Brian Auger steps in to save Blues Project concerts

With Jon Lord’s blessing, Hammond organist Brian Auger has agreed to step in to save a string of the earlier announced Blues Project concerts. The confirmed schedule now looks like this:

30 – Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn-Blues-Festival – feat. BRIAN AUGER

15 – Regenstauf, Jahnhalle – feat. BRIAN AUGER
16 – Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus – feat. BRIAN AUGER
17 – Berlin, Huxleys – cancelled
18 – Hamburg, Fabrik – cancelled
18 – Salzgitter, Kulturscheune – feat. BRIAN AUGER
19 – Hannover, Bluesgarage – cancelled
20 – Bochum, Zeche – feat. BRIAN AUGER
22 – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal – cancelled
23 – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn – feat. BRIAN AUGER

Jon Lord Blues Project, the Live CD (with Jon Lord) is still available.

24 – Bonn, Brückenforum – cancelled
25 – Uden, De Pul – cancelled
26 – Den Haag, Paard – cancelled

BRIAN AUGER – Hammond organ
MILLER ANDERSON – guitar & vocals
MAGGIE BELL – vocals
COLIN HODGKINSON – bass & vocals
ZOOT MONEY – Keyboards & vocals
PETE YORK – drums

Find out more about the Blues Project.

11 thoughts on “Brian Auger steps in to save Blues Project concerts

  1. Brian is so amazing! Truly wonderful news! Now if you could only add some USA dates to the tour schedule! I know that this news will help Jon to rest easier, knowing that the show will go on. As always, I send Jon my very strongest good vibes in the hopes that he has a very speedy recuperation and completely eradicates the cancer cells!

  2. Long time since I heard about Brian and good for him that he’s ensuring the show goes on. Love you longtime Jon

  3. First of all I think it is excellent that the blues project goes on with Brian Auger. But I wish all the best to you Jon to overcome this bad illness! Look positive in the future, trust in god and hopefully we will have another beautiful cvoncerts either from the classical stuff or the blues project. I never had the chance to see the old Deep Purple lineup with you, the more I love to see the concerts now, like concerto for group an orchestra. Best wished to you! Dirk

  4. It’s good to see some of the concerts being saved – and it will be even better to see Jon revovering soon.
    Just sending some thoughts and good wishes again…

  5. Please be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you. You have been my inspiration and your music (and why not, perhaps even your spirit) have been a company to me in both happy and sad times. This, I am most grateful for. I heartily wish you a speedy recovery and augur that you and your family find all the necessary strength and courage and go through this.

    Very warm wishes from your fans in Malta.

  6. I love Brian Auger, one of the greatest organist, for me it is the only
    (with Don Airey) to be able to replace Jon
    Get well soon Jon
    See you soon (live in France (Lille)
    a French Fan)
    thank you
    Pascal Creton

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