Review: Lord does know what he’s doing

'The list of pop musicians who have successfully crossed over into the classical firmament is not a long one ... thankfully, Lord does know what he’s doing,' writes in their review of To Notice Such Things. 'It’s idiomatically orchestrated and well-structured ... [and] ... the last two sections, depicting the final stages in Mortimer’s … Continue reading Review: Lord does know what he’s doing

‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

Principal white snake and ex-Deep Purple frontman David Coverdale likes and recommends Jon Lord's new album, To Notice Such Things. On his website, David Coverdale writes: 'Boys & Girls, Lads & Lassies, Bonnie & Fair... just a quickie... I have just purchased & am currently playing the new recorded works of the very charming gentleman … Continue reading ‘To enhance and soothe thy senses…’

Review: ‘Quite an achievement’

Music Web International reviews Jon Lord's new album To Notice Such Things. 'To Notice Such Things is clearly a very personal and affecting portrait of Lord’s friendship with John Mortimer,' opens the review which goes on to applaud the music with descriptive adjectives such as 'warm vernal freshness' ... 'invoking and reviving' ... 'brusquely joyous … Continue reading Review: ‘Quite an achievement’