Jon: Your responses have touched my heart

A personal message to you from Jon:

Just a quick line or two from an absolutely overwhelmed, gratified and humbled musician.

Your responses to the news of my condition have touched my heart in a way that has truly helped to make my life a better place to be than it had occasionally threatened to become these last few weeks.

Your wonderful messages wishing me strength and courage have given me even more strength and courage – and so much more than you can ever know.

I read many of them with tears in my eyes, grateful for this cast-iron proof of the innate goodness of the human being, and grateful to every single one of you for your invaluable support.

This message goes out too to all the similarly wonderful folk on other websites whose support has been equally warm and strong and I want you all to know how greatly heartened and comforted I am by all this.

The treatment continues and I am confident and being supported by my glorious family and an amazing group of friends.

See you soon.

God bless

Photo: Florida, March 1994 by Ram Samudrala


226 thoughts on “Jon: Your responses have touched my heart

  1. We are just giving something back- your music has touched our hearts for such a long time… Thanks, Jon, God bless you!

  2. Wonderful to hear from you! My thoughts are always with you Mr. Lord. Get well soon
    God bless

  3. Ironically a former Lead guitarist of mine in Funky Claude a St. Louis based DP tribute band has come down with cancer also and is in the hospital . Here’s hoping you and Casey Blick a speedy and full recovery

    Denis Wier

  4. I started ti play keyboards 20 yars ago, after listening to a Deep Purple record. Now I’m nearly 40 years old and if there is something in my life that I will never give up is music and my keyboards. I can’t have enough money for a real Hammond, but I love that instrument. Thanks to you Jon.

    Do not give up, never.

  5. Thank you john

    Your answer to our message goes straight to my heart too and i’m so touched that tears are also in my eyes. HOPE and FAITH are in my heart too for you and i’m sure we’ll shake hand one day in a backstage after you recovery .
    Love from me and all my Family
    Frederic from France

  6. Thank you so much for this heartfelt message. It means so much to all of us to know that what little we can give to you now may really help in a way. It’s such a joy just to hear from you, I can’t truly express it with mere words. Thank you and stay strong. Praying for you every night and day. God bless you.

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  8. Big man – tough for a 47 year old guy to fess up and say I love you dude. Keep the leslie’s spinning and the ivories on fire. Wee dram for you in Lanark anytime your in bonnie Scotland.

  9. You have given us so much through your music over the decades. Some of the early DP stuff from the late 60’s still sends me a shiver down the neck. It’s us who shall say thank you and provide our help the best way we can. Through our love and admiration for the music you have made and particifated through out the years!

    Thank you, get well soon!

  10. Jon ti sono vicino in questo delicato momento come la tua musica mi è stata vicina e compagna per tanti anni. Auguri e a presto


  11. Oh Jon, don’t thank us! We owe you so much! We will never be able to give you back what you give and gave us with your music, your wit, your love for us, your fans, friends! So just be aware that all of us are waiting to have you back soon where you belong to: the stage. For your familiy I wish to get the loving husband and father back in good health. We can wait and will wait for you, praying for and thinking of you. Love, Lilo

  12. Thanks for your reply, Jon. When I read your first post, I was totally speechless. Even on Facebook I wrote that life is unfair. Why always with good and very interesting people while others …. you can think what I would like to write here …. Sending you messages is the only thing we can do so far to support you as much as we can.

    I have not had the chance to see you live on stage but still enjoy your time with Purple and even more now with your solo projects. You were and still are my mental Hammond teacher. That’s the reason I purchased a second hand in very good condition B-3000. So sorry it’s not a B-3 or C-3 but better having this B-3000 than none. Besides I also own a L-100 portable, also because of you.

    Jon, all I can say is …. fight fight fight as hard as you can. Don’t let it take part of you in any ways. All my thoughts are with you, everyday. I hope to ever see (or meet) you once in my life.

    I wish all the strength, a very good and full recovery.

    God bless you.


  13. Have faith Jon. My whole family are praying for you and all at our church. my son is battling cancer to , I know the anguish it can bring.God bless you Jon ……Peace and Love…..JJP

  14. Never give up hope. I lost my beloved Mum to cancer just over a week ago. She fought right to the end, even though she knew her condition was untreatable. She was dignified and funny throughout. We never gave up hope either. Wishing you continued strength and love. X

  15. Thank you Jon
    You are well worth it. Your music has touched me more than I can tell. And meeting with you in Nuthurst and Essen has given me so much. I hope I can give at least something back to you.
    Get well soon.
    Bo Olsson, Sweden.

  16. Master, I pray for your health and know it’s just a matter of time to meet you again playing the music the way only you can do…
    Your true fan,

  17. Get well soon Jon and I hope and pray you have a speedy recovery!!! Your music is just amazing and brilliant!!! Thank you for the music and God bless you!!! You’re the best!!! Cheers!!!

  18. Wishing you all the strength you need to enjoy a full and speedy recovery. Your Kharma is strong. You’ve given so much to others with your gift of music. It is only right for you to receive back blessings at a time of need.

  19. I’ll repeat what Schmiddi said: “We are just giving something back- your music has touched our hearts for such a long time… Thanks, Jon, God bless you!”

    Big hug from Heloisa, a cancer survivor since 2004.

  20. So glad you feel all the love and support in every way and faith possible from people that admire respect and care for you. It is a strong and powerful energy that heals the soul and the mind. We believe you will be around for a lot longer to share your wonderful music with us. Love Raffy Favretti, Sydney.

  21. Dear Jon! On May 2009, I realized my biggest dream: I saw you performing at Virada Cultural in Brazil and I wished someday I could meet you as a fan… At that time I was a jewelry designer… A couple of months later I quitted everything and I became a Producer, working on internacional concerts… I’ve worked on Virada Cultural in 2010 and 2011 and now my biggest dream is to work with you someday, so how we say in Brazil: “Fique bem logo, amigo!” (get well soon, friend!)… Cheers!

  22. Bueno desde ya les pido disculpas ya que no puedo responder en vuestro idioma , yo soy un simple pianista y organista de la banda Prisioneros del Tiempo , inspirada en la musica de Purple , es mas don Jon es mi fuente de inspiracion y por supuesto que he aprendido todos sus solos y su influencia fue una de las razones principales que me hizo decidir por recalar en los teclados habiendo comensado como guitarrista en mi infancia, Jon es para mi un profesor a la distancia , a quien sigo desde hace decadas para seguir tomando”clases” de teclado,y, mi respeto y admiracion no solo tienen que ver con la musica rock sino tambien con su creativa incursion en el plano clasico y orquestal,no lo conzco personalmente pero no creo equivocarme en cuanto a mi juicio de que es una persona de bien e invoco a Dios Todopoderoso que es el que le ha dado el don tan fabuloso que posee para que nos siga guiando mucho tiempo mas en el sendero de la musica como un faro a los que de atreven a navegar en aguas turbulentas.-Fabian Allaltune

  23. I wish you a speedy recovery,health and happiness. There is so much more incredible music left in you the world would be a poorer place without. Much love and thanks for your exeptional talent! x x x x

  24. Dear Maestro,

    I knew you from Whitesnake and later discovered Deep Purple. Had the pleasure of seeing you live twice in Sao Paulo. I’m a huge fan of you and your work. Wish you the best!


