45 years on: Concerto for Group and Orchestra

September 25, 2014


As we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first performance of Jon Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra at London’s Royal Albert Hall on September 24, 1969, here’s a few words from conductor Paul Mann on the occasion:

– I had hoped to have the Concerto score published in time, but we’re still being held up by a few copyright complications.

Here above is the first page of the working draft that Jon and Paul used to create the new version back in early 1999 – based of course on Marco de Goeij’s heroic original transcription.

Below, the first page of the final score as it will eventually appear.


Finally, drummer Ian Paice’s famous “score” for the first movement that he devised for the Concerto’s 30th anniversary in 1999 also at the Royal Albert Hall as well as the ensuing world tour.



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  1. EXTRAORDINARIO: En 1974 adquirí el disco (obviamente en vinilo), porque Machine Head (el primero de D.P. que compré en 3er año secundario) me encantó. 40 años después, sigue siendo fabuloso. Como todos los demás. Un deleite para los oídos. GRACIAS JON!!!

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