New Jon Lord scores from Schott Music

First page of the new full score
Boom – first page of the full score

Until now, Jon’s two orchestral works, Boom of the Tingling Strings for piano and orchestra (2002) and Disguises for strings (2003) published by Schott Music, have only been available on hire.

Now we are pleased to announce, that study scores will shortly be published for sale in revised editions by Paul Mann, incorporating all the many changes that were made in performances during the composer’s lifetime. All relevant sources have been exhaustively consulted, and the new scores can be said to represent Jon’s final intentions as closely as possible.

In addition, Paul Mann has made a corresponding reduction for two pianos of Boom of the Tingling Strings, allowing soloists easier access to this brilliant modern virtuoso showpiece.

The new performance material will of course be available on hire from the publisher, Schott Music, here:

Boom of the Tingling Strings2 piano score MASTER NEW VERSION A4 FORMAT - Full Score (dragged)
Boom – first page of the piano score

Boom of the Tingling Strings

If you’re interested in performing these or any other works by Jon, you can also contact us directly via the comments below or email.

More information will be available on the release of the new scores soon – we hope to be able to stock copies in the online shop.

Concerto and Sarabande delayed
Meanwhile, publication of the two scores of Concerto for Group and Orchestra and Sarabande has unfortunately been delayed due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will post publication dates here as soon as we have them from Hal Leonard.

Disguises 1.(2006) M.A.s.q.u.e.Full Score.sib final revised - Full Score (dragged)
Disguises – first page of the full score

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