  25. This is the least I can do for all the good moments you’ve given me with your music: God bless you John. You are in my heart and my prayers.
    Love from Mexico

  26. Jon not only have you made your mark on all who have followed you
    throughout the years, I have battled trying to become as best as I could
    for 56 years and the last six have been great being a celiac I could
    not do the things you did on the keys without concentration issues. Now that I’ve conquered my condition I’m loving my band situation and succeeding and having watch and hear you over the years has been a
    god send. and I’m greatfull for that and treat you like a mentor. I also play
    pipe organ. You’ll conquer this especially with the fan base you have and
    you will pull through it.May God Bless you and keep you Jon! Jimmy

  27. Jon, God bless you and all who are close to you. You are responsible for my love of Rock Music. Thank you. I wish you a speedy recovery, my thoughts are with you always.

  28. Get well soon. My Dad beat cancer this year – he’s 81. There are miracles – hope you get your share. Best wishes,

    Steve (Melbourne Australia)

  29. Hello Jon, good to hear you’re in good spirits. I wish you all the best in beating cancer as quickly as possible. Thank you for all the great music over the years. Your playing is untouchable in the realm of rock n’ roll! Let’s see to a longer, healthy life once this illness is over. Stay positive and stay strong!

    – John (Atlanta, GA – USA)

  30. Dear Jon,

    I (and many others) are praying for your swift recovery. I have met you on several occasions. You always have time to answer the fans questions and are a true gentleman and a terrific ambassador for the music industry and the Deep Purple family.

    It is good to see that you are taking heart form the messages of support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

  31. Jon, you have been an inspiration to me ever since I first heard Deep Purple. I actually had the chance to play live with Ian Gillan the last time he toured Canada. Please get well quickly Jon, for all your family and fans,and because I still hope to have the honour of meeting you one day. Godspeed.

  32. Your intro to “Perfect Strangers” is my ringtone. A speedy and complete recovery to you!

  33. Dear Jon,

    Keep fighting mate, your music has changed my life. I met you last year in Liverpool and you are such a special guy. They say never meet your idols as they never live up to your expectations but you surpassed them. You are a great talent and I wish you all the best mate x

  34. …all these words have touched your heart as your music has always touched our hearts!
    I am looking forward to your speedy recovery.

  35. Dear John
    I grew up with your music and I’m still with it now some 30 years later
    I had the chance in meeting you in Luxembourg at the Conservatoire the Musique for the Pictured Within Tour in 1998 if I remember well.
    You were so kind to sign my Booklet of the Made in Japan 25th Anniversary Edition, the Tourposter and I’d also gotten a picture from both of us.
    What a wonderful day this was to me, meeting a lovely person and a real gentleman.
    I wish you all the power and strength to fight against this disease and may the recovery be very quick.
    My warmest thoughts to you and your family

  36. May God give you strength and power to cope with your health problem and get over with it the soonest possible!
    May our admiration and love over the years continue for many more-as you still have so much to offer!
    Thank you for your great contribution- music whould have been much poorer without you!
    Stay blessed! It’s just another difficulty!
    We are praying for you!
    Love and tranquility!

  37. WAIT a WHILE before YOU go…..( how beautiful these lyrics come into place).. please use all these well meant support from your fans, friends and family ( the big 3F) to surprise the (music) world with your astonishing talent and love for music and people. A humble gentleman you are, which impresses us all. Get well soon Big Great man.

  38. Dear Jon,
    For the last 40 years or so, your electric piano/organ solo on “No, No, No’ has been one of the best short-burst therapies I have often resorted to…and, together with Roger Glover’s perfect bass groove, it has always amazingly lifted me up. I play it often to my younger late-20’s early 30’s friends and the response is almost always “wow – real music!”. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I guess I wouldn’t be exaggerating in saying that your steamy Hammond notes rocked mty life !

  39. Dear Jon,

    I only read now about your health problem and the various great reactions to support you. I am 44 years now and started to follow you with DP In Rock, some 30 years ago. Like the many people here, your music has given me tremendous pleasure (and will do so for the future). It is so great to read how many people from different ages on this globe share like me the same admiration for you and your music!! I truly hope you overcome totally and quickly and that you will be enabled in best delays to perform again!! All the best to my old time Hammon-hero and his family.

  40. Life is about human relationships, how we interact with one another. It’s all about the love. You have spred the love Jon, en’joy’ the love coming back to you.
    Peace and love brother from new Zealand (the land of your 1st number one hit!), rock on!

  41. Hope you’ll find strength in the music as it did for me, know what you have to go through….get well!

    a DP/ Jon Lord fan

  42. All the best for you, dear Jon.
    I remember some great DEEP PURPLE shows and your statements on the “Machine Head Classic Album”-DVD.
    And I love your solo-performance with Jimmy Barnes in Australia.

    Rock On, Axel

  43. Dear Jon,

    your music lives in me everyday. It has been a huge part of my life since my childhood.
    I send you all my love and best wishes.

    Greetings from France

  44. Dear Jon, It was great seeing, chatting and having a laugh with you at the Sunflower Jam. I was, therefore, very shocked to hear your news via Gilly. You’re a kind and sincere man and with all the positive vibes flowing your way you will beat that demon for sure. My love to you and the family. Thinking of you all. Love Jan xx (friend of the Glovers)

  45. Dear Jon (nusican/idol of my life),
    I have to confess that I was very, very sad and I`m still afraid as I had to read this bad news from you. But, let me tell you that a good girlfriend of mine has been completely cured from cancer this year – and this message might give you power, patience and confidence (so I do hope)!
    Sometimes God seams to give/send us tasks, witch we can`t intefrate into our daily life, and so I will enclose you into my “good-night-prayers”, and ask the holy ghost to cure and save you.

    Some sentences about myself – so you`ll may have an idea, from whom these sentences are: I`m from germany, about 41 y.o. and in 1984 the Love of my life announced me to the great music of D.P. But from the very beginning I was fascinated by and focused on YOUR classical influences and I thank God, that you have decided to continue your Solo career. Once in 1988 we met in my hometown “Bremen” after the show for two or three seconds and I told you “thank you for “Windows” and “Gemini Suite” “ – and since that night it`s one of my lifelong dreams to have the honour to meet you once again to say “thank you for the music” (as Abba once did within a Song…) you gave to us/to me. For me you built an very important bridge between Hard Rock and Classic (I grew up, while listening to one of my brothers, practicing piano…) in my life.
    THANK YOU Jon – from my heart to yours (even if I don’t know much about you – not even in witch country you do live – to where I can send my “good thoughts”) but/and I bow myself in front of you in silence, with palms of my hands up in deference and gratitude to you.

    God WILL bless you,
    Yours nimion Dave, Germany

  46. Hello Jon,
    since I found it out, your music has really enriched my life! I would spend my days just listening repeatedly to the first 3 albums of Deep Purple’s (the Mk-I ones) and the “Concerto for group and orchestra” if I could! And your music is still great! I’ve never seen you playing live, but I’m sure I will, someday! I’d like to be there when it happens, when you touch the keys and the magic appears! And I want to listen to some new songs and music as well! Don’t make me (us!) wait too much, please!!! 🙂

  47. without your music and your marvellous personality my life would have not been the same!!so,ill pray for you and your family and we see us soon in essen ,where we met in february 2009 in the grugahalle after the concerto with our friend igor etc..,a great evening!!i was so proud to talk to you for some hours.
    god bless,

  48. Dear Jon,
    my English is bad, but I’ll try to tell you what
    I think. For years with your music you gave beauty,
    joy, love of life. In this difficult time
    We are giving all of us together, a small part of
    what you have given us.
    Thank you, Maestro !

