Ваша Музыка – верх совершенства! Регулярно посещаю Ваш сайт.
    Да поможет Нам Бог, справиться с болезнью!
    Сегодня был в моём ПРАВОСЛАВНОМ Храме. Вспомнил ВАС. Ведь не зря –
    “…Купола в России покрывают чистым золотом – чтобы чаще Господь замечал.”©
    Здоровья и исполнения всего намеченного!!! – желаю я Вам.
    Думаю Вам, сейчас не помешат фортепианная музыка Шопена, в исполнении:
    Rachmaninoff plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

    С Уважением, Игорь из Санкт-Петербурга. 27.11.11г.
    P.S Хотелось бы, что бы моё сообщение было ПРАВИЛЬНО переведено на английский язык.

    Dear Jon Douglas Lord!
    I have listened to you since 1972. In Russia, many people know of you as the great magician, the conqueror of the Hammond and other keyboards, as mr. Dzhona Lord.
    Your music is the apex of perfection! I regularly visit your website.
    God help us to cope with this disease! Today I was at my orthodox church. I remembered you. Not in vain… “The Dome of Russia is covered with pure gold – that the Lord often noticed.” © Good health and performance to you! I wish I was you.
    Here is some piano music by Chopin, performed by Rachmaninoff – Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
    Sincerely, Igor from Saint Petersburg.

    P.S. I wish that my message would have been correctly translated into English.
    [I tried my best – with help from Google. /Rasmus]

  428. Dear Jon
    Maybe you don’t even know(but I’m sure you suspect it), that you’ve been our friend for years… this all started when my father was a young drummer boy and suddenly, by chance got to know YOU! That was a real miracle, you know, because in USSR communication with foreigners always seemed suspicious and never was welcomed. But you and my dad became such mutual friends that you spent countless, pleasant days together with other great musicians, having long talks generally about music and art(all of the neighbors were especially “happy”, because they heard this conversations too often, even in the middle of the night:) )…
    Then I was born and my dad introduced you to me and from that very moment my heart also filled with deep and very friendly love to you and we know that you love us too, you reveal it through your music which you send to us from far away, we feel it, as love and art have no borders, no distance, no time…
    Now you can imagine how keen was pain in our hearts and how sorry we felt when we found out that our dear friend is not being well now. So we send all our love and inspiration to you, as all of your other friends from around the world do! And this love will heal you, we are sure! The true believe does miracles! And we do believe that everything will be alright and we continue our long, interesting and so inspiriting talks through music…
    with love
    Margo (Meg Rock) and Michael (Georgia, Tbilisi)
    This is for you…

  429. Dear Jon

    I have never in my life written to a musician that I have not met but on hearing your news and your beautiful response to the messages of support you have recieved – in particular your faith in the innate goodness of the human spirit it would seem crazy not to do so now. I heard ‘Burntwood’ not long after it came out and since then your music has been a greater part of my life than I could describe verbally. Every good wish to you, your family and friends. If any musician has been able to somehow speak the value of love and life it is all there on your albums. May you and your loved ones continue to enjoy each others life and love for a very long time.

  430. Dear Mr. Jon Lord.
    We love you. We pray for your recovery and full health.
    You have lots of fans here in Iran.
    Take care.

  431. Dear Jon,

    When I learned of your illness I was devastated. You have been my musical and life inspiration since “Hush” first hit the airwaves. If not for your incredible talent on the Hammond organ that I wanted to try and emulate I probably would not have continued learning and playing. Please take comfort in knowing that my wife Vicki and I pray for your deliverance from this cancer every day and wait for your announcement that all is well with you. Faith and music are great healers in many ways. Your music is proof of that. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to your family that they can ride out this emotional storm.


    Mike and Victoria Etter

  432. Estimado Jon:

    Estoy consternado por tu terrible enfermedad, desde España, te envío mis mejores deseos para tu pronta recuperación. Tuve la fortuna de verte en el concierto de Deep Purple, en Madrid en julio de 1985, y nunca lo olvidaré. Eres el teclista más importante del rock and roll, inigulable, un fuera de serie. Mientras escribo estoy escuchando el fantástico DVd del concierto en Melbourne en 1999, estuviste insuperable, me encanta la versión de LAZY. Gracias por tu música.

    Un abrazo

  433. Dear Jon,

    let me whish you an your family all the best for the cure of your illness, i have been a great fan of all sides of your music since i was twelve. You are a true wizzard, a gentleman and music wouldn`t have been what it is for me and the world without you.


