Bucharest DVD out now (+ Christmas Sale!)

The highly anticipated DVD of Jon’s Bucharest 2009 concert is finally here. Check out the taster clip below – and head over to the shop to order your copy.

The DVD was filmed in Bucharest, Romania on November 5, 2009 and features the full second half of Jon’s concert that night.

It includes tracks from Sarabande, Pictured Within, Beyond The Notes – as well as three Deep Purple favourites rearranged by Jon Lord for full symphony orchestra.

Coinciding with this DVD release, Jon Lord’s Webshop has also launched its Christmas Sale with massive discounts on several of Jon Lord’s other solo projects.

You also get 50% off the Bucharest CD if you buy it now with the new DVD.

Visit Jon Lord’s Webshop

One thought on “Bucharest DVD out now (+ Christmas Sale!)

  1. Fantastic low-budget release, though sound and pics are great. As it is the same music already known from the CD, it adds more with JLs introductions to each song, i.e. to Soldier of Fortune.
    No if only we could get the Sarabande Show on record ! And Perfect Strangers too !
    And the Concerto re-recording !
    And news Mr Lord is well !
    And the JL-RB reunion !
    And and and…
    All the best…
    Hartmut & Ulrike

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