  49. We love you Jon! We are praying for you. God bless you.
    Mara Scoton -Sao Paulo -Brazil

  50. Thank you Jon for your warm words, we are with you in our thoughts.
    Never give up

    On the very moment that I opend your e-mail the radiostation I was listening to started to play Child in Time. That can’t be a coïncidence, it gave me even more shivers while I read your message and absolutely convinced me that you will come through.

    I wish you and your family all the power and love you will need.

    Freek Zieck

  51. HI Jon,

    Get well soon mate…keep fighting!!!! I wouldn’t be playing or (trying) to play the organ if it wasn’t for you x

  52. Dear Jon:
    I’m glad that my words can help you in this difficult situation which I’m sure you are going to get through soon. we love you Jon, and we’ll be close to you every moment. Lots of blessings for you and your family.
    Whit sincere affection:
    María Guerrero from Mexico City.

  53. Here be friends, here be heroes and the sun will shine again
    Stefan, your greatest fan from germany

  54. My favourite keyboard player from my favourite rock band, Deep Purple. You were my musical awakening in the early 70s. I send you all my positive thoughts for recovery!

  55. My respect,dear John.We are so far away,but thanks to internnet and our prayers,so close.I will pray to the God and Holly Mother of God for Your recover.Please,never give up of hope that God is olways with us and than everything will be all right.Our soul is from God and have power to heal us inside.God bless You.



  57. Dear Jon,
    So thoughtful of you to take time and let us know how you are doing, But thats you all over, you are thoughtful to your fans as always.You are in my thoughts and prayers daily, and it was so nice to read your message.
    I am so looking forward to your first concert, after the battle is won
    My deepest regards Maestro

  58. Jon, i very much hope you get better. Keep trying. I need you and look up to you and i am always appreciating your being a genius and exceptional keyboard playing.

  59. Since I am 61, I have had the privilege of being inspired by you and your musicianship for 43 years, starting with Shades of Deep Purple. I have played keyboards since the age of 5, and you have been the source of innumerable ideas/concepts/methods that have influenced my playing and greatly enhanced my craft. But perhaps most importantly, you have demonstrated through example how to be a true gentleman to your fellow man. Thank you for all the wonderful ways you have been an inspiration to me. I will continue to pray for you and your family – may God give you many more years to bring joy to the hearts of people through the gift of music with which he has so generously blessed you. Jon, you are absolutely the best!

    George in Ohio

  60. Dear Mr Lord, we love your music. May you recover soon. Best wishes from your friends in Brazil.

  61. Dear John, Dear Maestro,
    I pray and i hope that you going to win this battle.
    I and my friends were so many years with you and DEEP PURPLE
    so we want to continue our life with the knowledge that you still giving
    us such a beautiful moments . we love you Jon,
    Best wishes Jon
    Forever yours friends from Serbia

  62. I just want to add my best wishes for a speedy recovery Jon.
    I have been a fan of yours since I first heard ‘Perfect Strangers’ as a teenager. I love deep Purple in all its incarnations. However, for me this last period has been incredible, as your solo output has truly been sublime and has taken this rock fan deep into the classical music realm.
    I look forward to many more concertos, symphonies and anything else you care to throw our way.
    Thank you Maestro

  63. Dear John, I just want to mention 2 song titles summing up my intentions: Wishing Well and The Sun Will Shine Again! Get well soon and I hope to see the Maestro again in Luxembourg in the future! All the best to ya!!

  64. For so many years your wonderful music and dazzling keyboard skills have seen me through many trying times. I look forward to your wonderful keyboard sounds in the future. God bless you, Jon. Thanks for everything your music has given me.

  65. Mr. Lord,
    praying for your speedy recovery is the least we can do as a token of gratitude for the countless moments of joy you continue to fill our lives with your music. A true gentleman of rock ‘n roll like yourself won’t give up so I’m confident about your full recovery.

  66. Jon,
    In what really is a mad and very often selfish world now, it is fantastic to see the comments about how loved and respected you are.
    Always remember your strength is an inspiration to those who face similar battles and i’m sure you handle this illness with tremendous dignity.
    Its a dream of mine to see you play Concerto for group & Orchestra at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. I’ll be nagging you from now on till you play theres.
    All the best Jon.
    Paul Standley.

  67. Wonderful to receive your message and glad that with the support of your family and friends you are staying so positive. Hope everything goes well. I also just wanted to add a big thank you for your music over the years. Jackie.

  68. Hi Mr. Jon, i’m a wery good friend of Mr. Rick Wakeman and living near to my other friend Leo Leoni. My Familiy and myself wish you the Best success in your personally wear. Kind Regard’s from Riki and Family

  69. Hallo Jon

    Alles alles Gute,ganz viel Kraft und gute gute Besserung

    in Verbundenheit
    ein großer langjähriger Fan
    Bad Bevensen

  70. my best and absolute warmest thoughts are with you Jon. i experienced what you are going through a year past august. Stressfull times sir. may you most inner strength bring this all to a happy ending. it is SO hard, but you WILL get there and use the support of your family and the music world too. delve into your most pleasurable moments in music (as you have given to me over the last 35 years) to focus that drive. Massive hugs Jon… ian in Dundee xxxxx

  71. Fuerza Maestro! Estoy seguro que saldrá usted victorioso de esta batalla. Mis oraciones están con usted y mis deseos por su pronta y total recuperación! Get well soon, Mr. Lord! My prayers and best wishes are always with you. Thank you very much for your music and wonderful organ solos! God bless you.
    Don’t give up! We love you so much!
    Ricardo Ruiz, from Lima Peru

  72. Your music and your personality have always been my lifeguide. Windows, Sarabande, Before I Forget, Pictured Within, Durham Concerto – these intimate marvelous creations of Yours are the milestones on my own musical landscape. And the panorama is indeed picturesque!
    Get well, my guiding light. I am praying for you before one of our Ukrainian icons of Mother Mary.

  73. My best Whishes for a quick recovery, I love your music and I have a great respect and admiration for you. A BIG HUG FOR A FRIEND! Affectionately from Spain.

  74. Hi Jon, sorry for my English. I am very sorry about this news. I wanted to go to Lucerne to the new opera. I hope it will be for next year. You’re the best musician and an extraordinary person, best wishes from Italy. Hollywood Rock and Roll (great song)!. Love

  75. If I ever had something like a hero in my life, it was you. From the first moment I heard your music with Purple in 1972 you impressed me very much with your musical visions until today. I followed your career over all musical stations. Saw you on stage a few months ago at Rottweil concert with your blues mates. Your music always gives me strength, power, even healing in sad moments. So, go on Jon, now I wish you strength, power, faith and get well soon !! The music world needs you and your music another long time !!

