Jon Lord’s music to be published in authoritative new editions

Concerto 2012We are delighted to announce that over the coming years, the vast majority of Jon Lord’s music scores will be published in new editions by Hal Leonard/EMI Music.

Each score has been painstakingly revised and edited by the conductor Paul Mann, whose close association with the composer ensures that the new material reflects his last known wishes in every detail.

The first to appear will be the long-awaited Concerto for Group and Orchestra, which is published for the first time in its definitive form, incorporating the many revisions that the composer made for the recent studio recording.

sarabande-cd1Next will be a new edition of Sarabande in Jon’s revised version for group and orchestra, which receives its first publication in any form.

Both works will be published for sale as study scores, with their corresponding performing material on hire, and will be available early next spring.

The other works will follow at regular intervals. Please keep an eye on for further details.

9 thoughts on “Jon Lord’s music to be published in authoritative new editions

  1. There will never enough that coudl be done to preserve and promote the legacy of Johns work. Thank you for taking care of this. John is much more than the sum of all his work, he is inspiration and a role model for many of us.

  2. I am working on “The Jon Lord Songbook”, which will include 16-20 songs and shorter pieces of Jon’s in my piano transcriptions and piano-vocal scores. This will also be published by Hal Leonard/EMI Music in due course.

  3. Whether we produce piano versions of such pieces as Sarabande will depend on whether the publisher thinks there is sufficient demand. Perhaps if people are interested they could let us know via the website.

  4. Cannot wait for “The Jon Lord Songbook.” That will be an excellent way to get Jon’s work into the hands of many. Orchestra scores are amazing, but they inherently appeal to a smaller audience. Overjoyed to hear that you are working so hard to keep Jon’s legacy alive, Paul!

  5. This is absolutely brilliant news – thank you Paul for all the work you are doing (and the family for allowing this all to happen) to make sure that Jon’s work is available for orchestras around the world to take on… and, like George, I can’t wait for The Jon Lord Songbook. Thank you all so much

  6. Definitely interested in getting piano scores of shorter pieces. Anything (or everything) from Pictured Within, Beyond the Notes, Before I Forget, Sarabande…the whole works! Jon’s music is superb. For me, he will never not be around any more.

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