    Stefan from Germany

  434. coraggio Maestro, non possiamo fare a meno della tua musica sublime.
    un abbraccio.
    Vittorio from Italy

  435. Jon,

    I am a keyboard player who joined my first band in 1967, at the age of 14. That was just the right age to be around for the shift from combo organs to Hammond. You were one of my earliest and biggest influences for my approach to the organ. Your fantastic chops have always been tempered with a great sense of purpose and conciseness when you solo.

    Sincere best wishes and good karma to you and your family as you face this challenge!

  436. My dear old stroller,
    I was thinking about you, wishing and hoping and praying, and came to this page. What a marvellous outpouring of feeling. You are the musician I would like to have been and such a valued friend. When you walk out on a stage again I hope I’m somewhere in the ensemble with my duck call and rubber chicken. There’s still fun to be had.
    Love from Mecky, Steff and Petelein

  437. Dear Mr. Lord,
    I had been looking forward so much to sharing the same stage with one of my keyboard idols from my earliest years as a musician, opening up the show for the Jon Lord Blues Project at the Kaiserslautern Blues Festival on Sept. 30th. I was very sad to hear that you had to cancel the show for the reason you had. I wish you all the best in your fight for health, and I hope there will be a second chance to meet you. Sincerely, Wolfgang Dobner, Savannah Blues Band.

  438. Dear dear Jon,

    I really hope you recover soon. You’ve been a great influence and role model in my musical life. Maybe strange since I’m a bass player, but you where the reason I started listen to Deep Purple when I was young.

    Take care of yourself and your family and I’ll see you down the road on some fantastic concert on whatever project that will be 🙂

    Cheers from Gothenburg, Sweden

  439. Estimado Jon:

    Te deseo fuerza y ánimo para afrontar esta nueva etapa de tu vida. Que el cariño y la admiración que sentimos por ti te ayuden en esa etapa. Eres grande hermano.

    Un saludo desde España

  440. Ciao Jon
    sono sicuro che riuscirai con la tua tenacia a combattere tutto.
    Che Dio ti benedica ,il mio desiderio una volta guarito vederti solo per una sera coni tuoi amici di sempre in un palco .
    Sono sicuro che sarà il palco della tua rinascita.
    Un abbraccio pieno di affetto e amore .

  441. Hope you get well soon. You are my mentor that I never met, I raised up listening to Deep Purple and being a keyboardist always focus on your playing style and the way I play music now (although I’m not a pro) is naturally impacted by you. Although I live in Iraq where hard rock is not well appreciated but a lot of fans there, we used to play DP there for years. fight hard and get back with more great music.

  442. May the Lord Jesus heal you Jon. I have for 35 years yearned to hear you with the God-given talent performing and still wonder if there has been anyone of your caliber. As a Zimbabwean I have not shared the joy of watching you live locally but your music captivated the mind sufficiently to replicate whatever live performance could have provided.

    Thank you. And get well soon.

  443. Hi Jon, Just reading the news about Purple coming to Canada in 2012, I then checked your website – to see if your again in the line-up, as the Blackmore/Lord tandem was always quite musically special. I will therefore pass on this 2012 show, as I was there at a 1985 reunion show. Sorry to hear you are under the weather.
    It does strike us all, which makes every day so rewarding, and appreciative. Get through your treatment well, and always keep your chin-up. Above all, give a nudge and a wink to the other people in C.C. – who are worse off (and younger) than yourself. Best of Health, Bob, Manitoba, Canada. –
    P.S. When you get well again, invite RB over for an apple jam. Life is short. Hey, I just heard the (original) Black Sabbath are jamming again, and working on a 2012 album/tour.
    Best Wishes!!

  444. Dear Jon,

    My prayers are with you. I am sure you will heal soon. Greetings from Tehran, Iran. PS: I will never forget the time I met you after the Budapest concert last year.

  445. Dear Jon,
    I hope you will get well. You are in my heart!

    I saw a pearl of wisdom
    in the spirit of a man
    as he saved
    the day he lost.

    Time will say I told you so
    if we look back in regret.
    Never give a day away.
    It won’t return the same again.

    Nothing can last
    there are no second chances.
    Never give a day away.
    Always live for today.
    (Andy Latimer)

  446. Thanks for sharing this, even though it’s very sad news.
    God bless you and your family, I hope you get well soon. Our prayes and wishes with you…

    Loves from Istanbul, Turkey.


