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August 16, 2014


Order your copies of Celebrating Jon Lord – live at Royal Albert Hall, April 4 2014. It comes in five different editions.

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Hagen snapshots

May 19, 2015
Jon Lord present in Hagen, Germany

Jon Lord present in Hagen, Germany.

Jon first performed with Orchester Hagen in February 2008. He would perform with the orchestra again in 2009, 2010, and in 2012 the orchestra made him their ‘composer in residence’ and performed more of his works. Tonight they will perform his Durham Concerto conducted by Paul Mann.

In the absence of ...

In the absence of … the Hammond will be performed by Ralph Breitenbach.

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Two Jon Lord works published

May 19, 2015

Boom scores stacked 500

Two of Jon Lord’s major orchestral compositions – Boom of the Tingling Strings and Disguises – have been published by Schott Music, in new study scores edited by conductor Paul Mann.

Boom of the Tingling Strings, which takes its title from a poem by D.H. Lawrence, is a highly autobiographical piece, cast as a piano concerto in one continuous movement lasting around 35 minutes.

Jon was present for the world premiere in Brisbane Australia in 2003. In 2006, the piece was recorded by the Odense Symphony Orchestra in Denmark conducted by Paul Mann, the work’s dedicatee, and with Nelson Goerner on piano.

Disguises, dedicated to Sir Malcolm Arnold, was originally intended as a string quartet, but grew into a work for full string orchestra when Jon found the material expanding beyond the limits of four solo players.

The work consists of three musical portraits, of Arnold in the first movement (the typically punningly-titled M.A.sque), of Jon’s mother Miriam in the central slow movement, and of a friend of Jon’s, identified in the score only as G.C. or “il buffone” (‘the fool’).

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Concerto score now available

March 19, 2015

pdf front

The full score of Jon Lord’s most famous composition, Concerto for Group and Orchestra, is now available as a pdf print-your-own. Order yours now from JonLord.org’s web shop.

The score reveals the finished work as it was recorded in the studio in 2011-12 with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a cast of guest soloists, such as Joe Bonamassa and Bruce Dickinson, and conducted by Paul Mann.


Jon Lord’s 2012 studio recording (left) and the original 1969 performance of Concerto for Group and Orchestra

Speaking in 2011, Jon explained that he had finally reached a point with the Concerto where he felt it was just right.

– I’ve worked so hard on the score that it’s now in as good a state as it can possibly be in, and therefore I would like to have it recorded, so it can go down in posterity. Since leaving Deep Purple, I’ve played it over 30 times with different orchestras and conductors all over the world, and, of course, in 2000 I did it well over 30 times with Purple on the Concerto Tour, so I’ve been honing the piece live on stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to change things in the score that weren’t sounding quite right.

– It’s a marvelous and exciting prospect to have the definitive recording of the definitive version of the score. I want it to sound absolutely spot on like a great classical orchestral recording sounds. And, God willing, it will sound pretty much like it must have sounded in my head 42 years ago.

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Durham Concerto onstage in Germany

March 9, 2015

Jon Lord’s Durham Concerto is set for its German premiere on May 19, 2015 in Hagen near Dortmund with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann.

[Update] The concert will feature Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian pipes (as on the original recording and at Celebrating Jon Lord at the Royal Albert Hall last April), and will be the world premiere of the updated and revised edition of Durham Concerto as overseen by Paul Mann.

[Update2] Ralph Breitenbach will play the Hammond organ parts. He is a member of DCRS and has played keyboards with Jon at previous concerts in Hagen in 2008 and Essen in 2010.

First performed in 2007 and commissioned by the University of Durham, Durham Concerto is Jon’s aural portrait of an imaginary day spent in Durham in the North of England.

It consists of six segments in three overall movements: durham-concerto_61rzwsjtvyl_sl160_
Part 1: Morning
1 The Cathedral at Dawn
2 Durham Awakes
Part 2: Afternoon
3 The Road from Lindisfarne
4 From Prebends Bridge
Part 3: Evening
5 Rags and Galas
6 Durham Nocturne

This 3 minute collage was filmed at the world premiere in 2007:

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‘It was such an honour’

January 2, 2015
Wix Wickens, Steve Balsamo and Nigel Hopkins backstage at Celebrating Jon Lord

Wix Wickens, Steve Balsamo and Nigel Hopkins backstage at Celebrating Jon Lord

Like Roger Glover, keyboard player Nigel Hopkins has also  shared his thoughts and feelings on Celebrating Jon Lord last April.