  76. Dear Jon,
    your music accompanies me almost through my hole life.
    I met you for a short handshake in Kiel after your concert in December 2009. In 2008 my daughter fell ill with cancer and after operation and a four-month-therapy she was given back to us like a gift. So to me it was a great pleasure that she accompanied me to Kiel. She confirmed me to wait for you after the concert. I told you about her desease and revocery – and you kissed her forehead, obviously touched by her story.
    And now I want to shake your hand too, only with a few words: I wish you the help of God in Jesus, and the believe and the trust in His personal proximity in every situation. From the time of my daughter’s therapy I know the neccessity to live in small steps, not only to live day for day but to live from morning to noon or even sometimes from hour to hour. And I know that on the way to be healthy there are a lot of highs and deeps – usually the way to recover is not a straight one. So I wish you the strength and the trust not to be sad in the deeps. Maybe you can find a comfort in the music of Bach in difficult times.

    God bless you, and I’ll pray for you and your family!

    Yours Christoph from Germany

  77. Hallo Jon, I’ll pray for you, your concerts were great and they will be great next year after your recocery!! When you have a sad day, remember your fans and it will make you feel better, God bless you,


  78. Dear Jon,
    it’s a “law of nature”: if someone like you give the people such great music and melodies that touches their heart and soul so deeply, you will receive lot of love, good blessings and prayers back for your cure. You are such a great and kind-heartet gentleman, Jon. All we (the fans) can do is to wish you and your family the strength, faith and trust in coping with this situation. The autumn is coming … BUT the sun will shine again!! A lot of tunes have to be written next year, all right?!
    Love from the bottom of my heart, my friend.

  79. jon !
    thank you for all of your awesome music ! you are my all time favorite musician and you have made my life sooo much better just for being there !

    god bless you and your family and may you get well soon !

  80. Dear Sir Jon,
    You have given us so much in your music….you are the healer for so many of us… with your divine hands…. is the touch of God.
    love to you Sir jon…. your music is like a prayer to God…Thank you Sir jon…with lots of love,Anand from India.

  81. I was at a concert by Katie Noonan and her husband Zac on Friday night. After the show I bought a CD and waited in a queue to have it signed. When I spoke to Katie, I told her I first saw her perform at QPAC (Brisbane) with Jon Lord. Her band “George” had bravely and exquisitely performed Jon’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra. (The first time without Deep Purple). She spoke so highly of you. Katie’s husband joined in the conversation. They both told me that Jon Lord is “just a lovely man”.

    Of course I was not surprised. Just pleased to have my expectations confirmed. Get well soon. We all need you (isn’t that just selfish)

  82. Thanks to you, just for being who you are…. THE MAESTRO, FOREVER.
    Love from Barcelona

  83. C’était il ya 30 ans à l’hopital que j’ai connu deep purple sur 1 cassette enregistrée: 4 chansons: flight of the rate,smoke on the water et highway star(version made in japan),burn (made in europe) qui tournaient en boucle.Avec ces 4 chansons je savais que je m’en sortirais tellement elles m’ont donné “la pêche”.A mon tour mon cher Jon,de te donner tout le courage pour affronter ta maladie.Je sais que tu vas guérrir et revenir encore plus fort.Tu es le meilleure organiste qui soit,tu es le pére de Deep Purple et nous t’aimons trés fort.
    Bon courage à toi Jon et reviens nous vite.Serge Morin,Bretagne .France

  84. Dear Dr. Lord.
    You are one of the few who can turn words and feelings to pure and amazing tunes. That hits, and sometimes, hurts of course.
    Take care maestro. The world need you!

  85. Just thought I would let you know Jon, saw that wonderful piece of music, concerto for group and orchestra, in Edinburgh 2 yrs back, a fantastic event, what an experience that must have been for the young musicians involved playing with yourself and Paul Mann, what an inspiration for them to get at the start of their careers and for myself, I would say that with the concerto you have achieved what you aspired to in 69, bringing the 2 musical loves of your live together into one. That night made myself realise why I had never really been that into classical music before, because it became obvious to me during the show that classical is a style that really needs to be seen live to be appreciated. I trust you’ll be back to health soon and I’m sure you’ll still be able to rock that organ like you did in edinburgh playhouse in 87, your performance that night certainly did much to compensate for the behaviour of another fantastically gifted musician who made it clear throughout the whole show that he didnt want to be there. Best wishes, by the way could you not get your good friend, lemmy, who speaks so highly of you in his autobiography to just kill the wretched cancer with a few notes from his rickenbaker? If only it were that easy

  86. John,
    Best wishes to you, hope you get well soon, you are in our thoughts.
    God bless you and your family.

  87. Jon, may the Lord shine the healing light of all the Angels in the heavens above, down upon you and heal you in body, mind and spirit. Bless you.

  88. Dear John

    My Dad is the same age as you and recovering well from cancer treatment. Praying for a speedy recovery for you too!

    As a keyboard player myself, you have been a true inspiration for many years now. Looking forward to hearing much more music from you in the future. Your playing sounds as fresh today as it ever did!

  89. è un’ estate calda del giugno 1976 a un bambino di 11 anni capita tra le mani un LP, l’ immagine dell’ album è di color oro, al centro la foto di una band che suona dal vivo, la ascolta e rimane stregato, quella musica gli entra nel cervello, gli scorre nel sangue e gli rimane attaccata addosso come un marchio indelebile.
    passano 30 anni e un altro bambino di 10 anni curiosando tra le cose del padre trova una cassetta, l’ immagine della custodia: un cavallo bianco alato in un cielo tempestoso, la ascolta e come al bambino di 30 anni prima ne rimane affascinato.
    lo chiamano hard rock anni 70, la verità è che questa musica non ha confini, non ha età, passa da una generazione all’ altra senza invecchiare come fosse immortale e così dovrebbe essere per chi l’ ha creata; quindi! ” DIO questa volta o ti sei distratto un attimo o hai commesso un errore: non si può dare un male del genere a un Deep Purple, quindi per favore vedi di mettere le cose a posto e guarire il signore indiscusso dell’ Hammond, perchè ha ancora molta musica da dare a noi comuni mortali.”
    forse questo messaggio non lo leggerai mai perchè purtroppo è scritto completamente in italiano ad ogni modo le auguro una grande fortuna e una prossima vicina e completa guarigione.

    Mario e figli (italy)

  90. is a ‘hot summer of June 1976 in a child 11 years of their hands on an LP, the’ image of ‘album is gold, the center photo of a band playing live, the listener and remains haunted that music enters the brain, the blood flowing and remains stuck as an indelible mark on him.
    30 years pass and another 10 year old child looking around among the things his father finds a tape, the ‘image of the case: a winged white horse in a stormy sky, and how to listen to the child of 30 years before it is struck.
    call it hard rock 70’s, the truth is that this music has no boundaries, no age, passing from one generation to ‘grow old like no other immortal, so it should be for the people’ has created, then! “God this time or you have a moment, distracted, or you made a mistake: we can not give such a bad thing to a Deep Purple, so please see to put things right and heal the undisputed master of the ‘Hammond, because he still a lot of music to give to us mere mortals. ”
    Perhaps this message will not ever read it because, unfortunately, is written entirely in Italian however I wish you great luck and an early close and complete recovery.