  447. God bless you Sir(!) Jon – may you have a VERY Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and, above all, HEALTHY New Year! With very best wishes from John and Martina who had the VERY great pleasure of
    meeting you after the 40th Anniversary of the magnificent ‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra’ in Dublin. Jon Lord – LEGEND! \m/

  448. Dear Mr.Lord
    I was lucky enough to see you twice in Italy and I hope to see you again soon. I want to tell you only what you are immense. I will never cease to thank you. My Best wishes teacher

  449. Dear Jon: I’m from Argentina and I’ve been enjoying your art for years now. Deep Purple, solo projects… truly everything you’ve done in the past and for sure everything you’ll come up with in the future. So we’re all with you come rain or shine. I’m really looking forward to seeing you down here in Argentina, in the mean time i’ll be wishing you well and listening your records.

    Happy New Year and all the best !


  450. We wish you victory and successful recovery,new music from you and to see you on stage soon.

    Edin,Bosnia Hercegovina

  451. Дорогой Маэстро Джон Лорд!
    Я с детства знаю и очень люблю Ваше музыкальное творчество. Всегда восхищаюсь Вашим выдающимся исполнительским мастерством блестящего музыканта-новатора. Вашими поклонниками являются миллионы людей разных возрастов и поколений во всём мире. Вы – очень талантливый, мужественный и красивый человек.
    Меня буквально шокировало известие о Вашей болезни. Но я уверена, что Вы обязательно ПОБЕДИТЕ злой недуг и ТРИУМФАЛЬНО возвратитесь на сцену.
    Поздравляю Вас с наступившим Новым 2012 годом! Желаю Вам скорейшего выздоровления!
    Да хранит Вас Господь и всенародная любовь.
    С низким поклоном и глубоким уважением,
    Каринэ Маглочян,
    Украина, Кривой Рог.

  452. all the best for your recovery Jon……and a huge thanks for all the hours of aural enjoyment you have helped create so far….!
    Pete Bonnalie

  453. Espero que este año empieces con toda la energía y recuperado.
    Tienes un rival difícil pero que poniendo todo se lo vence.
    Espero te recuperes y pases un año excelente con tu familia y talvéz tengamos tus fans algún que otra obra musical nueva para escuchar este año, no creo que pueda verte en el escenario pues yo vivo en Uruguay y difícil que vengas por estos lados.
    Fuerza y un beso

    Leonardo from Uruguay

  454. The man, the myth, the master that is Jon Lord! Saddened to hear such horrendous news. The man that introduced me to the Hammond organ! Keep writing, keep rocking, keep playing! Get well soon.


  455. I’ve been listening to you since I was a very young girl. 21 years old today and still you can set me on fire. I wish you a complete recovery, Jon.

    Karine Carvas, São Paulo, Brasil.

  456. Arriba Jon!!!!
    Tu genio y fortaleza pueden superar cualquier cosa!!
    Necesitamos pronto de tu música.
    Un abrazo.
    Carlos de Montevideo, Uruguay.

  457. Estimado Jon:
    desde los 70 que te admiro e intento emularte (muy lejos de tu nivel) cuando me siento al órgano…
    Ví a Deep Purple cuando vino a Montevideo por única vez, y tú ya no estabas.
    Así que, cuando estés nuevamente en actividad (que seguramente será pronto) me propongo ir a Europa par verte en vivo.
    Desde Uruguay, deseo tu pronta recuperación.

  458. Hi! I am from Brazil.

    You have founded Hard Rock and your music was like a huge punch in our stomachs.
    I feel the pain until now… 🙂 I never had the honor of seeing you perform – but I would like to drop a note cuz I just found out about these troubling news.

    Jon. I am very thankful for your music.
    I am very thankful for the jolt of life you gave me.
    Your notes come across my ears almost daily discharging this electricity down my spine and through my veins.

    Thou art a strong man – you played w Ritchie for decades! LOL
    Just kidding – he is awesome!
    (never met him lol)

    Anyway – be cool and be strong – we wanna see doing Royal Albert again. Well I most probably won’t be there, but your friends will 🙂 So I’ll buy the DVD, dance w my/a girl and smile! Oh, and don’t forget to invite Jerry Lee and Stevland, too!

    Mr Jon Lord – you are awesome. You call yourself a musician. You touch people’s hearts and souls – for generations – the very least you are is a pretty fkn epic artist!

