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Free unreleased Jon Lord concert online

September 9, 2013

Nidaros inside

The Trondheim Experiment is the title of a free web presentation of an unreleased Jon Lord concert from 2010 now available exclusively through

Lord fingerFilmed at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway on May 23 2010 , the concert includes highlights from Jon Lord’s entire career performed with The Lord Chamber Orchestra, Steve Balsamo and Nathalie Lorichs on vocals, a children’s choir and a backing band featuring members of Opeth.

In front of a sold out cathedral, Jon’s then all-new album To Notice Such Things is performed in its entirety (missing only Air on the Blue String) with soloists Sveinung Lillebjerka on violin and Trine Knutsen on flute. Conductor Torodd Wigum was able to hand pick the musicians for the Lord Chamber Orchestra, and they perform and interpret Jon Lord’s music with skill and finesse.

Child in Time is performed for the first time with a children’s choir, a highlight for many in the audience, with Jon’s lengthy Hammond organ solo and breathtaking vocals by Steve Balsamo.

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Jon’s final Sunflower Jam out on DVD

August 20, 2013

Jon Lord + Rick Wakeman
Classic Rock SunflowerThe Sunflower Jam
have announced the release of their long awaited DVD of highlights from their 2011 and 2012 jams at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Including every track from Jon Lord’s final filmed live performance – at the 2011 Sunflower Jam – the DVD promises to be a veritable feast of goodies.

Possibly the most mouth watering track is Jon’s and Rick Wakeman‘s world premiered composition It’s Not As Big As It Was – along with Jon’s powerful work on Joe Bonamassa‘s The Ballad of John Henry – and Bourrée from the Sarabande album.

The double DVD includes two versions of Pictured Within; one with Jon and Steve Balsamo from the 2011 jam, which was moving enough; the second being Balsamo’s heartbreaking tribute to Jon filmed in 2012 a mere two months after Jon passed away.

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Double vinyl and Blu-ray ready to order

July 4, 2013

LP collage_Finally, the double vinyl and Blu-ray editions of Concerto for Group and Orchestra are available for pre-order.

Released on July 29, both editions include the full Concerto recording first released on CD and DVD-audio last fall.

Bonus content on the vinyl is Jon’s final BBC interview, while the Blu-ray includes a new documentary on the orchestral recording sessions.

The vinyl comes in deluxe gatefold packaging with liner notes and recording session photos, and the Blu-ray includes a 16-page booklet.

Jon’s studio recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra feature The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann with Joe Bonamassa, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Morse, Steve Balsamo, C4G&O BluRay 180Kasia Laska, Guy Pratt, Darin Vasilev and Brett Morgan.

Pre-order both editions now from Jon’s Webshop.

More on Concerto for Group and Orchestra 2012.

C4G&O gatefold


Concerto vinyl and Blu-Ray confirmed

June 25, 2013

Concerto Vinyl_BluRay

Vinyl and Blu-Ray editions of Jon’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra have been confirmed for release by earMUSIC in Germany on July 26.

The Blu-Ray edition has unreleased new video footage, a  5.1 mix of the Concerto, and also includes the studio CD.

The double LP vinyl in gatefold sleeve includes the Concerto’s three movement across sides 1-2-3, plus a special edit of Jon’s final interview to the BBC on side 4.

Pre-orders will soon available from Jon’s webshop.

Full details on Jon’s 2011/12 studio recording of Concerto for Group and Orchestra.


Blackmore writes tribute to Jon

April 15, 2013

Lord Blackmore 1975blackmore lord

Carry On… Jon is the title of a new instrumental piece written by Ritchie Blackmore in tribute to his former band mate for 25 years.

The Deep Purple-esque track will feature on Blackmore’s Night‘s upcoming album Dancer And The Moon to be released in June.

Ritchie Blackmore spoke about Jon last July:

– Jon was not only a great musician, he was my favorite dinner companion.

– We are all deeply saddened. We knew he was sick but the word was that he was recovering and doing much better. This news came as a complete shock.

– Without Jon there would be no Deep Purple. He lives on in our hearts and memories, said Ritchie Blackmore.

Writing new music
For a few years, Jon had talked about writing new music with  Blackmore.

– I’d love to write something for Ritchie Blackmore to play. It’s been discussed by us, and we both keep saying it. His acoustic style is astonishingly good, Jon said at a Q&A session in Lichfield in 2009.


“Dedicated to Jon Lord”

April 15, 2013

NOW What dedicated to JLDeep Purple are dedicating their new studio album to Jon.

Titled NOW What?!, it comes out at the end of this month.

The band received the message of Jon’s demise while gathered in Tennessee last July to record the album.

– We knew it was coming to a certain extent but it was still a terrible shock, Ian Gillan later told Classic Rock magazine.

– So there was a moment of silence and a few hushed words… we could feel Jon’s spirit there.

– Before long, everyone chipped in with a few choice anecdotes and the mood lightened up a little. Because Jon wouldn’t’ve wanted us to be morose. He would’ve wanted us to get on with it, Ian Gillan said.

Jon’s departure left an impression on the recording of album.

– There was a great deal of poignancy to a couple of the lyrics that just naturally came in at that point. A line in one of the new songs is: ‘Souls having touched are forever entwined.’ That’s in a track called Above and Beyond. It felt as if Jon was spiralling up into the music, explained Ian Gillan.

– He was a great source of inspiration at that particular moment. Once you’re finished with your body… well, I won’t get into all that, but I think the spirit becomes more evident, especially with those that you’ve embraced throughout your life.

In this Planet Rock interview from last July, a choked up Ian Gillan speaks about losing Jon and using his inspiration to write new lyrics:

NOW What?! is released on April 30.


Listen to Deep Purple in Paris 1975

January 4, 2013

0208332ERE Deep-Purple_Live-in-Paris_Digipak_RZ_final.inddThe final Deep Purple Mark 3 concert – featuring Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Ian Paice and Glenn Hughes – has been remixed and reissued.

Featuring a blistering near two-hour set, the show includes:

1: Burn, Stormbringer, The Gypsy, Lady Double Dealer, Mistreated, Smoke On The Water, You Fool No One,

2: Space Truckin’, Going Down, Highway Star, as well as a bonus 1975 interview with Coverdale, Hughes and Paice.

Deep Purple: Paris 1975 is available from Jon’s Webshop.

Listen to an exclusive preview of some of Jon’s highlights from this concert:


A man who used to notice such things

December 29, 2012


Recollecting an interview Jon did with Exclusive Magazine in 2010 for the release of his To Notice Such Things album.

It was a commission from Shipley Arts Festival in the South of England. It’s a six different pieces, each one based on a moment or time in Jon’s friend John Mortimer‘s life.

Lingering impressions
Available worldwide:* Click to order CD now* Click to buy downloadIn the interview, Jon speaks of the impression people leave on each other,  which remains even after they pass away. Jon was proud of the fact that John Mortimer’s friends recognized their friend in the music Jon wrote.

‘I really felt that John was sitting on my shoulder as I was writing it. I think that’s the spiritual element of it. We can’t help it, we’re human – as time goes by, people recede in your memory once they’ve gone. It’s just the nature of the human beast. We move onward, we have to.’

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