Free unreleased Jon Lord concert online

Nidaros inside

The Trondheim Experiment is the title of a free web presentation of an unreleased Jon Lord concert from 2010 now available exclusively through

Lord fingerFilmed at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway on May 23 2010 , the concert includes highlights from Jon Lord’s entire career performed with The Lord Chamber Orchestra, Steve Balsamo and Nathalie Lorichs on vocals, a children’s choir and a backing band featuring members of Opeth.

In front of a sold out cathedral, Jon’s then all-new album To Notice Such Things is performed in its entirety (missing only Air on the Blue String) with soloists Sveinung Lillebjerka on violin and Trine Knutsen on flute. Conductor Torodd Wigum was able to hand pick the musicians for the Lord Chamber Orchestra, and they perform and interpret Jon Lord’s music with skill and finesse.

Child in Time is performed for the first time with a children’s choir, a highlight for many in the audience, with Jon’s lengthy Hammond organ solo and breathtaking vocals by Steve Balsamo.

rehearsalsGo behind the scenes
Add to this a wealth of behind-the-scenes rehearsal and pre-production footage, The Trondheim Experiment is a feast for fans of Jon and his music as it documents how the musically challenging project came alive. From the very first idea, over the planning and the creation and finally the rehearsals for the special event.

The footage from the rehearsals and preparations shows Jon interacting with – and inspiring – amateur and professional musicians alike. Witness how his mere presence creates an atmosphere of dedication and diligence while also making everybody around him relax and enjoy the experience.

Within The Trondheim Experiment you will also find an interview with Jon from Norwegian television and a large number of captivating photos documenting the entire process.


Great fondness
Steve Balsamo remembers the concert with great fondness.

– Nidarosdomen is such a breathtaking cathedral and to perform there with Jon and the wonderful players was a joy. Thanks to all who’ve put a huge amount of work into bringing this concert to light as a memory to Jon and his wonderful music.

Jon Lord’s third concert at Nidaros would sadly turn out to be his last in Norway. Nicknamed A Celebration of Good Friends and Music, the concert was the brainchild of Knut Morten Johansen, long time make-dreams-happen man behind Norway’s now discontinued Hell Blues Festival, which used to feature Jon Lord or other members of the wider Deep Purple family every year.

Sponsored by love
Unfortunately, the original sound recording of the concert was destroyed, and some parts of the original footage is missing. However, with alternative video and audio sources, Mac wizard Christer Lorichs spent hundreds of hours jigsaw puzzling the pieces together to compile a complete version of the concert. Although the sound may not be of hi-fi standards throughout, the concert is now complete.

Lord portrait

It was Knut Morten Johansen and Christer Lorichs who fostered the idea of recreating Jon Lord’s 2010 Trondheim concert as free a web experience, and is proud to present this for fans old and new.

– All participants have contributed to this project on a voluntary basis. Fueled by the inspirational powers of Jon Lord, one of the true greats of our time, The Trondheim Experiment is therefore sponsored by the love for Jon Lord, says Knut Morten Johansen.

The Trondheim Experiment has come to life with the blessings of Jon Lord’s family and management.

It includes the full concert:
To Notice Such Things
Evening Song
The Telemann Experiment
For Example
Pictured Within
Wait A While
Soldier Of Fortune
Child In Time
The Sun Will Shine Again

Watch and listen at The Trondheim Experiment

Our reports from Jon Lord’s visits to Trondheim:
The second (Norwegian) coming on the Lord
(2007 Nidaros report)
Seduced by musical splendour (2003 Nidaros report)
Lord goes to Hell (2003 Hell Blues report)
Stjørdal Kino (2004 Trondheim report)

Photos by: Christer Lorichs and Trond J Strøm (Balsamo, Lord portrait)


15 thoughts on “Free unreleased Jon Lord concert online

  1. This sounds most exciting! Can’t wait to have a quiet couple of hours when I can sit down to watch and listen to this all in peace with a few glasses of fine red wine like Jon would.

  2. Wonderful!! Highly appreciated. A labour of love, both in performance as in production! Suits great for a professional release, maybe in behalf of the Sunflower foundation. I simply rank this better the usual official releases, in the genre. Rick Wakemans BBC programme ought to be released as well, but thats another cup of tea.

  3. I share the sentiments of Attila Scholz(9 Sept). Absolutely brilliant and a superb way to remember a truly wonderful human being. Thank you for sharing this treat and am sure that all fans would join me in asking that this is released on DVD and CD.

  4. Just listening to it now – and the quality is excellent. Thanks so much for pulling this together. It would be really GREAT if you could provide a download version which I could take with me. Personally, I would happily pay for the download – maybe putting the proceeds towards The Sunflower Jam charities?

  5. what a wonderful tribute and a thank you to be able to listen and share such an amazing concert free in tribute to johns talents as both a rock and classical musician throughout his life wonderful man his music will live on in his memory to us all god bless

  6. I was amazed by the drum solo in the Gigue…, not as if it was top virtuosity or filled up with unpredictable licks, but by the fact that almost to its end the melody theme of the orchestra was sounding along in my mind!

    Thanks for putting the whole think online!

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