    Mario and children (italy)

  91. Mr, Lord you are a part of my life since my brother bought Made in Japan back in 1974; I play guitar and I can say I never get tired of playing over and over the great pieces such as Burn,Lazy,Highway Star with wannabe Lords!!!! I’ve been checking this website in hope you may come to Spain some time, and I am sorry that this will not be possible as soon as we would like here. Please recover soon, and come around Spain where we expect to see you and enjoy your wonderful talent. My best wishes.

  92. My love of music can be traced back to you …your performances with Deep Purple and Whitesnake were awsome ….before I forget brilliance.
    Keep going Jon…this world and the people in it are not ready to lose you. Alan

  93. Dear Jon,
    Best wishes to you and your family – keep looking forward!
    I can’t express just how much raw pleasure and creative inspiration your music and musical approach have given me over the years, from Mandrake Root to The Boom of the Tingling Strings, via sweaty gigs with Whitesnake and thoughtful deliberations at Durham Cathedral. If you could somehow channel the energy of the Highway Star solo at those tumor cells, they wouldn’t stand a chance.
    Love, John

  94. Dear Jon,
    Just a quick note to say that I wish you all the best in your battle. My thoughts and best wishes go to you and your family. Your music has been part of my life for over 40 years, and I sincerely hope you remain healthy and productive for many years to come.
    On a different note, do you still “do” Tommy Cooper?
    Best wishes
    Del Bergin, London

  95. Hi John
    I’m happy that you’re happy. I know you’ll gonna win the cancer!
    Keep going and fighting, and the very best wishes to you and your family!

  96. Dear Jon. I face somerthing similar but your music recorded over the years helps no end. Thank you for everything you have given me so far and I can’t wait for the new stuff.

    All the very best mate


  97. Thank you, Jon. I believe, you have too many years of live ahead, you`ll fight the troubles. Say “Burrrrn” to your diseases. Let`s cast “Into the fire” this ones!!!

  98. Dear Jon,

    being a keyboard player myself, I probably can not thank You enough for your music. But if I may, I recommend you to read this:, in most cases it helps a lot better than the conventional medical treatment. I say this because unfortunately or not, I also have some experiences with cancer in my family.

    Thank you and I know You will soon get better!

    God bless you

    Jan (Slovenia)

  99. Dear Jon Lord,
    I wish you all the best. Your music has been a big inspiration for me for almost 30 years and I just wanted to say this. Actually I met you in Sweden 15 years ago ago and that evening is a happy memory for me, my friends and my family. A lot of people here in Sweden love you and we think of you.

  100. Jon, I have been a Deep purple Fan for Ever & most importent you have always been my favorite band member. You are such a great talent, & I know your a fighter, you will beat this & return to what you love. I & my family wish you the best & we will see you performing soon. God Bless!

  101. Dear Jon,
    for 26 years you and your music accompany me through my life. I will never forget February 1987 in Frankfurt – the best concert I have ever seen.
    Nowadays my seven year old son admires you on videos as well:-)
    So I just wanna say thank you so much for what you gave me in my life!
    After the first shock when reading about your disease, I was happy to read that you get well treated. I suffered from cancer myself some 14 years ago and got completely cured. I truly wish the same to you.
    My thoughts are with you and I am looking forward to see you again somewhere on a concert next year.

    May God bless you,
    Marko (Germany)

  102. I’ll pray for you!

    May God bless you and, us, too, giving much more of your sweet presence and music.

    We love you, Jon!
    You’re going to win this battle too.

  103. Dear Jon,

    The first time when I’ve listened the Purple music was 30 years ago-it was a vinyl – Deep Purple in Concert- and since then Purple stands as my favourite band.In the same time I was deeply touched by the organ sound and starting with that moment you became my favourite musician.
    I would like to thank you for everything you’ve offered me(us) during all these years.
    I would like also to thank you for the privilege shaking your hand after the Bucharest 2009 concerto, it was a dream which came true for me.
    Now my thoughts are with you and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best! I’m confident you will come back strong and healthy.
    God Bless You,Maestro.

  104. Dear Jon,
    I read the news of his illness, and I feel really distraught.
    A great sadness came into my heart.
    I was lucky to meet you in Essen last year and spend the whole afternoon in the theater listening to the sound check: it was really one of the happiest days of my life! Perhaps you remember your Italian friend ..
    The picture taken with you is on my piano, and is a great pride for me.
    I can only tell you that I will pray to the Lord for you, so you can heal well and quickly and return to give us your beautiful music.
    In Essen you told the musicians to play “con fuoco” now you must be strong and fight “con fuoco” and with great optimism.
    I’m sure you’ll meet soon in some other sound check, and certainly I will give you the Italian wine because you can celebrate your greatest victory, your biggest solo.
    Your friend Gian

  105. Don’t give up, Jon! Deep Purple fans from Russia are with you too! We hope that everything will be OK with you.

  106. I think these responses say it all, can I use a football analogy? Many times we hear that support from the crowd lifts teams and it’s like having an extra man I hope that our support lifts Jon, messages of support and encouragement from fans all over the world just sum up how much affection we have for the man, we all hope and pray that Jon makes a full recovery and is doing the thing he is best at before too long, playing music, keep going Jon, people are rooting for you.

  107. Jon, your music has been with me and touched me since a very young age, not only the stunning work with Purple but the Concerto turned me on to classical music for life, I owe you a huge debt. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you playing again. Garry (24 Carat Purple).



  109. In a perfect world I’d be in Kaiserslautern right now, waiting for the show. Sadly this was not to be, so I send a quiet prayer to you Jon – may you gain as much strength and happiness out of our love for you, as we gain out of your music.

    God bless you!

  110. “When a blind man cries” was played just for you in Kaiserslautern yersterday!
    All the best to you! Fight and win!
    I am looking forward to see you live for the 1st time in my life.

  111. Jon, your fans are all behind you. You are a true inspiration to me as you are (directly or indirectly) to every rock style keyboard player today and also now to all cancer patients. I am 17 years old and have been playing piano since I was 8, but it was only in the last few years I fell in love with your music and the music of all the other members of deep purple. This inspired me to play organ in a hard rock band. What would the world be like without you? A very different and much duller place is the answer!

    Best wishes, Ollie from Somerset, England.

  112. Humour, skills, power… whatever it takes to find your way out, you do have it. I’ve been enjoying your playing since inRock, so that I know!
    I’m confident in that this ability of yours will take you back on track, so to say.

    My most sincere regards, Jon!

  113. Dear Jon

    I hear your music from about 35 years and I still like it.

    I hope you will fine soon, God bless you.



  114. From a fellow Leicester musician now down under wishing you good health and a speedy recovery Jon. You are an inspiration to so many and have touched us all with your writing and performance. Get well soon.

  115. dear jon lord
    it was with dismay that i learnt about your condition during a late night blues programme on ndr-info last night. i sincerely wish you all the strength you need for a swift and complete recovery. may you still have many years of music and joy ahead of you.
    all the best

  116. It is great to know that you can read the comments from people who care.

    I have never met you, yet my heart feels for you like you are a best friend.

    Thoughts are with you. You have achieved so much, you can achieve conquering this too.

    Take care mate.

  117. I really hope you get well soon Jon! Rock music would be nothing without you – you were there from the beginning and your name will last forever in our hearts! Take care and make a full recovery!!

