Jon Lord enters Classic FM Hall of Fame

hall-of-fame-2009Jon Lord’s Durham Concerto is the highest new entry in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2009. As voted for by the listeners of UK’s Classic FM radio station, Durham Concerto reached no. 75.


The Durham Concerto is rubbing shoulders with some of classical music’s most famous pieces; Mozart’s The Magic Flute (no. 70), Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 (no. 72), Verdi’s Requim (no. 78) and Wagner’s Tristan And Isolde (no. 79).

boom-tingling_41dxgy-lzbl_sl160_Jon Lord’s Boom of the Tingling Strings is also featured in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame where made it to no. 198. Furthermore, Jon Lord entered the list of living composer at no. 6.

Classic FM played all of the Durham Concerto on Sunday April 12. The total list includes 300 pieces of music.

See the full top 300 of Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2009.

Thanks to FridaRox.

7 thoughts on “Jon Lord enters Classic FM Hall of Fame

  1. Congratulations, Jon
    Well-deserved recognition from the people who really matter – your audience
    Both your Works are true masterpieces and we long for more
    All love and respect to you and your girls – Etienne

  2. Dear Jon, congratulations on being the highest new entry in this year’s Classic FM Hall of fame!!! Fascinating to read all of your news (finally joined the Internet world). Thank you for all the musical pleasure – love Durham and Boom!!! Wishing you all the best in your new ventures. Love Vince Budd

  3. Congratulations, Jon!
    A well deserved recognition indeed as “Durham Concerto” stands as one of your finest works. Good luck with your further work, Bartosz

  4. We shouldn’t forget Mr Lord made it straight to the Top 10 Living Composers as well 😉

    Most sincere congratulations, Jon!

  5. Great to see Jon acknowledged for all his recent work it is well deserved.

    Just to change the subject a bit, now we know MK II and III reunions are not going to happen can we begin to hope that Jon and Ritchie will finally get together and perhaps give us another album that can get into the Classic FM Hall of Fame. They are now both such high class musicians i think that if they got together for a classically based instrumental work it would be the best joint work they would ever produce. I think i am not a lone voice on this so lets hope we get our wish.

  6. I heard nothing about Jon and Ritchie but I did hear about Jon and Frida! If Frida does some opera singing (which she’s fully able to do), their album will definitely rocket to the top of Classic FM!

    But Jon and Frida AND Ritchie would be heavenly…

  7. Actually, it’s a great pleasure to listen to your music and to realize that I’m living with you at the same time, Mr. Lord! Thank you for Deep Purple. Thank you for the Music..

    Best regards,
    Anton, 18yo

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