    Don’t stop being awesome – get this shit done – and get back to your music in peace.

    Lotsa luv from São Paulo,

  459. Words cannot express my shock at coming across this news today. I can only hope and pray that your treatment is going well and that you are on the road to a full recovery. Your music is part of the fabric of my life, along with a few other ‘special’ musicians. In the words of one of my favourite songs, I sincerely hope that ‘The sun will shine again’. With my humble respect and kindest regards, David. (ex Strawbs merchandising team).

  460. Jon !
    This is curtis richards you most certainly brought to the keyboard in absolute.
    Where do i begin ? It was you jon lord , keith emerson and rick wakeman at the time, they had a more classical sound which you also possess but the why a major difference with a bored out hopped up slightly distorted hammond organ and(wait for it wait for itttt) ring modulator !!!!! Yes!!! You reached the promise land ! With that hammond organ and its volume/gas pedal and ring modulator you brought and came and it with such unbridled but still somehow controled sheer balls and steam on it like a harnest nuclear accident while phraseing the ring modulator to make sence extremly dificult because the nature and sound of a modulator is always somewhat off key truely an amazing feet nancy boy was nowhere to be found and just like jimi hendrix you made it make sence you taught me and the rest of the meaning of cut wrenching uplifting balls and steam that could only be from on high from the all mighty himself jon “you done good lad” my guitar playing is infuenced by it as i am. And like hendrix no one but no one has been able to approch your thrown and thats what they other keyboard players lacked or just didnt have even though they were great players you,, yes you were and are the special one we bow as we are humbled,,,, for you are and will always be “jon the lord of rock keyboards ” very sinserely to you and the rest of the world and to god ,,,,,and i wont forget it ever ,,,with much love and thank you jon god willing dont stop,,,,curtis richards

  461. This is curtis richards not withstanding my type o,s sorry that was gut wrenching not cut wrenching and others in the above comment
    Jon you are the jimi hendrix of keyboards that is to say what jimi brought to guitar you brought that to the keyboard without copying anyone in a totaly original and innovative way jon you are the jimi hendrix of keyboards and for so many reasons

  462. Dear Jon,

    I´m currently reading a book, a biographie of Deep Purple and decidet to have a look on your webside.
    I´m so sad to that you are illI listen to your music since the seventies
    and i also whish you a total recovery!!!

    My prayers are whith you
    Renate, Germany

  463. Querido Jon, no habra fuerza que sea capaz de derrotar a tan gran musico y mejor persona que usted es,. No tema, esta sera solo una prueba la cual saldra victorioso. La mejor forma de transmitir mi agradecimiento es seguir escuchado todo lo hecho por usted, cosa que hago desde mi infancia, Es usted entonces parte de mi familia. parte de mi formacion y parte de mi presente. Sepa Usted señor que como un gran musico amigo me dijo, Deep Purple dejo de ser Deep Purple no cuando se fue Blackmore, sino cuando se fue Lord, y asi lo siento. Querido Jon lo siento a usted como un gran amigo, y desde aqui le enviare todas mis fuerzas para una pronta recuperacion. Diego, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  464. Jon,

    I hope you get better has soon as possible. My name is, Nelson Sousa and I am a big fan of yours from Portugal.

    I’m also a musician (amateur). I play the keyboards with my band Morbidick / Rock ‘n’ Road since 1995, and I have to thank all to you. All the knowledge that I’ve acquired playing the keyboards was by listening your records and movies. For me you’re the best Hammond player ever, and an extraordinary musician/ composer.

    You will get better soon, and I hope to see you on a performance in my country as soon as possible.

    The first time I saw you in a live concert was in the Deep Purple’s A.Band.On tour, on the Lisbon Coliseum. I had 17 years old. You were my biggest idol then, since that concert, I’m also you’re biggest fan (I hope).

    All of us that are your fans are counting on you to get better.