    Lots of love Chloe Marie xxx

  118. Dear Jon,
    I’m 51 years and your music has always brought joy to my heart and has lifted the spirits of countless other people. Thank you for this immeasurable gift of happiness. My prayers for a speedy recovery.

  119. I will pray for you Jon!Be strong!Meet you in your next conserto.I ll be there i promise!
    Sergio Greece

  120. Hello Jon.

    Never contacted you before, but here goes.

    When I was a 10 year old kid I liked Deep Purple. You guys were in your Mark II pomp. While I loved the music I never really recognised anyone else in the band, except for you.

    When I thought of what a rock musician was, it was always you I pictured.

    Thank you for all the fun I have had listening to your music over the years. All the best to you.

    Brian Beer.

  121. Salutations, Jon.
    I’ve never had the oportunity to show you how I admire you!
    The song that made me become a keyboardist was Child in Time. I got thrilled with the introduction that you composed. Since then I gave my heart and my soul to the music.
    I got really sad to hear of your condition, and I’m praying for you to get out of this as soon as possible! I really wish to look at you once more at the stage. ;D
    I’ll be waiting for you here in Brazil!!
    Hope you to get better, with all my heart.

    Kind regards,
    Vic Sikz Black.

  122. Dear Jon
    Your music and your personality are the reason why I started playing the organ, and once even I was a proud owner of a Hammond C3. Your music helped me many times to go on during difficult times in my life and to give me strength and happiness in dark moments…
    A grateful man, aged 47 years, hopes that these words can give you back some of the happiness, strength and courage of what you gave me through your music.
    Keep on rocking Jon and I really hope to see you soon on stage again at the Hallenstadion in Zurich.
    I pray for your fast recovery.

    God bless you

    Riccardo Switzerland

  123. Jon, my only wish for my upcoming “semicentennial” was a ticket for your scheduled concert at the Fabrik.
    Now my strongest desire is that you get better and recover entirely, no matter whether you’ll go on tour or not.
    All the best!!!

  124. I hope that the saying “No news are good news” are valid here.
    I cross all I have for your VERY soon recovery.
    Not a day without your well-being are in my mind.

  125. MONSIEUR Jon LORD ,

    Respect pour votre carrière que nous souhaitons encore très longue pour notre plus grand plaisir . Courage et encore pleins de concert comme à Mulhouse . AMITIES

    etienne . ile de france .

  126. Dear Jon

    I think we’re all united in our support for a kind, gracious, humble man who has blessed us with his gift of music, and who for many of us (who have never met you) feels like an old friend.

    Every blessing to you and your loved ones

    Mark C

  127. Maestro Lord,

    My best vibes and wishes for your quick and full recovery. It’s so hard to have two dads fighting cancer at the same time. I’ll explain myself: my own biological father is fighting a pancreatic carcinoid tumor right know and is undergoing surgery within the next few days; and, since I’m a composer and hammond organ player myself, who grew up listening to your music and tried to learn as much as I could from it, well, I -and, I’m pretty sure, some other fellows in this comments section as well- regard you, Maestro Lord, as one of my real “music parents,” so to speak.

    Best wishes

  128. Can you tell me what ‘s the fast song name,after “Fur Elise” in Jon Lord’s Keyboard Solo? I heard it many times.(often used in commercial) …thank you.

  129. As has been said above, we’re just giving back some of the joy you have brought us and so many others with your music.

    God bless you and give you and your family strength. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family,

  130. Well, this is a very hard question to answer to without any other reference, because Jon used to perform “Für Elise” in his solos from the early 70’s to the late 90’s, and played it intertwined with a wide variety of pieces. For instance, during the first half of 1973, during the live hammond introduction to “Lazy,” he used to connect -very successfully and wittily, I must remark- that Beethoven’s piano piece with a traditional, well-known Mexican dance piece called “Jarabe Tapatío,” a song Don Airey has also played in all DP’s Mexican gigs. In the 80’s and 90’s he played it during his solo following “Difficult to cure,” usually followed by an improvised R&B that usually derived in the closing section of Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag,” a work also very famously covered by Keith Emerson. So, if you can be a little more specific, maybe someone could be able to answer your question, for sure. Cheers.

  131. Dear Jon Lord,
    My life would have been another one without your music! I wish you all the best and get well soon.
    My best wishes for you and your family and I hope very strong that I`ll see you on tour once again.

  132. Dear Jon, It´s Carla and Patricia, from São Paulo, Brazil. We are deeply sorry to hear about the news, and we just write this to let you know that we miss you through all these years since we met you, a long time ago here in Brasil, and we hope you remember us. We could never ever forget your kindness and the person you are and the heart you have, we will say our prayers and wish all the blessings to come all your way, as we do know you will win this battle .We miss you, with all our love and respect.

  133. Dear Mr. Lord,

    What a great surname you have, because you ARE a LORD, for sure. As a man whose musical taste and path was influenced by your work, I wish you nothing more than a quick recovery and we in Serbia are expecting you as soon as you get back on your feet again.

    Stevan Radoicic

  134. Dear Mr Jon Lord!

    I have never met you personally, but I feel like I know you anyway. I’ve been listening to your music for some 35 years now, and it’s given me so much pleasure. You’ve introduced me to the world of organ music, and even though I try to play the guitar myself the Hammond organ has become the most beautiful instrument I have ever heard. For that I Thank You! Now I only hope that you recover so that you can enjoy yourself truly again. You’re very much worth it!

    Thank You ever so much!

    My deepest regards
    Stefan from Sweden

  135. Jon, hace 25 años que me llego un disco de Purple, y desde ese entonces son la banda de mi vida, son como hermanos mayores para mi, va todo mi apoyo y esfuerzo para que puedas estar pronto recuperado y poder seguir disfrutando de tus discos que seguro vas a seguir componiendo.
    Espero que salgas de gira, en Argentina te extrañamos.

  136. Jon,
    I recently heard of your condition, & am praying regularly for your full recovery. I am a keyboard player myself, who was originally turned on to my favorite sound on this earth, your screaming Hammond B-3, back in 1968 when Hush was blasting on the airwaves, followed closely by your incredible version of Kentucky Woman. Those 2 songs were the first ones I learned, painstakingly note for note, & still play them to this day. I saw the Fireball tour in Buffalo, NY back in the day, & I have nearly every live dvd of Deep Purple available. My most prized is the Royal Albert Hall concert conducted by Malcolm Arnold. You have always, & will always be my main inspiration for playing keyboards-God bless you and your family
    much love, prayers and admiration,
    Eddie K New York, USA

  137. Dear Jon,
    don’t think people forget about you if the comments are not so often any more. I know a lot of people who wish you all the best but who don’t write in blogs etc. And I will try to continue leaving regular comments to show that you are still on my mind and in my heart.
    I send lots of good wishes your way and wish you all the strength you need to pass these hard times.
    Please get well soon! Love, Heidi

  138. Jon keep on rockin, don’t give up! Please!! You are the reason why I’ve started to study music. I need your guiding light to keep on shining!!! Fight as a lion!!! May you be blessed my mentor.

