Concerto vinyl and Blu-Ray confirmed

Concerto Vinyl_BluRay

Vinyl and Blu-Ray editions of Jon’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra have been confirmed for release by earMUSIC in Germany on July 26.

The Blu-Ray edition has unreleased new video footage, a  5.1 mix of the Concerto, and also includes the studio CD.

The double LP vinyl in gatefold sleeve includes the Concerto’s three movement across sides 1-2-3, plus a special edit of Jon’s final interview to the BBC on side 4.

Pre-orders will soon available from Jon’s webshop.

Full details on Jon’s 2011/12 studio recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

One thought on “Concerto vinyl and Blu-Ray confirmed

  1. Great news. Only thing is will it be released on DVD and CD eventually. Jon Lord was and still is an immense force in music. Would be great to have both. RIP Jon. You have been with me all my life, particularly your performance on Space Truckin’ on Made in Japan. Magnificent!!

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