    Best Regards and please get better,
    Nelson Sousa

  465. Dear Jon

    When I was an 18 year old keyboard player in a Dutch Coverband our singer came up with Hush by DP. I was amazed to hear your technique of playing this percussive rhythm on the Hammond. It was a totally new approach of playing an organ. And maybe the very beginning of your famous “Rhythm Organ Playing” which you have perfected to the limit over the later years with DP MkII. I tried to copy you on my Hohner Symphonic31 (!) cheesy organ, but it didn’t work out very well as this bloody thing did not have percussion on it(…..). Anyway, this was back in 1968. Later I learned that you started on a Lowrey Home Organ as well which isn’t exactly the sexiest organ. One of my first LP’s was Deep Purple in Rock and Fireball. Of course I picked up Machine Head and WDWTWA later. I never imagined to play DP’s music with my own band(s) not only because of the organ, but also because of the singing. Mr. Gill(i)an was not easy to cover at all….. Anyway, many years and bands later I found myself in Switzerland and what the heck… in a DP cover Band called Lies. We started playing your music and eventually became a DP Tribute Band just when you decided to leave DP. That was 2002. I played in this band for over 4 years and my successor was Urs Unternährer, a man who had the pleasure to meet you personally in Zermatt. Two bands later I’m playing in a nice little blues formation called Blues West. All I ever tought myself on the organ was in a way influenced by you. I dig Keith and Rick and of course the honorable Mr. Brian Auger a lot. Don Airey is a fantastic organ player and he does well in Purple, but for me you are simply the best and most interesting rock organ player of all times and I’m still trying to follow your footsteps as far as possible. I was very shocked to hear that you put all your concerts on hold because of your serious desease. I heard it from my former Lies Deep Purple Tribute band mate, the singer/guitar player, who told me that on a gig I played in December 2011.
    Although we have never met, I am thinking of you a lot and I am hoping and praying that you will win the battle against cancer and give us the pleasure of many musical highlights in future
    God bless you Jon. I wish you and your family all the strength in the world.
    Best regards from Pianopete Puister from Holland, now in Lucerne Switzerland.

  466. Dear Mr. Lord!

    Sir, last year I had an honour to see you live performance and listen to your music in the Concert Hall in Krasnodar. It was one of the most perfect and fantastic concerts I’ve ever seen. I’m happy and proud that I had that unique opportunity. Thank you for that, sir! My only wish is that you have strength and health to give such an opportunity to many other people.
    Get well, and may the Force be with you always!

    Sincerely yours,
    Pavel Kondrashov!

  467. Hello.I,m very saddened & hurt to hear about Mr. Jon Lord,s recent battle with this horible disease.My thoughts & prayers are with You,Your Family & Friends.Nip it right in the butt Jon.I know you will beat this.The music world needs you.All the best to you.

  468. Dear Mr Lord,

    I’ve never seen you on stage but have listened to your music for a couple of years already. I love your works, especially the meaningful Pictured Within piece. It is quite seldom nowadays to have such moving words.
    I read this sad new lately and I want to tell you my support to you and to your family. Thank you for your talent. May you be healed soon.

    All the best,


  469. Just wondering if there is an update on the proposed biography?

    Also any information on early Redd Bludds Bluesicians and early Art Wood Comb or any of the information and recordings etc that I have sent to you. Thanks Jon.

  470. Dear Jon, Thank you for your life’s work of music, you are a true inspiration, thank you for all your love that you give to us!
    Your music has been with me and it will be always be!
    You will always have a special place in my heart!
    Thank you so much for everything!
    All Love and God Bless to you!
    Take care Jon!

  471. Hi Jon, I hope you get well soon and be on stage sooner, your music is paramount and we are all looking forward for your return and make a strong comeback after your fully cured!!

    With all our wishes good luck!!


  472. Jon, I want you know that you have influenced my Hammond playing for over 40 years of true inspiration.

    For years, I lost many great friends to cancer, but that has changed. More and more of my friends are conquering the disease in the past decade. Your spirit and courage will see you through, brother.

    You are in thoughts and prayers.

  473. Hi Jon,

    Keep up the good fight. I can identify with your plight. I fought this horrendous disease 2 years ago and won. It was a hard fight but worth it in the end. Helps with good support from family and friends.

    Love your music,

  474. Hi Jon,
    my life would never be the same without your wonderful music.
    Thanks so much for the fabulous music you’ve been doing all these years.
    I make you my best wishes for an immediate and complete recovery.
    Come back soon: the world needs brilliant minds like yours.
    Thank you so much

  475. Dear Jon,my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you at this difficult time. I recently heard from Grant that sang the concerto with you in Edinburgh that you are doing well – I do hope that is the case. I have had the privilege of seeing you perform many times, and as a Hammond player (that shares your occasional tech Tiny) have found much inspiration from your work both in Purple and beyond, and have very much enjoyed the few brief meetings we have had over the years. As Jimmy was to you, you are to me (along with Jimmy of course)! I can’t wait to see you on stage again – perhaps at the Sunflower Jam once more? In the meantime, me and the boys up here in Edinburgh will be playing our hearts out with you foremost in our minds as we cover many of your great songs! With very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Dom

