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BBC Radio 4 to rebroadcast Jon’s final interview

June 2, 2013

1991 white shades
BBC Radio 4 are repeating Rock’n’Roll in Four Movements, the programme first broadcast last August, which featured Jon’s last recorded interview.

Taking a closer look at the musicians that have worked to combine the worlds of rock and classical music, in the programme, Jon talks about his passion for writing classical music, inspired by his early experiment with his Concerto.

Also featured are Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson who talk about the genre’s excesses, and Roy Wood who talks about the early days of the Electric Light Orchestra.

Listen to BBC Radio 4 Monday June 3 at 4pm UK time – or listen online right now.


– I’ve always been impressed by Jon Lord

May 29, 2013

Watch Jon discuss the resurrected Concerto for Group and Orchestra with Tommy Vance in 1999 on VH1’s Friday Rock Show.

Filmed mere days before the Concerto’s 30th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall, Ian Gillan lovingly explains how Jon’s Concerto originally helped raise Deep Purple‘s profile as the band was breaking through in 1969/1970 – and shows his affection for Jon.

– I’ve always been impressed by Jon Lord.

With thanks to Tim Summers.

Youtube says: ‘this video may have content that is owned or licensed by EMI, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, it may be blocked, or ads may appear next to it.’


Celebrating the life of Jon

May 27, 2013


When Rock Meets Classics is a highly recommended 48-minute radio retrospective in Jon’s memory.

Opening with a snippet of the piano version of Child in Time, the comprehensive yet succinct overview of Jon’s career features all-new interviews with a list of important players in Jon’s musical life – incl. an interview with himself conducted in 2010 – and is peppered with appropriate and inspired soundbites of Jon’s music.

The not often heard voice of Eberhard Schoener, Jon’s German conducting partner, speaks of the pair’s work on Windows and Sarabande.

Jon’s daughter Sara speaks about his departure from Deep Purple and his years as a composer ‘writing music every day.’

The broadcast also features illustrious interviews with Ian Paice, Paul Mann, Roger Glover, Rick Wakeman, Glenn Hughes and more.

First aired in July 2012, the piece is hosted by Eli Lapid of The Voice of Israel who has kindly made it available exclusively for


– I was very plugged for a long time!

May 26, 2013

Looking back at Jon and Frida interviewed at the press conference for Zermatt Unplugged 2010.

Among other things, Jon is asked about his current projects – which he explains are mostly orchestral, acoustic and more unplugged than his 40 years in rock’n’roll:

– I was very plugged for a long time, he jokes.

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A man who used to notice such things

December 29, 2012


Recollecting an interview Jon did with Exclusive Magazine in 2010 for the release of his To Notice Such Things album.

It was a commission from Shipley Arts Festival in the South of England. It’s a six different pieces, each one based on a moment or time in Jon’s friend John Mortimer‘s life.

Lingering impressions
Available worldwide:* Click to order CD now* Click to buy downloadIn the interview, Jon speaks of the impression people leave on each other,  which remains even after they pass away. Jon was proud of the fact that John Mortimer’s friends recognized their friend in the music Jon wrote.

‘I really felt that John was sitting on my shoulder as I was writing it. I think that’s the spiritual element of it. We can’t help it, we’re human – as time goes by, people recede in your memory once they’ve gone. It’s just the nature of the human beast. We move onward, we have to.’

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Dave Brubeck, Concerto inspiration, passes away

December 5, 2012

dave_brubeckPioneering pianist and composer Dave Brubeck has passed away on December 5, aged 91. His recordings include Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk, but he was also an important inspiration for Jon’s idea to compose Concerto for Group and Orchestra.

In this 2008 interview, Jon talks of his early fascination with Brubeck.

– Within six months of being at Drama School in London [in 1960], I’d met a Dutchman who played the clarinet for fun and we used to play together. By the end of the first year I’d formed a jazz group with piano, bass, drums, and clarinet. We played weird modern jazz.

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Interview: – Jon just continued living it

November 28, 2012

‘I don’t know of any other rock musicians of Jon’s stature who would be equally at home in handling musicians from leading symphony orchestras [than Jon].’

This is conductor Paul Mann interviewed by (Dutch Progressive Rock Page) about the new recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra:

‘He vindicated that little vision that he had back in 69 in writing this piece some 43 years later because he just continued living it, he believed in it against a lot of odds and against a lot of people’s preconceptions he made it work This recording is our proof of that, it’s really the final vindication of that vision.’

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Interview: Concerto talk with Paul Mann

October 15, 2012

Jon Lord and Paul Mann during recording sessions for Concerto for Group and Orchestra, June 2012.

The Highway Star Deep Purple website has published a highly recommended in-depth interview with Jon’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra conductor Paul Mann.

The interview goes through many aspects of the new Concerto; from the choice of musicians, Jon’s illness, possible future recordings of Jon’s music to the pros of finally recording the Concerto in the studio:

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