‘Celebrating Jon Lord was a show that had me revisiting my early childhood ear candy, evaluating my existence and worth, and had me for the first time ever looking out into a venue thinking, “My mum and dad would have loved to have been here to witness this.”

‘Also it was the first time an event gave me a sense of unity within the music world – rock, pop, classical, progressive. To me, it will be forever etched in my mind and heart’

‘No amount of money could have ever bought that feeling I had performing at the concert. It was such an honour to play with legends of the industry, childhood heroes, great friends and wonderful people.’

Celebrating-Jon-Lord_3D-MocThe film and recording of this evening is still available:
USA, Canada – order here.
UK, Europe, Japan, rest of the world – order here.

Nigel Hopkins’ Facebook page.

'My view from my set up. "Burn" was such fun to play that I was transported back to being a kid.' - Nigel Hopkins.

‘My view from my set up. “Burn” was such fun to play that I was transported back to being a kid.’ – Nigel Hopkins.


‘A sound that roared through our lives’

December 30, 2014

Roger Glover CJL

Roger Glover, bass player with Deep Purple, has summed up the past year in his online diary. He was particularly moved by what he experienced and remembered at the concert that celebrated Jon Lord.

‘A host of friends and admirers saluted Jon Lord at the Royal Albert Hall. Tears of wonder, joy and sorrow ran all through the first half as Jon’s beautiful mind was revealed by the stellar performances on stage.’

‘I pictured myself on that same stage in 1969 standing next to, and relying on, Jon, as his vision of oneness in music became palpable. I learned a lot that day.’

‘Of course I’ve listened to Jon’s albums over the years but one forgets how rich they are, how deeply introspective, how personal, how stocked with soaring melodies and unexpected chord shifts. And lovely lyrics.’

‘The gentleness of this gentle man is astounding, coming from the hard rock maestro that he was behind the Hammond organ. A sound that roared through our lives.’

Celebrating-Jon-Lord_3D-MocThe film and recording of this evening is still available:
USA, Canada – order here.
UK, Europe, Japan, rest of the world – order here.

Read Roger Glover’s full 2014 update.


Jon Lord’s blues project

December 27, 2014
Jon Lord Blues Project, the Live CD

Jon Lord Blues Project, the exclusive live CD – still available

Classic tunes, lots of jamming and good times amongst old friends. Jon Lord Blues Project was one of Jon’s final touring commitments, visiting the sweaty blues clubs of Germany.

Consisting of colleagues from Jon’s musical past, who had previously toured as the Olympic Rock and Blues Circus in the 1980s, each one of them had also played with Jon in other projects:

Miller Anderson (vocals and guitar) is the inimitable voice on Pictured Within and November Calls.
Pete York (drums) played on several of Jon’s 1970s solo projects including his masterpiece Sarabande.
Maggie Bell (vocals) also sang on Eddie Hardin’s Wind in the Willows with Jon.
Colin Hodgkinson (bass) played with Jon in Whitesnake as well as on the Pictured Within album.
Zoot Money (keyboards) was also part of Endangered Species with Jon and Tony Ashton in the 1980s.

Fortunately, the tapes were rolling for one of these shows. Simply titled after the project, the CD came out not long after and is a testament to the qualities of the seasoned touring blues musician.

JLBP Live Front Cover 96pxJon Lord Blues Project, the exclusive live album, is available from Jon Lord’s webshop.

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Jon Lord monument revealed

December 4, 2014

Jon Lord Ukraine mobile

A mini monument to Jon Lord has been revealed in Ukraine on the river Uzh in Uzhhorod: A mini sculpture of Jon contemplating the view from the riverside promenade.

Jon Lord Ukraine upclose

The captivating figure is the result of local enthusiasts who started a collection in the local cafe Under The Castle two years ago. Focusing on coins to symbolize the material for the sculpture, they eventually amassed 8 kilograms of coins from Ukraine, Soviet Union, Egypt, etc.

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