  476. Hi Jon,
    Just found out about the bad news you have had I am hopeful that you will beat this dreaded thing .If you do read this message it is from a very old friend from the old days when we grew up together and were always in each others house (when we could drag you away from playing the piano in the front room)I am wishing you all the very best
    Kevin Crofts

  477. Recupera’t ben aviat, Jon.
    Ens calen músics com tu davant tot allò que ens fan sentir.
    Força Jon!

  478. Hi Jon!

    Please know that I’m thinking about your health every day! Some conditions suck! (sorry for my vocabulary) Hope to see you at the other end of the line! Good luck in Israel (if rumours are true)!


  479. dear jon been a big fan of you and dp since the book of taliesyn (long time ago) keep fighting god bless you your in my prayers , alan

  480. Dear Jon,

    I intended already several years ago to write you a few words after the amazing and brilliant concert I assisted with my wife at ‘La Philharmonie’ in Luxembourg on September 13 2008. Now I do it, finally.

    Your music accompanies me already since my adolescence and the first live concert of Deep Purple I saw was in Luxembourg on a soccer field in 1971 at the age of just 17.

    Since then I saw some more concerts of Deep Purple and the last was 2006 in Trier – Germany, where I was with my son, just before his own 17th birthday. (myself 52 at that moment). Great, isn’t!! But unfortunately you were no more member of the band at that time.

    I was already impressed in my early youth by your compositions for group and orchestra. I miss actually that the fantastic ‘April’ is no more performed anymore. I’m sure that many fans would appreciate. But first you have to fight now in another battle. Therefore I wish you sincerely to get your health under control so that you will be able to progress furtheron in your creativity like before.

    God bless you, dear Jon; good luck,

    Ernest from Luxembourg

  481. Living in Greece and not belonging to those who got rich on Europe’s money I could never watch you perform, but for more than 30 years I cherished the concert for band and orchestra on my old tape recorder and kept the recorder and the amplifier always in good shape to never lose it.
    Please get well soon and take your time with your family, I’m sure only blessing will come out of it, and more divine music for us to share thanks to the internet.
    Thank you and I will keep you in my prayers,
    Hiltrud Hartmann

  482. Dear Sir,
    I saw you in Bucharest.Fantastic, as it was a dream from my youngness to see you in concert.Take care of you and follow the treatment, as I know the disease can be treated.I’m working in the field and hope to do all you can to support the treatment.Good luck to you and thanks for your music during the years.Kind regards,Sorin

  483. I wish you all the best my dear. Looking forward to hear great good news about your health very soon. All my best wishes,


  484. Dear Jon,

    Well, what can I say… First, Ronnie a couple of years ago, then the news that Toni Iommi was also fighting cancer, and now you… It’s been a blow, honestly, I had no idea.

    To say that you are my favourite keyboard player of all times is to fail the mark by a million light years: as far as I am concerned, it has always been you first and then… who cares… Also, Deep Purple has always been my favourite band ever. I sure do enjoy listening to other bands, but every time I return to DP I find still a new nuance, a new detail, a new wonder. And your solo projects are a wonder to enjoy. All my strength to you, Jon. I am sure you will overcome your illness and that we will have you again composing and playing live.

    All the best to you and to your family,


  485. Dear Sir,
    I hope he recovers soon and have the pleasure to meet you some day … God bless you,
    Joseph From Argentine

  486. Dear Jon!

    I wish You a really happy birthday from Budapest! Hope to hear a lot from you in the future, and we’d like to see you in Hungary.

    God bless you!

  487. Dear Jon,
    All the best, wishing you a fast return to full health,
    Ian Kimmet (Woodstock) XXXX

  488. Jon,
    You’re a true genius and one of musics great originals.Your Hammond/Marshall sonic innovation helped power and change the sound of rock music forever.Your composition will always move people down to their proverbial boot heels.Keep creating whatever you dare to imagine! Everyone who has been inspired by your influence stands by you as a true gentleman. God love you.Together we’ll come through this and you’ll rock the world for many many years to come.

  489. Jon I remember booking you twice when you were with the Artwoods and you played in Brighton, good times, what memories get well soon

  490. Que hermosa banda se esta formando en el cielo…… faltaba un buen tecladista….te ahi se lo llevo Dios… buen via