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Concert to celebrate Jon: April 4, 2014

June 20, 2013

Royal_Albert_Hall_London w

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the concert to celebrate Jon Lord’s life and music will be held at London’s Royal Albert Hall on April 4th 2014.

Artists confirmed so far include Deep Purple members, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Don Airey and Steve Morse.

Iron Maiden frontman and long-time support of The Sunflower Jam Bruce Dickinson will also be performing along with Rick Wakeman, Joe Brown and Alfie Boe.

The evening will also be compered by the great Bob Harris.

There will, of course, be more names to announce so watch this space.

Tickets details will be announced shortly.


New photo book to celebrate Jon’s life

June 9, 2013

Today, Jon would have turned 72.

In his honour, below is an exclusive and previously unseen clip of Jon rehearsing Lazy with Doogie White and the DCRS in Essen, Germany on November 15, 2010.

Tell us your story
Jon’s family and management are planning a deluxe photo book to celebrate Jon’s life. It will contain lots of previously unseen photographs.

To accompany the photos, the editors are assembling anecdotes, quotes or reflections that people may have on Jon.

If there’s a story, a quote or a joke he told, anything that you would be happy to see printed in the book and attributed to you – it can be one line or 2 pages, whatever feels right – please send it to

If you have a photo that you would like to share as well, this would also be gratefully received.

Happy birthday, Jon!


– Maybe Jon caused the blizzard

June 7, 2013

Shades of Jon and RitchieRitchie Blackmore explains to the origins of his instrumental tribute to Jon – Carry On… Jon:

– We were snowed in, in that blizzard (on Feb. 8). The engineer and myself, the producer, we had nothing to do. I said, ‘I have an instrumental that I’ve vaguely finished. Do you want to try it?’

– I wrote it on the spur of the moment. I had a very melancholy kind of tune. Then I started thinking about Jon. I thought maybe we should do an organ part at the end, as a tip of the hat to Jon. Pat Regan is an accomplished organist. We put the organ sound on, and off he went. I guided him on a few things, like riffs and how Jon played syncopation with his right hand.

BN Dancer + Moon

– So it was a throwaway idea that turned into something. It was something to Jon, a way of saying thanks for the years. It’s hard to talk about, when someone says, ‘What did you think of Jon?’ I’d rather play a tune. We wouldn’t have put it on if we hadn’t been snowed in. Maybe Jon caused the blizzard.

Carry On… Jon is included on Blackmore’s Night’s new album, Dancer And The Moon

Buy the album from Jon’s webshop.

Read the full interview.


BBC Radio 4 to rebroadcast Jon’s final interview

June 2, 2013

1991 white shades
BBC Radio 4 are repeating Rock’n’Roll in Four Movements, the programme first broadcast last August, which featured Jon’s last recorded interview.

Taking a closer look at the musicians that have worked to combine the worlds of rock and classical music, in the programme, Jon talks about his passion for writing classical music, inspired by his early experiment with his Concerto.

Also featured are Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson who talk about the genre’s excesses, and Roy Wood who talks about the early days of the Electric Light Orchestra.

Listen to BBC Radio 4 Monday June 3 at 4pm UK time – or listen online right now.


Celebrating the life of Jon

May 27, 2013


When Rock Meets Classics is a highly recommended 48-minute radio retrospective in Jon’s memory.

Opening with a snippet of the piano version of Child in Time, the comprehensive yet succinct overview of Jon’s career features all-new interviews with a list of important players in Jon’s musical life – incl. an interview with himself conducted in 2010 – and is peppered with appropriate and inspired soundbites of Jon’s music.

The not often heard voice of Eberhard Schoener, Jon’s German conducting partner, speaks of the pair’s work on Windows and Sarabande.

Jon’s daughter Sara speaks about his departure from Deep Purple and his years as a composer ‘writing music every day.’

The broadcast also features illustrious interviews with Ian Paice, Paul Mann, Roger Glover, Rick Wakeman, Glenn Hughes and more.

First aired in July 2012, the piece is hosted by Eli Lapid of The Voice of Israel who has kindly made it available exclusively for


Steve Morse remembers Jon

May 1, 2013

In this video interview, Steve Morse remembers Jon, starting with the first time they met at rehearsal 24 hours before their first concert together in Deep Purple.

In that dressingroom, Jon immediately picked up on Steve’s guitar licks and replicated them and improvised over them on the Hammond – a deep chemistry the pair would develop over the years onstage.

Steve goes on to talk about Jon’s input on the recording of the Purpendicular album, performing Concerto for Group and Orchestra at London’s Royal Albert Hall – and on Jon meeting Steve’s youngest son and speaking to him in a Donald Duck voice.

– The patience he had. He could do so many things so well. We miss him.

Steve Morse plays guitar on the third movement of Jon’s Concerto, recorded in 2012. Available in the Jon Lord Webshop.

With thanks to Barley Arts Promotion.


– To my pianist… Frida’s tribute to Jon

April 17, 2013

This year’s Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Switzerland (April 9-13) made special effort to honour two of its own – Jon Lord and Claude Nobs.

A special lounge offered people the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to Jon and to Nobs, the man behind Montreux Jazz Festival and the Funky Claude in Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. Both gentlemen were patrons of Zermatt Unplugged.

Frida Lyngstad took the stage to speak about Jon. The two had been close friends for many years when Jon wrote The Sun Will Shine Again for her at a difficult time in her life.

Watch Frida’s tribute to Jon:

Frida Lyngstad’s Tribute To Jon Lord – Zermatt Unplugged 2013 from TheSunflowerJam.


Blackmore writes tribute to Jon

April 15, 2013

Lord Blackmore 1975blackmore lord

Carry On… Jon is the title of a new instrumental piece written by Ritchie Blackmore in tribute to his former band mate for 25 years.

The Deep Purple-esque track will feature on Blackmore’s Night‘s upcoming album Dancer And The Moon to be released in June.

Ritchie Blackmore spoke about Jon last July:

– Jon was not only a great musician, he was my favorite dinner companion.

– We are all deeply saddened. We knew he was sick but the word was that he was recovering and doing much better. This news came as a complete shock.

– Without Jon there would be no Deep Purple. He lives on in our hearts and memories, said Ritchie Blackmore.

Writing new music
For a few years, Jon had talked about writing new music with  Blackmore.

– I’d love to write something for Ritchie Blackmore to play. It’s been discussed by us, and we both keep saying it. His acoustic style is astonishingly good, Jon said at a Q&A session in Lichfield in 2009.