Free concert in Sicily celebrating Jon and Deep Purple

June 27, 2013

Deep Inside_27.06.2013

Tonight at 9.30 pm, a show named Deep Inside, based on Deep Purple’s and Jon’s music, will take place at Giardino Inglese in Palermo, Sicily. This is a free open air concert.

The show will involve a rock band and an orchestral ensemble directed by Alberto Maniaci.

The purpose is to promote the music in Sicily and give visibility to local young great players.

Find out more on the Facebook page for the event.



  1. thats great since J LORD influence so many musicians

  2. I booked 2 tickets and the flight to London for the SFJ in April 2014 on the day I was notified of the ticket pre sale! I wouldn´t miss it for anything in the world – can´t wait to see my husband´s face when he finds out on Christmas Eve. He is a huge Jon Lord fan. I´m sure his (Mr.Lord´s
    )spirit will be part of the celebration. God Bless him.

  3. Fingers crossed he doesn’t see your comment here first… 🙂

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