  139. Dear Jon, we have met before, in Brazil, a couple of times. I thanked you once for writting the soundtrack of my life. You just smiled back and said that it was the soundtrack of your life too! Well, I just want you to know that now it´s the soundtrack of my children´s lives as well! Have a nice recovery and please fill our ears and souls with your blessed music. With all of our love and respect Rodrigo, Sofia and Leib.

  140. hi jon

    i don´t know if you remeber me, we spent some time together on your visits in imst/austria. i was your driver and the last time i met you, was on the way with me to the hotel in zürich this spring. i was very impressed of you and i never will forget this time. i heard about your fight against your illness and i wish you the best to handle everything. i know that a person like you, will have the world and god behind you and i know soon you will be “on the road again”. see you back in austria on stage, best wishes from Peter (from Art-Club Imst) and all your fans in imst/tyrol

  141. Dear Jon

    good vibes are with you, and I believe with so many people wishing you the best with all their hearts and praying for you, you just can’t lose. Spirit is stronger than matter. Keep on rocking and let the music be your healer.

    The love and sympathy of me and my close friends be also with you. And we are full of hope to see you on stage again, playing your unmistakable organ. Be sure, I still like the “Lord’s M3 Wheel”!

    Best wishes from Germany,
    Achim Hammacher, Bonn

  142. Mr. Lord, your playing and sound defined Deep Purple in my opinion, much more so than the guitar. The music that you have made, and shared has brightened many lives, and we all thank you for that. We wish you a speedy recovery, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


  143. I hope you get well Jon, you are a legend and you have lots and lots of more music to write!

  144. Dear Jon,
    I am shocked to hear from your severe illness. Even though I am not a professional keyboarder, you made me go on playing all the years and let me adore the sound of an original old hammond (finaly got one years ago and try to keep it alive). Jon, I thank you. Ich drück´ dir fest die Daumen.

  145. Jon,

    You are inspiration personified for this 19-year-old musician. You’re one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever had the honour of hearing. You get better and better with age and your fiery organ playing has made a huge impact on both my own guitar leads and my songwriting. The music you helped make is timeless and moving; just tonight, listening to When a Blind Man Cries pulled me through a severe bout of depression. I cannot thank you enough for helping me a countless number of times. I may not be blind, but I almost cried when the news hit me of the roadblock now in front of you – but know that that’s all it is. Something to overcome, and you will overcome it. To be able to commit the time, passion, and energy you have to your craft displays the incredible vigor within you. I have no doubt in my mind that you can and will use that same energy to win your fight.

    I’m not sure you’ll get to read this, but if you do, thank you. Get better soon, you’ve got this fan and an ocean of others behind you, Jon. Come to Toronto when you do, I’ll be there to see the next show.

    Most sincerely,


  146. hi jon i hope that you comeback again to your happiness.
    you’re going to win this battle against this terrible disease. =(


    the brazilian people love you!!!!

  147. Dear Jon,
    I really hope your treatment starts showing some positive effects and your recovery is on a good way. I’m sending all my best wishes and love again to you and your family!

  148. Dear Jon,

    I just found this sad news. I really hope that you win this battle and you will be back.

    In 1980’s I listened to Made in Japan first time and ever since I have been a great fan of Deep Purple. Especially I loved the Hammond organ sound.

    10 years ago I finally managed to get my own C3. After that I started to find out how this great instrument was played and how the sound was created. Today, via Internet, we have a chance to watch, enjoy and learn you style of playing – from hard rock to classic.
    Also interview videos have given a deeper picture about the great musician.

    Thank you Jon. You have inspired me in so many ways.

    God bless you

    Kari (Finland)

  149. Jon,
    Your work, be it with Deep Purple or with other artists, has fascinated me for a very long time.
    I wish you all the best for a quick recovery and my thoughts go out to you and your family. May you have the strength necessary to see through this trial.

  150. Hi Jon,
    I hope that you quickly recover through your treatment, and that you can continue to enjoy and compose music.

    I love playing music, piano/keyboard.
    I like listening to funk/jazz/blues/rock, Deep Purple, PAL, Hootchie Kootchie,Men, Whitensnake.
    I used to sing in Durham Cathedral, too.

    May the gifts of music endure, and may the musicians be blessed.
    — Jeremy T

  151. Recover quickly Master Jon, we need to hear those Hammond sound for a while! 🙂


  152. Hello Jon!You are my favorite Hammond player and an inspiration for all of us!I adore Deep Purple , Blackmore , Gillan and you.You are an awesome musician and you ` ll have a great place in history!!!
    I wish you , from the bottom of my heart , be well and strong and recover very soon (I am sure about that).Million friends are with you , love you and want to hear your music again in the future.You are very important to theirs life and also mine!
    We are waiting for you to become stronger and “monster“ of health!!!!!!!Be healthy very soon!!!
    God bless you Jon ,

    Your friend and fun Ignatios from Greece

  153. Dear Jon,

    I listened to many artists, bands… But I cant find anyone who I respect more than you.
    In high school I made myself a T-shirt. I coppied the cover from Windows lp. The one with sunglasses. People asked me what is that and I proudly explained to whom the picture belongs. It was more Nirvana time. Ha ha he.

    Best wishes
    Cene, Slovenija

  154. Dear Jon,

    I wish you all the strentgh in this difficult period. I hope the treatment will go well. Please know that we all think of you a lot. Music is allways a good help in times like this, To play is when you blessed with the gift of music or to listen to it..

    God bless you,
    Rinus from The Netherlands

  155. Dear M. Lord,

    Thank you for what you made for me, I’m very touched. Your music is very nice.
    Thanks you very much

    Message of my father:

    Hello Mister Lord,
    I’m the father of Quentin.
    I’m 46 Yaer old and I listen to the music of “Depp Purple” since my childhood.
    I am really very touched by your gesture.
    My son makes some music for four months only (since he has a synthesizer) and he has already mount a group within his school.
    I saw you during a concert in Paris (I don’t remember the date).
    What I remembers, it is that you had broken your keyboard because you were very excited.
    It was one of the most beautiful day of my life!
    My son plays now (try) any music kind: jazz, blues, rock and classic, grace to you!

    Have a nice day, Jon !

    NB: Have you relations with people of the group ” Led Zeppelin “?

  156. Dear mr Lord
    As a guitarist for the last 20 years I often get asked who my favorite guitarist is. My favorite musician is not a guitarist I answer, its mr. Jon Lord.
    You have been a great influence and inspiration both through you work with my all time favorite band Dee Purple, but mostly on your own. You opened so many doors, especially to classical music and inspired me to take classical guitar lessons. That developed my style in so many ways. The album “before I forget” is one of the few vinyls I have that is totally worn out.
    Dear mr. Lord. ur in my thoughts and prays and may God bless you and us with many years to come.

    Finn Hjalmar Pedersen

  157. Dear Jon,
    time again to send you some good wishes. My thoughts are still with you a lot of times and I wonder how you are doing with your treatment. Not hearing from you for so long is hopefully not a bad sign and I will enclose some power will and strength in this post that might reach you by reading these lines.
    All the very best to you and your family,

  158. Hi Mr Jon Lord the master of Rockorgan!

    I was little shocked when I was reading that You had got cancer. I really know what it is because my father had had it four times. Two times under his both ears (not in same time), one time on his back and the last time in his ear….
    And hi suvived all times, thank God for that! And he lived until 2005 to an age of 92 years…

    I became A Purple fan quite late (in the beginning of the 80:s) thru the Burn album.
    From the first time I ever heard Purple (in the mid 70:s) the organ started to faschinate me and I will thank you for that. You made it interesting!
    Guitar is my main instrument since the 70:s but in the same time i learned bass,and drum an little piano too and sooner rockorgan. Then came trumpet and in the army in the Lappland (north Finland) sitting in an ambulance I started to learn playing bluesharp.

    You have been with Purple to Finland several times but I never had A chanse to join your conserts here. Finally for few years ago Purple had a consert only 130 km from were I live and my wife asked if we should go and listen. But then I heard that it wasn´t Jon Lord on the organ that I left the whole idea (it was A shame because my friends told that it was a great gig).

    But now in december my oldest boy (plays drums, bass and guitar too) will go to Helsinki and listen on your former group with orcestra.
    It will be interesting, but I will miss you. Don is a really great organ player and a cool man and I like that he plays but it was still You, Mr Jon Lord that got me interrested in the world of the “beast rockorgan”.

    I hope a full recovery for you because,you have o lot of unmade music that I haven´t heard yet 😉 and of couse for yourself.
    Next summer in august, me and my familly will be driving to Britain from Finland (over 2500 km each) in a -64 Ford Cortina Estate to join the celebration of the Ford Cortinas 50:s birthday and I will pray that You are back i full shape before that.

    Keep fighting and I´ll pray for you and the future!!

    Best reguards and Gods Blessing
    Henrik Weiner, Finland

    Ps. Sorry, I hope this wasn´t to long…

  159. Dear Mr. Lord,
    Firstly, my best wishes to you and your family in what must be a trying time. I hope your treatment works out for you. I, and I am sure lots or others, would hate to lose you, You Sir, and that silly Mr Blackmore have provided the soundtrack to my life. No matter what you are going through at the moment, please know that you have made other people happy through your work, and that you, for lots or us, have made our world a better place.
    I’ll thank you for that, and hope for the best for you.

  160. Dear Jon

    You are the one who inspired me in my early 50’s to buy a new keyboard and start a band. I was there when you handed over the DP reins to Don Airey. I have had so much pleasure from playing and listening to music as a result of your inspiration. Thank you.

    Wishing you all strength and resolve in your fight – may you prevail.

    Ian from Stratford-upon-Avon

  161. Your music has represented for me a huge inspiration as a composer and a push to become a better musian. Hope you can get well and fill with wonderul music many years to come
    Lorenzo Giovagnoli

  162. Dear Mr Lord,
    sincerely wishing you the best of health, and thank you for being a huge inspiration,

  163. So upsetting to here that someone as truly amazing as yourself is going through this. I have never met you but hearing this news is so upsetting because you have really touched and inspired me through all your incredible work. Have seen Deep Purple twice, but haven’t yet seen you perform live, as I am only 18 and got turned on to deep purple after you departed, and have never been able to see you since then. I’m looking forward to you being back on the road after all this is behind you so i can finally see first hand your amazing talent. My thoughts and prayers, like all the many others you have touched, are with you always.


  164. Dear Jon, I recently turned 50 years old and celebrated the day playing a concert for my friends. The music we performed was an unusual package of songs that have touched and influenced my life as a musician. Among some of the greatest artists in music history we were playing “smoke” like I did with my first teenieband in ’77. My good friend Herbert took over the keys for that number and as I always said: he was close to the LORD (as he is our vicar too). Fight against all evil and be asured that the spirit of many unknown friends are with you.

    God bless you

    -and in the end – the love you take – is equal to the love you make

  165. Dear Mr. Jon Lord.
    Your music is not just music. I started playing keyboard at the age of 10 after hearing La Lena. I didn’t know deep purple on that age but your solo on that song inspired me to enter a world that was closed to most of us Iranians by force. I’m now 33. I am a keyboardist.
    Your music always inspires me. I know it might look strange but you have lots and lots of fan in my country.
    The day you put the sad news about your health I got 2 phone calls and number of SMS’s.
    Me and my wife pray for your health every day. We watch your performances and enjoy. I was watching the episode of Rick Wakeman’s interview with you to day.
    I listen to your music almost all of my life. You are the reason that I play keyboard. I think there are thousands and thousands of keyboardists that inspired by you.
    Thank you for your beautiful music.

  166. Please be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you. You have been my inspiration and your music (and why not, perhaps even your spirit) have been a company to me in both happy and sad times. For this, I am most grateful to you. I heartily wish you a speedy recovery and augur that you and your family find all the necessary strength and courage and go through this.

    Very warm wishes from your fans in Malta

  167. Dear Mr. Lord, As God and His angels receive my prayers for your recovery and the strength you need on a daily basis to do battle with this demon that attacks your body, please know that you are loved and respected by the millions of us whom you have touched over the decades of your wonderous and inspiring career and life. Where you are truly the echo of my past, may the prayers being said for you around the world one day be an echo of yours. Though we be perfect strangers, we, your fans, share a heart-felt admiration and a soaring spirit that unites us as a family for all you have done for us through your words and music, both recorded and live. Thank you for being an example and inspiration of how to Make it a GREAT life!

  168. God bless you Jon Lord!
    You have done so much in your life for other people, especially obviously through your music. At your age you should still have a long life to live, so hang in there!
    Greetings from Holland

  169. Dear Jon,
    it’s getting near Xmas now and I really hope that you are slowly but surely on your way better. Never give up, no matter how bad you might feel in between. There are a lot of people all over the world thinking of you, hoping and wishing all the best.
    I’m sending a lot of positive energy and love again,

  170. …see you have a world full of fans praying for you. actually “fan” does not exactly match … we all love you. please recover fast. my little girl (12), my mom (78) and me (42) are praying god to give you strength to fight the devil.
    …time to take GOOOD care of yourself

    from Turkey with best wishes and prayers.

  171. Dear Jon,
    the last weeks passed so quick, it’s already end of January, where has this month gone? I hope your recovery is still on a good way. I often ask myself how you might be doing and I’m sending all my best wishes and good vibes again to you and your family.

  172. Jon, I hope in your time of need that music brings you as much comfort as yours has brought me throughout my life.

  173. Hi Jon I wish you all the best in your fight with a cancer and with God’s help you’ll beat this horrible didease. Thank you for a beautiful music with Purple, without you guys hard rock wouldn’t be the same.Get well dear!!!

  174. Dear Jon,
    how are you doing? There are always days here and then where I think of you, wonder how you are and then I send best wishes from Berlin to you. Today was one of these days again. Hope your treatment goes on well, please recover soon!
    Love and hope to you and your family, Heidi

  175. Dear Jon,
    just sending some regards again with all my best wishes! Time flies by and spring is waiting outside with a lot of energy to give away. Hope you catch a good handfull! 🙂
    Love, Heidi

  176. Jon,
    for many of us you were an angel (of sound) in Life…now you are an angel in heaven.
    Your soul will be back one day ond bring even more pleasure to all the people in the world.

    Rainer A. Pauly, Maring-Noviand, 17.07.2012

  177. Heaven’s rock & roll band just replaced their keyboard player ;~) R.I.P. Jon……

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